Crank It Up! with David T.S. Wood
Crank It Up! with David T.S. Wood
David T.S. Wood : Best Selling Author, Wealth Expert, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Master Trainer, Father & Philanthropist.
David T.S. Wood, host of Crank It Up! podcast shares the wisdom and lessons he’s learned from his adventures across the world and chats with some of the most inspiring people like John C. Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Tim Ferris, Les Brown and many, many more. Starting with just a backpack and a guitar, David has catapulted his life to being a hugely successful entrepreneur, wealth expert and world renown master trainer. On this journey, David learned secrets in all areas of life (finances, relationships, business, adventure and happiness) and shares that with you on this show, so you can put it into use immediately in your life. Many of you may also know David from his wildly successful first podcast, The KickAss Life (over 2.5 Million downloads). For more inspiring content on how to crank up your life and your success, go to
Episode 99: Taking a Look at the Man in the Mirror – changes on the way [PODCAST]
Everyone who is wise will take the time periodically to examine their own desires, wants, and wishes, and who they are in light of those things. They will look at the way they live their lives, at the way they interact with other people, and they will make the changes. This episode is all about changes, particularly the changes that David is making in his own life. Those changes will include some adjustments to the publication and distribution of this podcast so make sure you take a listen so you understand where David is headed with this show. Why you need to reassess and make changes in your life. Life throws you curveballs, and the circumstances you face will not always be the same. There&#8217;s always room and even a need to adjust your thinking and your approach to the circumstances that you face day today. David&#8217;s life has undergone some significant changes in the last few years and he&#8217;s entering a new season of life that requires him to make some adjustments. You can hear her David has navigated these changes and what he&#8217;s looking forward to on this episode. The relationships are what matter. As David’s sons are growing into men he&#8217;s realizing that the time he has right now as they make that transition is a vital time of importance for him and for them. He&#8217;s taking a break from many of the things that have consumed his time in recent years to spend more time with them, alongside them, helping them as they express a desire for him to do so. On this episode you&#8217;ll hear David&#8217;s heart as a father as he expresses it in relationship to the stage of life his sons are in. A desire to be a writer and an upcoming resource for you. As David has considered the places he has gone and the things he has done one of the things that has risen up inside of his own soul is the desire to become a writer. He feels that the experiences and knowledge he has gained in life are meant to be shared and by writing he can share them most effectively. He&#8217;s currently working on a resource for his faithful listeners and followers to teach them how to create true wealth and their own lives. But he has dreams of many more books to follow. On this episode will get the details about the upcoming book and other projects David has in mind. What will it take for YOU to make the most out of the life you have? Making changes can be a very scary thing and David understands how difficult it can be. But on this episode he encourages you to take the steps necessary to make adjustments that will move your life forward, that will give you the experiences and connections that are vital to being happy. He says this as he enters his own time choices and adjustments to enrich his own life even more. You&#8217;ll get a lot out of this episode so make sure you take time to listen. Outline of this great episode [0:51] Why David is not sure what’s going to happen on this episode. [1:38] The transitions in David’s life and why he’s including you in the conversation. [3:02] The time to reassess and make changes. [4:32] The busy time David has experienced over the past year and how he discovered that something was not quite right. [11:06] How the story with David’s children is changing currently. [12:34] Why there will be a huge break in this podcast. [15:05] How to take an inventory of yourself and your life. [17:20] The upcoming ebook on wealth creation. [18:53] The golden handcuffs many people experience and how to avoid it. [21:15] David’s new desire and what it will require: to become a writer. [27:38] What will it take for YOU to open up space to accomplish new things? [37:00] Moving in a new direction. [46:02] What people are most afraid of. [52:00] Things you can do to stay connected. Resources mentioned on this episode “<a href="https://geo.itunes.
