Covid-19/ Conspiracy Or A Real Threat?
Covid-19/ Conspiracy Or A Real Threat?
Mat Brad
As we begin to wake-up and try to overlook this new threat that plagues our world many of us question our government. We look for a motive; others try to be ready for what's to come. On this channel, we will explore this new virus that took over our world over night a threat that redecorated our lives. Come with us as we explore the facts from fiction of Covid-19.
The Gates Foundation 3rd world sterility, Bill Gates Interview cover-up of a digital means, w.h.o is founded by who? And GAVI plays a role in Agenda 21/2030. The Avenues are starting to connect!!!
We've opened up some eyes to the underbelly of Covid-19 and strategically started with the pandemic to segway into what's being hidden from the public. The Main Stream remains silent and continues to push for info of a vaccine, but we know that's the wrong door to open. The Bills are in the details to find out how big government is manipulating the system to build a digital environment. The Stimulus isn't a coincidence as it ties into the plot to obliterate the common need to physically hold green, if you know what I mean? The pieces are coming together daily, and it's up to us to recoup and investigate the prevalent information to warn of an upcoming transition that no one seems to notice. Turn off your Tv, stop searching social media and single handedly take on the task of exposing the next move as you hear the whispers of 2030 that will change civilization, as you know, it.
May 16
20 min
Symptoms are changing, Immunity not an option and Opening the door to the gate's deception. The Digital proof of a document's validation?
May 1st, phase #1 was activated with the ideals of social distancing, masks and fear/freedom. Governments warned us this is a test indirectly making us the test subjects. People are ignoring the situation and crowding in various areas as the numbers continue to grow. Tonight we'll go over more symptoms cropping up in younger adults and children. The secretive purchases of body bags by fema, immunity numbers are too high to stop covid in its tracks. Pre-Planned drilled scenarios brought to light before the real event. Agenda 2030 subtle hint via the gate's foundations website?
May 3
25 min
Is Covid-19 creating a digital design for 2021? Stimulus on people's mind as We delve into de-population by a vaxed mind and an Author that predicted the timeline.
Truth must be told, and all parts pushed to the forefront no matter how conspiratorial they may seem. The pieces fit an agenda in the making from 1992 to 2020 things are taking form as the ideal course of 2030 draws near. We can't sit ideally by and ignore the facts, if we did, then there would be no reason to continue. The Bill Gates foundation's ties to Monsanto and relevant vaccines are visible, but the public is only seeing the propaganda at play, and that's because social media networks continue to muddy the water until today. Our information has been compiled and sat on for months but no more, it's time to out the truth and push on for more answers before the 18-month  revelation. This virus has built a structured plan that's invisible to many and obvious to a few. Stop looking at the virus, start looking for the answer an answer with a calling to achieve the ultimate goal, control.
Apr 26
38 min
Propaganda is on the rise, A full breakdown of the origin of the virus. Reactivation is occurring and who's at the forefront of the deception; it's to early to jump start our economy.
Our freedoms are dissolving as Covid-19 creeps to the forefront, so are we ready to be led into the dark without the promise of a light at the end of the tunnel? Today we dive into a few headlines that lift the curtain on propaganda as Big brother watches the numbers of the infected increase. We break down the facts of the corona virus known as Covid-19, where it came from, who's to blame and how far back does this go? FEMA has been moving hospital equipment without warning to unknown locations, Fear Mongering law enforcement agents scaring the public and how an old virus in animals mimics the coronavirus and no one remembers, even though both strains still exist to this day. We touch on how the reopening of the country without a vaccine or break of viral transfer will cause more to die, and hospitals will have an overabundance of Covid patients. Everyone has to do their part to stop the spread of a continuing pandemic of a virus that may be hiding inside us all, if we don't take action to flatten the curve. Stay tuned as we continue to release the facts from fiction of Covid-19.
Apr 19
29 min
Who's behind Covid-19, the militia's involvement and how the breakdown of society was caused by ignoring statistics?
On Our Emergency Podcast for public information, Mat Brad, Mr. Anonymous and Mr. Lynxo gives a brief update on the  precursors of what's occurring based on Covid-19. We then tackle a big breakdown on the pandemic from who's really responsible based on the pre-dated ideals of actions ignored by the Pentagon and Militia. Who would be behind the matter of Civil-unrest if a revolt took place that brought about martial law? We dive into the Funding and Defunding of the CDC and How the hospitals played a crucial role in the shortages of equipment. This information isn't meant to create controversy, it's meant to create a platform of transparency and break the barrier between reality and conspiracy. Please share this information with family and friends to help us spread the truth.
Apr 5
21 min
Covid-19 patients infected globally over 1 million mark, Capacity over half on Hospital Beds and ICU Rooms in Dallas. The National Guard is being activated in several key hot spots.
We are joined by Mr. Lynxo, Mr. Anonymous and Mat Brad on the current updates of a virus raging out of control. We touch on wave 2 incoming and if the numbers are  low enough to control. The numbers are rising day by day on capacity of Hospital Rooms and equipment. Is this virus mutating to a new extreme symptom? We have a lot more in store on this latest update, thank you for joining us as we explore what's to come in the coming days, weeks, months....
Apr 4
50 min
Military/National Guard presence in Texas in response to Covid-19? Over stepping the bounds and Covert Ops in California.
Mat Brad, Mr. Lynxo and Mr. Anonymous are back to discuss Covid-19 updates and Expose the incoming military presence in Texas. Mr. Anonymous gave us some insight into California Covert Ops taking place, and we discuss the possibility of Covid-19's 2nd Wave and how it could mimic the Spanish Flu of 1918.
Mar 28
24 min
Debunking a drug, New Symptoms?
A rehash and update based on the fatalities of Chloroquine, or a disinfo info campaign to slender our president? New Symptoms have been found to combat covid-19
Mar 24
3 min
A drug for Covid-19, people running from the truth?
Gov Fast Track, Shelter in place etc... Update: Man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent the coronavirus. Proof:
Mar 23
5 min