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Episode 64 Mind Hacking: With Sir John Hargrave [PODCAST]
48 minutes Posted Dec 27, 2015 at 12:30 pm.
] David’s introduction to Sir John Hargrave (and the amazing story behind the title).
] How the book “Mind Hacking” came about for John through a visit by the secret service.
] What is a “mind hack” and how do they work?
] An example of how the mind can be reprogrammed.
] How John created his book based on scientific studies and the experiences of oth...
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Show notes
What might happen if you could gain a greater grasp on your own thoughts? Can you even imagine it? On this episode you’re not only going to be shown what that might be like, you’re going to be given a tool to help you accomplish it over time. Today David chats with Sir John Hargrave (you’re going to love the story behind how he got the “Sir” attached to his name). He’s coming out with a book called, “Mind Hacking” and he’s got a wealth of experience in studying the way the mind works and applying practical tips to retrain the mind to serve you rather than you being a captive to it. Sound interesting? It is, and you’re going to love this episode.
What exactly IS a mind hack?
When you hear the word “hack” you might think of something negative, like a computer hacker, or somebody who isn’t competent. But there’s a more modern meaning to the word that means a “trick” or “tip” to shortcut a process or skill. That’s the meaning used on this episode as Sr. John Hargrave discusses the reality that we are not our minds – and that our minds can be trained (just like a puppy). Is that a new thought to you? Good. John has a lot of insight that can be of help to you, then. You’re not only going to learn the reality behind how your mind works on this episode, you’re also going to receive some very practical things you can do every day to help you gain control of your mind once and for all. Keep listening.
The brain can be reprogrammed.
Most of us have simply accepted the way we think as part of who we are. But it’s not a hard and fast reality that has to remain the same. You’ve learned to think the way you think and you’ve learned to believe the things you believe. what if some (or many) of those things aren’t true? Wouldn’t you want to be free of them? Shouldn’t you be free of them? You can be through reprogramming your brain through learning new beliefs that you can practice and apply in practical ways. In this episode of Crank it Up David chats with Sir John Hargrave about his upcoming book “Mind Hacking.”
Is Visualization really helpful?
You’ve probably heard about visualization, the practice of visualizing or imagining the outcome you want to happen in your life or in a particular situation. Many gurus out there promote visualization as one of the most important keys to achieving success. But Sir John Hargrave, a mind and brain expert says that there’s a huge difference between the positive impact of visualizing and simulating. Visualizing is simply imagining the preferred outcome. Simulating is imagining the steps that would get you to that preferred outcome. Studies have shown that those who simulate achieve success far more than those who only visualize. Why? You’ll have to hear John’s explanation on this episode. It’s worth the listen.
Mind Hacking his way out of a drug and alcohol addiction.
Today’s guest on the Crank It Up podcast, Sir John Hargrave, was trapped in his own addiction to alcohol and drugs. The first step out was when he realized he had the problem and decided to rid himself of every drop of alcohol in his home. It was hard for him to physically do it, but he pictured himself taking each step then forced himself to take those steps. That was his first venture into what he now calls “mind hacks” – little steps that can be taken to systematically retrain your mind and reform habits to make for a healthier you and a healthier life. John’s got so much to share and you can hear it all on this episode of Crank It Up.
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