Apr 17, 2016
58 min
Episode 98: Understanding the Art of Charm, with Jordan Harbinger [PODCAST]
Jordan Harbinger is an expert in social influence, interpersonal dynamics, and social engineering. It’s no wonder he found himself at the helm of a flourishing business called The Art of Charm. Through this business, Jordan shares his experience with others in order to help them understand the art of charm. They host a hugely successful podcast of the same name as well as The Art of Charm Bootcamp, which is a 6-day intensive program for guys who are ready to make that transition. Jordan shares his journey from young mischief-maker to problem-solver to entrepreneur in this chat with David. Bringing positivity and abundance to others. Jordan’s edge often catches people off guard. The fact is, this edge is what makes Jordan stand out. He’s honest, authentic, and &#8211; yes &#8211; charming. He discusses what charm means to him and why he stands out as an expert in the field. According to Jordan, charm is all about leaving people better than you found them by bringing positivity and abundance to others. This philosophy is clearly an area of passion for Jordan and one about which he has a deep understanding. He discusses how he became an expert in the art of charm and the role his upbringing as an only child had in discovering his niche. Being your most authentic self in order to make real connections. All too often, we’re left feeling as though we have to be someone we’re not in order to fit in &#8211; or wear a mask. According to Jordan, it’s impossible to make a connection with a mask, so in doing this we’re immediately disconnecting with others. In order to understand charm and truly connect with others, we must be our authentic selves. Jordan discusses why charm isn’t about being polite all the time, but instead it’s about being honest, authentic, and trustworthy in order to connect with others. Being yourself in the most authentic way is the cornerstone of charm. Being charming requires confidence. In order to be your authentic self, you have to gain confidence. In his Bootcamp, Jordan teaches guys how to be confident in themselves in order to cross over into a more authentic version of themselves. He also discusses what holds most of us back from being authentic: an overwhelming fear that, if you show who you really are, no one will like you. In the Bootcamp, he works with a group of 10 guys to help them see their behaviors and understand how to transition into a state of confidence and authenticity. This process shows them how to be confident in all situations, which is an essential element in mastering the art of charm. Learning to have real confidence in all situations. Jordan explains how situational confidence can hold us back, and why it’s necessary to develop confidence in yourself that will extend to all situations. In order to connect with anyone &#8211; anywhere &#8211; you must understand how to be confident at all times. Jordan discusses the fact that first impressions aren’t made when we first speak, but they’re actually made when we’re first noticed. So, non-verbal communication is the key to making a great first impression. In closing, Jordan gives listeners a bit of homework to begin to develop better body language and confidence in order to better connect with people. Outline of this great episode [0:53] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Jordan Harbinger. [1:34] How did you get into podcasting? [3:45] The concept of the power of charm and how Jordan got to be the expert in this arena. [9:32] Realizing he’ll learn more through experience versus school. [10:40] The balance between good charm and manipulation. [15:16] How do you define charm? [17:58] Where does your edge come from? [22:27] The role of authenticity in charm.
Apr 12, 2016
47 min
Episode 97: Creating a Life of Freedom Outside of the 9-5, with Jeff Steinmann [PODCAST]
Jeff Steinmann is no stranger to the 9-5 life. In fact, he was fully committed to it a few years back when he had his “light bulb” moment. He was working in the banking industry, was good at his job, and was on a path that would give him prestige and financial gain. But, one day, Jeff realized his goal was terrifying. He saw where it was leading him and he knew there had to be more out there for him. And so, he started to make changes. Jeff discusses the path that led him to the life of freedom he’s created and what inspired him to share it with the world, in the hopes that others would do the same. Why we’re operating inside a broken system. Jeff discusses his childhood and how he felt that there really wasn’t a path that fit for him. He shares insight into his belief that we’re truly operating inside a broken system &#8211; and it needs to change. Jeff talks about how he felt after high school &#8211; the pressure to choose a pre-determined career that society deems acceptable and to try &#8211; above all else &#8211; to fit into that box. Why are we forced into lives that don’t fit who we are, what we want, and what our passions are? Well, because that’s the society we live in. Jeff points out that these are the things that prevent us from figuring out what is the right life for you &#8211; and that these things ultimately cause us to create a life that makes us unhappy. Deciding to leave the life that you know isn’t right for you. The decision to break out of that box isn’t easy and &#8211; as Jeff points out &#8211; it requires a lot of hard work. He shares his first steps in the process of making this huge shift &#8211; most notably, surrounding himself with people who believed the sames things. He read books, blogs and talked to people, like him, who were ready to make a change. It started with marketing and business consultations and would eventually evolve into experimenting with different areas of passion until Jeff discovered the things that truly make him happy. Jeff discusses his philosophy that what matters most isn’t the result, but the journey. His advice: It’s important to look at life as a journey. It’s all about figuring out what you need to be happy and how you can use that to create a stream of income. Failure isn’t failure. Supporting his belief that the journey is what matters is Jeff’s philosophy surrounding failure. In fact, Jeff believes failure isn’t actually failure at all. Instead, failure is just a necessary part of experimenting with different things. Some things will work, some won’t. When things don’t work, you simply make adjustments and keep on trying. Jeff discusses how he views life now and why he’s so happy to have moved away from convention. He shares the value of being able to explore the things that interest him and the experience of discovering those areas in which he excels. He also offers his definition of freedom: We all have areas that are are very naturally well-suited to. When we find people that need that thing we’re well-suited to, that’s freedom. Viewing life as a constant journey. It’s clear Jeff is on a constant journey through life. He believes the journey is what matters most &#8211; not the money, not the outcome, but the journey. Jeff gives insight into his belief that we must stop focusing on external results and start focusing on the process of getting those results. He also shares a bit about his first book, How to Quit Working as well as what’s in store for Jeff in the future. Hint: there’s a new book in the works. In closing, Jeff leaves us with some profound final thoughts: Whatever it is that you’re thinking, question every single thought that goes through your head. The filter through which you view the world is just one way to look at the world. When you question, you discover the possibilities.
