Create Confidence
Create Confidence
Gloria Guadron
Did you know that every result in your life is the outcome of the thoughts you think? You were made to live in confidence. God made you to thrive and not merely survive. He has given us the power to live in confidence in every area of our lives, from marriage, parenting, energy levels, self-confidence, homeschooling, running your own busines..... The list could go on and on. We get to choose our results and create a life that we love!
Loving your stage of life with Somer and Gloria
This conversation with Somer and I was so encouraging to both of us and we are hoping it encourages you as well.  This episodes ends season 1 and I'm hoping to start season this fall 2021.Stay in touch with me @
Jul 20
36 min
When my God dream doesn't look like I thought it would with Julie Holmquist
We follow the call that God is leading us to and yet it doesn’t work out.  Then God moves us and we don’t want to go.  This can happen in so many areas of our life.No matter what is happening in our lives our thoughts are playing a huge part in how we are experiencing our circumstances.Listen in today as Julie and I talk about life and how we navigate these times that feel hard and confusing.Julie Holmquist is a speaker, podcast host to “Kairos Moments,” author, and Bibleteacher. God has given her deep insight into His Word with real-life, practicalapplication. He’s also gifted her to encourage others through the prophetic. Julieempowers women to stop playing it safe in their faith, go all in with their calling, and toboldly begin bringing their God-given dreams to life.Julie has a series of workbooks coming out that will help women get rooted in who theyare in Christ, develop an abiding and intimate relationship with God, and to boldly beginbringing their God-given dreams to life. “Defined” (IDENTITY in Christ)o “Known” (INTIMACY with God) – COMING SOON “Called” (Making an IMPACT through the Holy Spirit) – COMING SOONShe and her husband have four sons and have recently relocated to Charlotte, NC. Youcan connect with Julie at the following: Website: Stuff of Heaven (“Kairos Moments” episodes are published here. Youcan also find them on iTunes or whatever platform you use to listen.) Instagram at Stuff of Heaven Twitter at Stuff of Heaven Facebook at Stuff of Heaven (Julie Holmquist)
Jul 13
35 min
Intermittent Fasting VS Hunger/Fullness Eating
Intermittent Fasting has been getting a lot of attention in the past year or two.  Let's look at the pros and cons of Intermittent fasting VS Hunger/Fullness eating.  Is Intermittent fasting a good fit for your body?  It might be if it's done right.  Listen in to see how hunger/fullness eating my actually be a better fit for your body long termWebsite:  Join the FB group: a free coaching call:
Jun 28
33 min
Was Eve cursed for her sin?  Guest Bruce C. E. Fleming
A breath of fresh air! Join me as I interview Bruce as he shares what is really happening in the Garden of Eden.  As a woman this message spoke straight to my heart.  You need to hear this.  There is no curse on Eve, not even pain in child bearing.Are you ready for some long awaited truths on women from God's perspective?   Join the FB group: a free coaching call:
Jun 21
40 min
Drop the food rules. Drop the weight
So many messages around food, weight loss, energy and health are out there.  And if you are like me you've tried a ton of the advice and you feel tired, burned out and are still overweight and too tired.What if it's not that complicated?What if God actually has given you the signals you need to fuel your body in a way that works for you?Join me today, join me on my journey to health, healthy weight and healthy energy!   Join the FB group: a free coaching call:
Jun 14
30 min
Declutter Coach Wendy Zanders, You're going to love her!
Join me as I chat with Wendy about clutter and how to handle it in a way that is totally doable in our real lives, you know us moms that have kids to raise, games to go to and a business to run.Wendy is down to earth and completely fun!  Join us Wednesday June 16, 2021 for a free workshop.Link to sign up   Join the FB group: a free coaching call:
Jun 7
42 min
Making a schedule that you can actually keep
Are you like me and you've made so many schedules, got excited about them and then did them for a whole 14 days and then they stopped working?Join in listening today to find out why your schedule is no longer working for you and how to make one that is maintainable.Website: the FB group: a free coaching call:
May 31
31 min
Taking the overwhelm out of decluttering
Clutter causes overwhelm, overwhelm causes inefficiency and inefficiency causes clutter.That is the vicious cycle that we find ourselves in over and over.Come join me as I take you along on my journey!You can live a efficient and clutter free life too! Join the coaching group while the doors are open. Website: the FB group: a free coaching call:
May 24
36 min
When dreams don't come true
DreamsLast week we talked about pursuing our dreams.  What about those dreams that we have pursued and they just don't come true.Or maybe they did come true and now they are taken from us in some way.How do I go on?Listen today!Website: the FB group: a free coaching call:
May 17
25 min
What's stopping you from pursuing your dreams
What's your dream?What's stopping you from pursuing your dreams? What's your brain telling you?Want to reach your dreams?Start today!Website: the FB group: a free coaching call:
May 10
24 min
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