Create Your Shot
Create Your Shot
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Jordan Fee
These two take the time to do the tedious research needed to make the conversation interesting. These guys are passionate and educational about hoops and the business of coaching yet down to earth enough to laugh and keep conversation real and lighthearted. High quality stuff!
Coach Jordan Fee
Like it - some interesting guest with great insights
Like it - some interesting guest with great insights
Love this podcast
Great pod - would give six stars if I could.
Create Your Shot is the only podcast I listen to, simply the best! #LetItFly
Must Listen
Can’t go wrong with CYS... these guys always bring energy and good vibes... Gives good insight and detail each episode!
Julius Kim 1
Tyler is the best and he is so funny and he is great!
Baller Alert
Great Listen for any baller! (Milwaukee)
Marv black hAt
Football Girl
I enjoyed the football girl episode quite a bit
Thanks CYS
There was a time for 5 years when I forgot who Aaron Craft was and how much I hated him. After listening to the Mark Titus interview I looked up a picture and the terrible memories came rushing back. Thanks CYS :(
k2the e
How can you dislike CYS?
Having know both Tyler and Smallz for ten years, these guys are the best to interview the rising stars in the game we all love. Why they’re not in the top ten yet is above me! I hope to see CYS interview those who take their lessons from the hardwood to other disciplines one day but at the same time I like how the podcast will stick to the core idea of people in the game now. No matter what, this is a slam dunk! Love you guys!! Lachs
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Great podcast & Chris is just so cute!
Ron Fields
interesting and entertaining guests. Truly learning how to create my shot in life. Shooters shoot.
Ambassador to Titty City
This podcast is truly lit. -Skyscraper Resch
Chris makes me want to dunk the basketball!!
Behing the scenes
A show for people who are looking to break in
Nothing Like Last Time
Very well done. I look forward to new episodes every week. Keep it up!
Every week the content is fascinating
Thanks for doing this show!
Best sports interviews hands down
Just stumbled on this, and loved what I am hearing. Tons of great advice so far, loving this on Tuesday mornings!
Frat Stafford
A must listen
If you're interested in sports this is a must listen
Great sports talk
Great content, "I'm Juiced" for more!
\V/ cats
great listen for bball admirers
two great guys chatting it up with coaches that give knowledge about the game and how they have navigated the tough choices that come along with being a coach. keep up the good work
Every athlete & coach should listen
Lessons with personality! Teaching my daughter what it is like to be a good teammate
Create Your Shot
Great interview and insight for up and coming coaches or those who want to pursue a career in athletics.
The best!
Mr. Yessss
Interesting look at the world of sports
Create Your Shot takes an interesting look at the world of trying to make it in sports -- very entertaining to hear about the less than glamorous jobs you have to take along the way to making it.
Mitchell Goossen
Chris is so inspirational!!!
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