Apr 10, 2016
46 min
Episode 96: Awakening Your True Nature, with Jeffrey Slayter [PODCAST]
Jeffrey Slayter is no stranger to success. At the age of 20, Jeffrey set a goal: to be on some of the world’s biggest stages with leading thought leaders &#8211; and that’s just what he’s done. Jeffrey’s success was no accident &#8211; it was about hard work, introspection and a willingness to go where others aren’t always willing to go. Jeffrey is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, philanthropist, and so much more. In this chat with David, Jeffrey shares inspiring stories and discusses how he works with top CEOs to help them connect with the deeper parts of themselves. Once you achieve something, there’s always more to do. For Jeffrey, achievements have been bitter sweet. Setting such lofty goals pushed him to succeed, but he found himself thinking, “now what?” when he hit those goals. Jeffrey discusses the good and bad of achievement and why it’s important to always keep moving on to the next goal. Setting a goal of being a prominent public figure afforded Jeffrey the opportunity to share the stage with thought leaders like Richard Branson, having immeasurable experiences in doing so. He discusses what led him to this path and how his father (founder and original CEO of Odesk) influenced him to be an achiever. Being a visionary is key. Jeffrey’s focus on “self” has been at the core of his life for many years. He started meditating at 20, is a vegetarian, and doesn’t consume alcohol. These were conscious choices Jeffrey made so he could focus inward and truly connect with himself. This led him to connecting with a passion for authentic experiences and creating the opportunity for others to have these experiences. Jeffrey discusses what he feels is missing from our culture today &#8211; empathy &#8211; and why the tides are turning. He believes the leadership on the planet is starting to feel again, which is causing a great &#8211; and necessary &#8211; shift in our culture. The further you get away from nature, the more you get away from your true nature. Jeffrey discusses the work he does with top CEOs to help them connect with “self”. He offers insight into how he found these deeper connections and how he creates the opportunity for others to have these authentic experiences in nature. According to Jeffrey, when you remove yourself from nature, you end up with higher levels of anxiety, fear, depression, and other negative emotions. On the other hand, creating a connection with nature can help you connect with your true nature. Losing the fear to please everyone. As David and Jeffrey close out their chat, Jeffrey discusses the first shamanic experience he had and how it influences him to this day. He shares details of the experience as well as his biggest takeaway: losing his fear of trying to please everyone. Jeffrey offers an important piece of advice: seek direct experience for yourself. Don’t seek someone else’s experience. In closing, Jeffrey discusses his best-selling book “Imagine” and some resources you can find on his site, The Grand Initiative. Jeffrey’s final thought: Life happens at the edge. You’ve got to find your edge. Outline of this great episode [1:04] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Jeffrey Slayter. [2:42] Jeffrey’s background and what his journey has been like. [5:04] Seeing people of great wealth dedicating their lives to helping others and giving back. [5:54] The work Jeffrey does with CEOs. [13:11] Working with titan CEOs to get them to have a deeper connection with self. [17:07] Has the western culture moved too far away from these deep spiritual connections? And do you see things changing? [23:40] The clarity piece of working with a shaman. [31:57] The shifts that happened for Jeffrey after this experience.
