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Episode 97: Creating a Life of Freedom Outside of the 9-5, with Jeff Steinmann [PODCAST]
46 minutes Posted Apr 10, 2016 at 2:00 pm.
] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Jeff Steinmann.
] What is your edge and how do you let it show through?
] What were you like as a kid?
] What was your path like after high school?
] The moment Jeff realized this wasn’t the life for him.
] Crossing the bridge from his unsatisfying career into his new life.
] The philosophy behind making a life shift and what is it you’re searching for?
] Discovering what you’re naturally good at and doing that in the revenue space.
] Looking at real estate as an investment rather than a place to live.
] The courage to change things and what things worked.
] Re-framing how we look at failure.
] The lifestyle Jeff has created and the transition into this new life.
] The opportunity to explore different things that interest you.
] What do you see in your future?
] Final thoughts from Jeff.
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Show notes
Jeff Steinmann is no stranger to the 9-5 life. In fact, he was fully committed to it a few years back when he had his “light bulb” moment. He was working in the banking industry, was good at his job, and was on a path that would give him prestige and financial gain. But, one day, Jeff realized his goal was terrifying. He saw where it was leading him and he knew there had to be more out there for him. And so, he started to make changes. Jeff discusses the path that led him to the life of freedom he’s created and what inspired him to share it with the world, in the hopes that others would do the same.
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Why we’re operating inside a broken system.
Jeff discusses his childhood and how he felt that there really wasn’t a path that fit for him. He shares insight into his belief that we’re truly operating inside a broken system – and it needs to change. Jeff talks about how he felt after high school – the pressure to choose a pre-determined career that society deems acceptable and to try – above all else – to fit into that box. Why are we forced into lives that don’t fit who we are, what we want, and what our passions are? Well, because that’s the society we live in. Jeff points out that these are the things that prevent us from figuring out what is the right life for you – and that these things ultimately cause us to create a life that makes us unhappy.
Deciding to leave the life that you know isn’t right for you.
The decision to break out of that box isn’t easy and – as Jeff points out – it requires a lot of hard work. He shares his first steps in the process of making this huge shift – most notably, surrounding himself with people who believed the sames things. He read books, blogs and talked to people, like him, who were ready to make a change. It started with marketing and business consultations and would eventually evolve into experimenting with different areas of passion until Jeff discovered the things that truly make him happy. Jeff discusses his philosophy that what matters most isn’t the result, but the journey. His advice: It’s important to look at life as a journey. It’s all about figuring out what you need to be happy and how you can use that to create a stream of income.
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Failure isn’t failure.
Supporting his belief that the journey is what matters is Jeff’s philosophy surrounding failure. In fact, Jeff believes failure isn’t actually failure at all. Instead, failure is just a necessary part of experimenting with different things. Some things will work, some won’t. When things don’t work, you simply make adjustments and keep on trying. Jeff discusses how he views life now and why he’s so happy to have moved away from convention. He shares the value of being able to explore the things that interest him and the experience of discovering those areas in which he excels. He also offers his definition of freedom: We all have areas that are are very naturally well-suited to. When we find people that need that thing we’re well-suited to, that’s freedom.
Viewing life as a constant journey.
It’s clear Jeff is on a constant journey through life. He believes the journey is what matters most – not the money, not the outcome, but the journey. Jeff gives insight into his belief that we must stop focusing on external results and start focusing on the process of getting those results. He also shares a bit about his first book, How to Quit Working as well as what’s in store for Jeff in the future. Hint: there’s a new book in the works. In closing, Jeff leaves us with some profound final thoughts: Whatever it is that you’re thinking, question every single thought that goes through your head. The filter through which you view the world is just one way to look at the world. When you question, you discover the possibilities.
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