Couples Coaching with Natalie Clay
Couples Coaching with Natalie Clay
Natalie Clay
Of all the emotions you can choose to feel, love feels the very best! In this podcast, I'll share practical tools to help you develop emotional self-reliance and improve your marriage—even if your spouse isn't open to the process! We'll also spend time with real couples—to gain insights from each partner—as they work to implement these life-changing concepts in their own relationships. I love these coaching tools and have experienced more happiness in my personal and married life because of them. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!
77. Ann & Bruno
Today hear my session with Ann and Bruno, as we talk through how to navigate marriage when someone decides to stop going to church. Schedule a consultation: Get coached on the podcast:
Feb 8
30 min
76. Sharon & Jake
Marriage provides such a great opportunity for personal growth. And there are no shortcuts! Today you’ll hear my discussion with Sharon and Jake as they share their process of growth.   Schedule a consultation: Get coached on the podcast:
Feb 1
44 min
75. Gabrielle & David
Communication is the number one thing people come to me for help with. Listen in as I coach Gabrielle and David on how to improve communication in their marriage.    Schedule a consultation: Get coached on the podcast:
Jan 25
31 min
74. Cassandra & Todd
If you ever wonder why the smallest tiff can sometimes turn into a big fight, today's episode is for you.
Jan 18
42 min
73. Lynn & Lloyd
It's easy to get caught up in who's right and who's wrong when we encounter a different approach to problem solving. Today you'll learn an easier, more honest approach where you can both be right and still support each other.
Jan 10
41 min
72. Marriage Prep
Hello! It's been far too long! I'm excited to post the conversation I recently had with Jody Moore (Better Than Happy) on her podcast. We had a great talk about my new Marriage Prep course. Hope you tune in!
May 9, 2023
55 min
71. Butter Your Macros
Today I’m excited to introduce you to Heidi Bollard and Natalie DuLaney of Butter Your Macros. I had the privilege of going on their podcast and I’m sharing it here with you today. These incredible women provide coaching for nutrition, weight loss and stress management. They are incredible at what they do and they are all around lovable women! If you’re looking for help with your health, I can’t recommend them enough! Head to to learn more!
Sep 30, 2021
52 min
70. Bonnie & Clyde
In my experience, most people truly desire happiness for their spouse and find that even more fulfilling than getting everything they want. So why do we feel such an intense need to have things our way? Bonnie and Clyde provide us with a key insight to help answer that question.
Sep 23, 2021
33 min
69. Karen & Kai
Shame and blame are inseperable. But understanding this—and doing the work to eliminate personal feelings of shame—can transform a marriage.
Sep 2, 2021
48 min
68. Nicole and David
A shared religious faith often helps couples more closely align their values and goals. How does a couple navigate a marriage where one partner no longer believes?
Aug 26, 2021
1 hr 6 min
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