Apr 5, 2016
48 min
Episode 95: Prospecting, Follow-Up and the Art of Disqualification, with Andy Paul [PODCAST]
If you’re in sales, there’s a good chance you’ve dealt with the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding the industry. That’s where Andy Paul comes in. Andy is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and consultant with a knack for helping salespeople accelerate their sales. His focus is on helping salespeople understand the stigmas and how to blow them out of the water by being authentic and passionate about the process. During this chat with David, Andy shares valuable insight into sales techniques that can truly transform your sales and give you the edge over others in the industry. According to Andy, the best way to excel is to differentiate yourself from others. Building trust by making a deliberate exchange with the buyer. In order to eliminate the stigma surrounding the sales industry, it’s essential to bring honesty to the exchange. Andy discusses how to do this be deliberately giving the buyer something of value. They give you their time, but what can you as the seller give them to add value to the experience and gain their trust? According to Andy, being present in the conversation is key. It’s all about being there mentally in order to show the buyer you care and eventually break the trust barrier. If you’re not wholly focused on them, it’s difficult to gain the trust of the buyer. Your confidence will increase exponentially as you continue to learn. Andy discusses the importance of asking questions during an exchange. He even suggests making it a challenge &#8211; how long can you go in a conversation without doing anything but asking questions? Andy shares some tactical steps to help salespeople better understand the questions they should be asking in order to get to the meat of the matter &#8211; what it is the buyer needs and how you can fill that need. He also offers insight into the role of passion in the sales process. According to Andy, you must have passion either for helping people or for the product/service you’re offering. Sincerity is key &#8211; and passion is the root of sincerity. Embracing follow-up as the one thing you can control. Follow up is perhaps the area of greatest struggle for salespeople everywhere. Why? Simply put, most people have a feeling that they might be “pestering” the buyer by following up with them. So, how does Andy deal with this issue? Well, he’s honest about the fact that you are, in fact pestering them. The key is to realize that follow up is the one and only thing you can control in the process. Andy’s strategy for follow up is to offer something of value with each contact. He shares some tips to help you add value to your prospects and make each exchange something they will eagerly await. You are the first line of differentiation between you and everyone else. As David and Andy close out their chat, they discuss in greater detail Andy’s two books: “Amp Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies That Move Customers To Make Fast, Favorable Decisions” and “Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales”. Andy also shares his final thoughts for fellow salespeople and why you must differentiate yourself from others in order to succeed. This conversation is a must for salespeople who are ready to accelerate their sales and stand out from the rest. Outline of this great episode [1:23] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Andy Paul.
Apr 3, 2016
50 min
Episode 94: Leading with Authenticity and Building Extraordinary Relationships, with Jason Treu [PODCAST]
As a top business and executive coach, Jason Treu has established himself as an expert on building extraordinary relationships. His belief that everything we accomplish is with or through people fuels Jason’s passion to help train others on how to build strong relationships and overcome the things that can hold you back from making those connections. Through his website, BeExtraordinary.TV, Jason offers trainings, coaching sessions, and products to help others understand the things that hold us back in our relationships and how to practice finding a connection the right way. Speaking your truth with authenticity. Jason shares why he believes authenticity is the foundation for all extraordinary relationships. He discusses why it’s important to lead with authenticity in order to find common ground with people. Jason offers insight into why he believes this is such a challenge for so many of us and how we can overcome our fear of being vulnerable. The key is a willingness to let people see who you really are, skeletons and all. The value of this, says Jason, is that you are able to connect with someone on the basis of who you really are, which will build a more genuine, meaningful connection. Leading with giving to make connections. One way to connect with people is to lead with giving. Jason shares why this is important and how you can start the conversation by asking them questions. When you let them share what matters to them, you are better able to connect. Jason discusses why doing this is what he calls “leading with giving” and why it’s a great way to start a relationships. Jason also talks about his “scorecard” approach and why it’s important to lead with giving, without allowing anyone to take advantage of you. The power of giving without expectation. As Jason discusses the relationship scorecard, he shares why giving without expectation can be so powerful. It’s about reaching out and giving of yourself without any expectation of it being reciprocated. When you do this, you’re able to show you care in a true, authentic, and meaningful way, which will have a big impact. By contrast, when you give with expectation, it can lead to resentment, anger, and other negative emotions that can damage your relationship. Jason discusses how this type of giving with expectation can have a negative ripple effect throughout your life. A willingness to practice. As Jason and David close out their chat, they discuss Jason’s book, “Social Wealth” and his reasons for sharing this book with the world. They chat about some examples of people who know how to build extraordinary relationships, most notably Richard Branson. Jason also offers insight into his belief that you must practice building and engaging in extraordinary relationships in order to make these skills a habit. They go over some common mistakes people make in relationships and how to avoid them in order to stay on the path towards extraordinary relationships. Outline of this great episode [1:25] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Jason Treu. [1:59] What makes extraordinary relationships? [2:46] Why is the idea of authenticity such a challenge? [4:22] How did you realize you wanted to help people build extraordinary relationships? [7:01] The role that truth plays in these extraordinary relationships. [9:02] Why Jason leads with letting people ask questions. [10:28] The scorecard philosophy. [12:46] Leading with giving. [17:05] The concept of expectation. [19:36] The difference in life when you do things without expectation. [21:19] Jason’s book, “Social Wealth”. [23:56] People Jason looks to as examples of extraordinary relationships.
