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Best of CYS: Mike Dunn
Smallz and Tyler welcome on Professional Shooting Coach, Mike Dunn this week. Mike is a former player at Philadelphia University the best shooter in the history of the program. Mike goes into his journey, whether shooters need to play defense, the proper way to shoot a basketball and much more. Mike can be found on Instagram raining jumpers and shooting trick shots @seemikedunn and online at 0:28 -- Tyler and Smallz intro 7:17 -- Intro to Mike Dunn 9:59 -- Mike's evolution with social media and building a brand 13:15 -- Journey in basketball and Mike's college career 19:10 -- HOW TO SHOOT 22:24 -- working with struggling shooters 25:30 -- Mike on Ben Simmons and other pro shooters 28:00 -- Life changing moment in Mike's life 33:27 -- Inspirational mentors 36:51 -- Building the brand 38:55 -- Ultimate career goals and the next steps 42:00 -- Coach Speak 53:50 -- City Review - Manayunk, PA 1:00:29 -- Ten Touches 1:07:43 -- Parting Shots
Oct 7, 2020
1 hr 13 min
Best of CYS: Sam Vecenie
This week Tyler and Smallz welcome on the most junior, senior writer at The Athletic, Sam Vecenie. Sam joins the guys to talk about his career, this season in college basketball, the NBA draft and even some Australian rules football. Sam gets into his draft sleepers, compares players in Tyler's favorite segment, Rothstiens and takes Smallz on a tour of Columbus, OH. The guys even talk Lavar Ball since CYS is desperate for clicks. Sam can be found on Twitter @sam_vecenie. :29: Tyler and Smallz intro 8:21: Intro to Sam Vecenie 10:56: daily schedule 12:12: Sam getting his start 17:46: Writing his way, carving a niche 20:21: Stats In context 23:52: Genesis of love for the game 26:10: Twitter Networking 29:58: Industry Networking 37:32: Draft class thoughts 41:35: Sleepers in the draft 46:45: Ultimate career goals 48:44: Rothstein's: Collin Sexton, Jalen Brunson, Robert Williams, Trae Holder, Chimezi Metu 54:10: City review: Columbus, OH 59:12: Ten Touches 1:22:46: Parting Shots
Sep 30, 2020
1 hr 28 min
Best of CYS: Mark Titus
On this weeks episode of Create Your Shot, Tyler and Smallz chat with Mark Titus of Fox Sports. They discuss Mark's time at Ohio State, how he started club trillion, why he has the career he does now and so much more. They also dive into Mark's history with depression and self-care and how important it is for athletes. For more episodes like this check out Create Your Shot on apple pods and follow Createyourshot on Twitter. Mark can be found on Twitter @clubtrillion and heard on his show "Titus and Tate"
Sep 23, 2020
1 hr 28 min
Best of CYS: Julianne Viani
This week Julianne Viani joins Create Your Shot. The former MAAC HOF basketball player and current college basketball analyst with ESPN, CBS Sports, Big10 network, Pac12 and NextVR talks about her college career at Marist, playing in the NCAA tournament, playing overseas in Armenia and making her career as a sportscaster. The guys ask Julianne which coaching style worked for her and how she deals with coaches during her time with them before games, and Julianne takes the guys through Manhattan, NY during the city review. Julianne can be found on Twitter @JulianneViani.
Sep 16, 2020
1 hr 13 min
Best of CYS: Courtney Lyle
This week the guys are joined by Courtney Lyle, an absolute rising star in the play-by-play industry. Courtney can be heard on ESPN, The SEC Network and Friday Night Stripes where she does play-by-play for football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball. Courtney joins the guys for an awesome talk about her work experience, her lack of sleep, the best restaurants in Knoxville and what it's like covering college football in a rabid football town! This weeks coach speak features Butch Jones and the city review is Knoxville, TN. Courtney can be found on Twitter @Sportney_Lyle :29 Smallz and Tyler Introduction 5:26 Smallz makes his return to coaching! 15:27 Courtney Lyle joins CYS 19:00 How Courtney decided she wanted to get into sports broadcasting 25:32 Internships and jobs that Courtney did to gain experience 28:42 Courtney's first full time job in Macon, GA 36:33 Covering big time college football at Tennessee and Butch Jones stories 45:38 Friday Night Stripes and how Courtney has carved out a niche in high school football 48:05 Overcoming challenges as a woman in media 58:40 Coach Speak â Butch Jones 1:02:48 City Review â Knoxville, TN 1:07:00 Ten Touches 1:12:24 Parting Shots
Sep 9, 2020
1 hr 16 min
Best of CYS: Chris Spatola
This week on Create Your Shot, Tyler and Smallz are joined by Chris Spatola from ESPN to talk some college hoops. Chris, a former West Point PG and Lieutenant in the Army, talks about his career in the military, working on staff at Duke, having dinner with Jay Bilas and gives his thoughts on the current college basketball season! This week's city review is Durham, NC and Coach Speak features a quote from Chris himself. Chris can be found on Twitter @Chris_Spatola. :29 Tyler and Smallz Introduction 10:17 Chris Spatola joins Create Your Shot 16:30 Challenges of playing at West Point and lessons from the Army 21:04 Post-Grag Active Duty 26:50 Coming back from the military and joining the staff at Duke 32:48 Being Coach K's son-in-law and winning a national title in 2010 40:11 Transitioning out of coaching 43:52 Building a career in media 46:25 Current college basketball story lines 55:00 Coach Speak â Chris Spatola on the NCAA Investigation 1:00:36 City Review â Durham, NC 1:07:32 Ten Touches 1:24:10 Parting Shots
