Country Squire Radio
Country Squire Radio
Country Squire Radio
JD and Beau sit down every week and talk about the rich history and elegance of pipe tobacco, the custom blends found only at the Country Squire, as well as general shop talk. If you’re a pipe enthusiast looking for a show to listen to on the go or while you’re kicking back enjoying a bowl, this is definitely the place for you.
Stayin Put And Lookin Good: A Look At The Pipe Stand
A different take on our 'Trakin and Packin' Thanksgiving series... because you know.... 2020. We're taking a look a various pipe stand styles and share our favorites.
Nov 24
59 min
Squire Select: Turkey Edition (Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Russell's Reserve)
Pairing the right pipe tobacco with your whiskey! This week Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Russell's Reserve.
Nov 18
57 min
Tobacco Talk: Crumble Kake Barrel Aged Series No.1
We've got a few really great pipe tobacco reviews for you this week and don't forget to NOMINATE your choices for Best of 2020:
Nov 11
58 min
Basket Case: The Case For Basket Pipes
Just what makes a basket pipe, a basket pipe?
Nov 4
58 min
To The Depths: The Old Ones (Lovecraft) Series by Cornell and Diehl
It's that time of year again, and for our Halloween Special we are taking a look at some pipe tobaccos that take inspiration from the dark and twisted mind of HP Lovecraft. Enjoy?
Oct 28
56 min
Tales of Pipe Remorse
We've all been there... this week, we talk breaking the bank with pipe buying remorse. A mixture of your stories, our stories, and tips to turn 'huge mistakes' into 'happy accidents'
Oct 21
55 min
Pipe Smoking 101: Bent V Straight Pipe
Think back to your earliest days of considering pipes. What pipe came to mind for you back then? What did you ultimately choose as your first pipe? And for those of you picking out your first pipes, what really are the benifits of a bent vs a straight pipe?
Oct 14
57 min
Top 3 Scottish Blends
Great Scott...ish blends are out there and here are 3 of them! Enjoy,
Oct 6
51 min
Welcome To Jurassic Pipe: A Look At Amber Stems
Your more likely to run into a unicorn than a true amber stem pipe off the road but this week we take a look at this unique style of stem. Enjoy!
Sep 30
55 min
Tobacco Talk: Cask No.7 and Luxury Bullseye Flake
This week.... it's a coin toss (get it?)
Sep 23
1 hr
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