Mar 29, 2016
53 min
Episode 93: Global Adventures and a Life Built on Kindness, with Leon Logothetis [PODCAST]
In spite of the fact that it appeared as though he had a great life &#8211; a great career and everything he could ever “need” &#8211; Leon Logothetis was left feeling unfulfilled and empty. He knew he had to make a change in order to find happiness in himself and with his life. And so, Leon left his job as a broker and decided to go on an adventure. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he followed his heart and knew he would find the way. Leon shares his first big adventure and the impact it had, as well as the journey that followed. How did he go from a life of emptiness to a life of kindness? Find out on this episode of Crank it Up. Finding the courage to make a life shift. For Leon, making this huge life shift wasn’t about courage. It was about moving away from a life that caused him pain. He discusses why it wasn’t about making huge decisions, but rather going towards kindness and things that made him feel good inside. The first big step for Leon was the decision to take a trip across America on just $5 a day. That means he had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Leon discusses why he made this decision and his belief that we can choose to see darkness or light, and if we focus on light that’s what we’ll see. He shares some stories of incredible kindness and light he found during his journey in America and how it helped to change the direction of his life. The imperfection in each other is what connects us. Leon discusses the value of truly embracing the concept of living the best possible life and why the foundation of it must be kindness. He also shares why it’s important to cherish your own imperfections and realize that our imperfections connect us all. Leon goes on to discuss one very powerful story of kindness during his stop in Indianapolis and how much the kindness of a stranger impacted him. He also shares what life was like after his trip across America and how he made the decision to go back to life behind a desk. Finding your inner fire. For Leon, returning to life behind a desk wasn’t a fit. He knew it wasn’t the life that would make him happy and in 2013 he left that behind. He took the plunge into living the life that made him happy, which was helping others find their own happiness. His goal is to inspire people, so he decided to go on a trip across the world on a vintage motorcycle. This trip was all about sharing kindness with others. Leon shares some of the key learnings of this trip, one of which came from an experience with a homeless man named Tony in Pittsburg. Tony made him realize that true wealth is not in our wallets, but in our hearts. The common thread in cultures around the world. As Leon and David close out their chat, Leon shares some final words about his adventures, including what he sees as the common thread in cultures around the world. The common thread? We all just want to be seen, heard, loved, and acknowledged. Leon leaves us with a final thought: We all have so much to give &#8211; it may be buried under pain, but it’s there. We have to find our light and let it shine brightly. Outline of this great episode [1:12] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Leon Logothetis. [1:59] Life before Leon made this huge shift into the life he has now. [3:15] The courage it took to make the life shift. [4:23] Some of the early decisions he made to make this shift. [5:34] Why Leon chose to walk across America as his first big trip. [6:22] How he walked across America for $5 a day, from Times Square to the Hollywood Sign. [7:09] The mindset of Leon’s trip and how he managed to survive on just $5 a day. [8:59] How long did your trip across America take? [11:18] How our imperfections connect us. [12:06] The highlight and the hardest moment of his trip across America. [16:09] How did Leon move from this initial trip to becoming an agent of change?