Sep 2, 2020
29 min
Best of CYS: Jaymee Sire
Jaymee Sire drops into the studio this week to talk the Tyler and Smallz about her career and what she is currently doing with the food network. We talk her journey to ESPN, the competition in the broadcast industry, getting laid off in the public eye and her current role with The Food Network and her advice for young journalists. Coach speak this week features CYS favorite Mike Leach and the city review is Jaymee's hometown of Great Falls, MT. Jaymee can be found on Twitter @Jaymee and on Instagram @Jaymeesire :29 Tyler and Smallz Introduction 8:18 Jaymee Sire joins CYS 15:25 Making the jump to major media markets 22:15 Transitioning to ESPN 27:50 Making life changing career choices and the competition at ESPN 35:06 Getting laid off at ESPN 44:50 Jaymee's work with the food network 55:10 What is next for Jaymee 1:00:13 Coach Speak â Mike Leach 1:03:55 City Review â Great Falls, MT 1:11:00 Ten Touches 1:25:16 Parting Shots
Aug 26, 2020
1 hr 24 min
Best of CYS: Peyton Siva
This week Create Your Shot, Smallz and Tyler are joined by Peyton Siva of ALBA Berlin. Peyton talks about his overseas career, college career at Louisville, recruiting process and winning a national championship. This weeks coach speak features Rick Pitino and the city review is Louisville, KY. Peyton can be found on Twitter @PeypeySiva3 and @PeyPeySiva on Instagram. :27 Tyler and Smallz Introduction 8:55 Peyton Siva joins Create Your Shot 16:14 The recruiting process in and going to Louisville 22:00 Waiting his turn as a freshman and crying on the court 28:16 Being on the wrong side of a buzzer beater in the NCAA tournament 31:01 Building chemistry on a national championship team 33:34 The Louisville - Kentucky Rivalry 38:47 Peyton's time in The NBA and D-league 44:00 The difference between basketball in the US and Overseas 48:55 Coach Speak â Peyton Siva 54:50 Story Time â Rick Pitino cliches and treadmills 59:10 City Review â Louisville, KY 1:06:03 Ten Touches 1:17:50 Parting Shots
Aug 19, 2020
1 hr 24 min
Best of CYS: Mo Massaquoi
The guys hit the gridiron this week and are joined by Mohamed Massaquoi, former Cleveland Browns and University of Georgia wide receiver. Currently a motivational speaker and entrepreneur in the Atlanta area, Mo talks about his HS, College and Pro career as well as going deep on his recent injury, his prosthetic hand and the philanthropic outlets he's gotten involved with since his surgery and rehab. A former second round pick in the NFL draft, Mo tells about athletes mindsets on and off the field as well as what coaching style worked the best on him during his playing career. He drops some financial knowledge on the guys and talks them through the best restaurants in Atlanta, GA. Mo can be found on Twitter and Instagram @Ironmassaquoi. 0:28 Tyler and Smallz Introduction 8:59 Mohamed Massaquoi joins CYS 11:20 Playing at Georgia and going through the recruiting process 19:10 Being a student athlete and dealing with the spotlight 26:30 The NFL draft process 30:54 Mohamed's accident and the impact it has had on him 34:50 Finding life after football while embracing new passions and outlets 39:59 Using his accident to help others 43:20 On athletes finding themselves during and after their career's 47:55 Exploring creative outlets and interests 52:42 Coach Speak â What type of coaching did Mo respond to 1:02:30 City Review â Atlanta, Georgia 1:06:13 Ten Touches 1:16:06 Parting Shots
Aug 12, 2020
1 hr 19 min
Best of CYS: Eagle Witt
Smallz and Tyler are joined by Eagle Witt, one of the fastest rising stand-up comics in New York. Eagle joins the guys to talk about his new podcast, Hangtime, his career in comedy, learning to not fear the stage, working through sets and much much more. Eagle takes the guys through the New York Comedy scene in this weeks city review and goes through ten touches and parting shots. Eagle can be found on Instagram @EagleWitt and Twitter @EagleWitt. He wants you to know his Instagram is better than his Twitter. :30 Tyler and Smallz Introduction 13:15 Eagle Witt joins Create Your Shot 15:51 Building a profile in comedy 18:52 Hard work in stand-up comedy 21:10 Perfecting your craft and dealing with bombing 27:07 Ultimate career goals 30:50 Performing in the Comedy Cellar and appreciating success 33:25 Being broke and staying focused 37:00 Politics in comedy and Kevin Hart 41:30 Hangtime podcast on Underdog Sports 45:02 City Review — New York City Comedy Scene 50:02 Ten Touches 56:14 Parting Shots
Aug 5, 2020
58 min
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