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Best of CYS: Jaymee Sire
1 hour 24 minutes Posted Aug 26, 2020 at 6:01 pm.
Jaymee Sire joins CYS
Making the jump to major media markets
Transitioning to ESPN
Making life changing career choices and the competition at ESPN
Getting laid off at ESPN
Jaymee's work with the food network
What is next for Jaymee
Coach Speak â Mike Leach
City Review â Great Falls, MT
Ten Touches
Parting Shots
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Show notes
Jaymee Sire drops into the studio this week to talk the Tyler and Smallz about her career and what she is currently doing with the food network. We talk her journey to ESPN, the competition in the broadcast industry, getting laid off in the public eye and her current role with The Food Network and her advice for young journalists. Coach speak this week features CYS favorite Mike Leach and the city review is Jaymee's hometown of Great Falls, MT. Jaymee can be found on Twitter @Jaymee and on Instagram @JaymeesireÂ
:29 Tyler and Smallz Introduction