Mar 27, 2016
46 min
Episode 92: Inspiring the Masses, with Joel Brown of Addicted 2 Success [PODCAST]
Finding your purpose can happen at any age. For Joel Brown, it happened early and he went after it with everything he had. At just 26 years of age, Joel runs an incredibly successful business called Addicted 2 Success. His mission? To motivate the masses. In this chat with David, Joel shares insight into his journey &#8211; from what inspired him to start his business to his 5-year plan for Addicted 2 Success. It’s clear Joel went after his passion with everything he had. It’s also clear that his willingness to face his fears paid off big time. Passion and persistence pay off. Addicted 2 Success has reached millions of people in the 2 years since it was founded. Joel discovered his passion by investing in himself through personal development, workshops, books, and other work. He knew right away that he wanted to expose opportunities to the masses to inspire them to succeed. And that’s just what he does through Addicted 2 Success. The exponential growth of the company can be attributed to Joel’s tremendous persistence in pursuing his passion. He decided to write himself into a new story and now wants to inspire others to do the same. You are your own worst enemy. All too often, Joel sees people who are exposed to the tools and strategies they need to succeed, but never take the first step. He explains how we can get in our own way and why we must move past the fear in order to make that huge change. Joel discusses how Addicted 2 Success challenges people to raise the bar, think outside the box, and go for it. For Joel, the obstacles that slow others down simply didn’t faze him. He knew what his purpose was and he focused on the goal, rather than the things that might slow him down along the way. Getting out of your own way, Joel says, is perhaps the most important step towards success. Ignoring self-doubt. Even with so much success, Joel still battles self-doubt from time to time. His advice for others dealing with self-doubt? Ignore it. Joel’s discusses what it’s like to see first-hand what happens when you move past self-doubt and see the results you’re after. Because of this, he simply ignores that negative voice because he realizes &#8211; with hard work and determination &#8211; anything is possible. Joel also shares the value of getting out of your comfort zone and how it can transform your mindset. Slow progress is better than no progress. As David and Joel close out their chat, Joel shares a favorite quote that inspired him at the start of his journey: Yesterday you said tomorrow. He also offers insight into his 5-year vision for Addicted 2 Success and why he and his fiancée are focused on holding a couples retreat in the future. Joel’s inspiring story of success should motivate us all to go after our purpose with tenacity and determination without fear of failure. For Joel, this level of persistence allowed him to reach millions and change lives all over the world. Outline of this great episode [1:44] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Joel Brown. [2:56] Joel’s age and how he’s found success so early in life. [5:04] What led to the creation of Addicted 2 Success? [8:22] What about Addicted 2 Success has attracted such a huge following so quickly? [9:47] How Joel breathed life into Addicted 2 Success once he set his goals. [12:05] The value of exposing yourself to personal development and acting on the learnings. [15:22] A glimpse into Joel’s life and when he started to invest in himself. [19:15] What his upbringing was like and how Joel became so confident at such a young age. [21:03] Joel’s vision for Addicted 2 Success for the next 5 years. [25:18] What Joel does for fun. [28:05] How attending events has inspired Joel.
Mar 22, 2016
46 min
Episode 91: Getting Help Being the Best Version of You, with Kim Ades [PODCAST]
On today’s episode of Crank It Up, David has an insightful conversation with his own coach, Kim Ades. Kim gives us a glimpse inside a coach-client relationship and helps us understand just how transformative it can be. Kim is the founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and, along with a team of carefully selected coaches, she works with clients 1 on 1 and through group coaching sessions. The goal of Frame of Mind Coaching is to engage in a relationship with clients with full transparency in order to support them in becoming the best version of themselves. Throughout this conversation, Kim shares her approach to coaching and how discovered coaching as her calling in life. Why I don’t use the traditional coaching model. The traditional coaching model is all about accountability. For Kim, this type of relationship creates a level of co-dependency she believes is a disservice to the client. The Frame of Mind Coaching approach is all about empowering the client to flourish on their own. Kim believes in full transparency and honesty in the coach-client relationship, which yields empowerment, confidence, and the ability to tackle life’s challenges. Her goal with the coaches on the Frame of Mind team is to have clients who are absolutely thrilled with the experience. Great coaches are committed to their own personal development. Kim discusses her belief that a great coach focuses on their own personal development above all else. For her, it’s all about being transparent with the client &#8211; showing that coaches aren’t perfect; they, in fact, are always growing and working on themselves. Kim shares why it’s important to realize, as a coach, that the last thing they need to be is right. Their primary goal is to guide the client to a place of truth in every conversation. It’s not about the coach; it’s about the client from start to finish. Coaching is something we create together. The coach-client relationship is about honesty. It’s an intimate relationship. Building that level of trust can take time, but for Kim it’s important to expedite the process in order to get to the meat of the matter &#8211; helping the client live their best life. She discusses the value of allowing the client to understand that you, as their coach, are behind them 100%. That this, in fact, allows the client to lower their defenses so the coach can be most effective. That level of honesty is a necessity in having a successful coaching session. You are the most important investment in your life. As they close out their chat, David and Kim discuss the structure of the coaching sessions she offers and the role of journaling in the experience. The idea is to encourage the clients to share their true selves, true intentions, and true goals with the coach in order to find areas to improve and grow. Kim discusses the free assessment she is offering and how simple it is to get an idea of the direction your life is heading and how you can make some improvements. David shares why you are the most important investment in your life and urges everyone listening to take the free assessment. Outline of this great episode [1:19] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Kim Ades. [1:51] What is coaching? [3:02] Understanding the value of having a coach in achieving goals. [3:42] Why do people resist investing in a coach? [4:46] How Kim discovered her gifts as a coach. [7:41] The role of accountability in Kim’s relationships with clients. [10:15] What attracts people to coaching as a career? [11:19] The free assessment that Kim offers and why it’s important. [13:42] Building a team of coaches. [17:05] The misguided notions people have about coaches. [19:20] The value of transparency as a coach. [21:12] The role of trust in the relationship clients have with their coach.
