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Best of CYS: Mo Massaquoi
1 hour 19 minutes Posted Aug 12, 2020 at 6:01 pm.
Tyler and Smallz Introduction
Mohamed Massaquoi joins CYS
Playing at Georgia and going through the recruiting process
Being a student athlete and dealing with the spotlight
The NFL draft process
Mohamed's accident and the impact it has had on him
Finding life after football while embracing new passions and outlets
Using his accident to help others
On athletes finding themselves during and after their career's
Exploring creative outlets and interests
Coach Speak â What type of coaching did Mo respond to
City Review â Atlanta, Georgia
Ten Touches
Parting Shots
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Show notes
The guys hit the gridiron this week and are joined by Mohamed Massaquoi, former Cleveland Browns and University of Georgia wide receiver. Currently a motivational speaker and entrepreneur in the Atlanta area, Mo talks about his HS, College and Pro career as well as going deep on his recent injury, his prosthetic hand and the philanthropic outlets he's gotten involved with since his surgery and rehab. A former second round pick in the NFL draft, Mo tells about athletes mindsets on and off the field as well as what coaching style worked the best on him during his playing career. He drops some financial knowledge on the guys and talks them through the best restaurants in Atlanta, GA. Mo can be found on Twitter and Instagram @Ironmassaquoi.