Mar 20, 2016
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Episode 90: Incorporating the Heart’s  Intelligence Into Day-to-Day Experiences, with Howard Martin [PODCAST]
It can be difficult to find common threads among all societies across the globe. For Howard Martin, it’s clear what binds us all together: the heart. As one of the passionate people behind HeartMath, Howard has seen first-hand the impact heart-centric thinking and living can have. But it’s not just about emotional findings &#8211; it’s about science. The HeartMath methodology is backed by a tremendous body of research &#8211; offering proof that the heart does much more than pump blood. Understanding the impact the heart can have, says Howard, can truly transform lives and even has the potential to change the world. Connecting with your own heart to live a more fulfilling life. Through his own self-discovery process, Howard connected with his own heart and realized the profound impact it can have. His experience led him to HeartMath, an organization founded on the principles of compassion, resonance and transformation as core values. At its core, HeartMath is a training and research organization dedicated to activating the heart of humanity. Howard discusses how connecting with the heart can impact areas throughout the mind and body, as well as the world around you. The goal of continuous self-improvement. Through decades of research, one thing has become clear: the heart is more powerful than we’d imagined. Howard shares some of the revelations of the HeartMath research, including its impact on our hormonal system and how it can influence our moods. The truly astounding research offers proof that our heart actually influences our electromagnetic field, which collectively can transform societies. Howard shares some tips to help bring heart coherence into daily practice and offers insight into the impact heart focus can have. Creating a heart coherent state and the impact it can have. When you shift your focus to your heart, Howard says, you experience a tremendous shift in your thinking and, therefore, your life. He discusses the concept of heart intelligence and how, when we come together, this consciousness can truly shift the global consciousness. Howard discusses his focus on continuous self-improvement and the goal of HeartMath to create harmony in the world by activating the heart of humanity. What is the Global Coherence Initiative? Howard goes on to discuss the Global Coherence Initiative, which is a membership site dedicated to bringing people together in order to shift the global consciousness. By connecting people around the world with a common goal, GCI is able to activate the heart of humanity and truly make an impact. Howard shares how this can create a more positive life, healthier societies, and even reduce crime around the globe. This powerful and inspiring conversation brings to light the profound impact we can have when we come together for the common good of humanity. Outline of this great episode [1:29] David’s introduction and welcome to you and his guest, Howard Martin. [2:21] Howard’s explanation of Heart Math. [3:55] Heart Math as a concept. [4:57] How Howard discovered the connection with his own heart. [7:42] Some of the findings of the research they’ve done through the Heart Math organization. [13:06] The impact the heart has on our electromagnetic field. [14:49] How our emotions impact the functions of our heart. [16:48] The collective heartbeat of a community and how it impacts us. [21:56] Some things we can do to create a heart coherent state. [26:35] Some findings of exercises like the heart coherent exercise Howard shared. [28:53] The impact of spending more time on heart coherence. [31:21] The value of Heart Math in what’s happening in society today. [33:56] Understanding the Global Coherence Initiative. [37:19] How Heart Math reaches a global audience. [39:09] How to get involved with the Heart Math organization.
Mar 15, 2016
49 min
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