Counsel for the State
Counsel for the State
Office of the Idaho Attorney General
A podcast from the Idaho Office of the Attorney General.
Season 3, Episode 8: National Consumer Protection Week
Idaho AG Consumer Protection Specialist Rachelle Littau joins Counsel for the State Co-host Scott Graf to discuss the office's participation in National Consumer Protection Week, new twists on established scams, and the top 10 complaints in the AG's annual Consumer Protection Report for 2021. 
Mar 8, 2022
31 min
Season 3, Episode 7: Cooperative Disability Investigations (CDI) Unit
The Cooperative Disability Investigations Program, or CDI, is a partnership between the federal government and the State of Idaho to root out fraud and waste in federal and state disability programs. The partnership was established in 2019 and is similar to other operations across the country. In this episode, Counsel for the State Co-host Scott Graf discusses the program and its successes with Deputy Assistant Inspector General for CDI Investigations Don Jefferson. 
Feb 3, 2022
27 min
S3E6: Vaccine Mandate Litigation Explained
Idaho is part of three cases in which states are suing the federal government over the Biden administration's vaccine mandates. In this episode of Counsel for the State, we discuss legal concerns with the mandates, the status of each of the three cases, how the issue may ultimately be settled, and more. 
Nov 18, 2021
24 min
Season 3, Episode 5: AG's Opinions
One  of the most important roles of the Office of the Attorney General is to provide legal counsel and analysis to clients. Sometimes that can be a simple answer conveyed in a phone call or email. Other times, though, exhaustive research and a lengthy analysis are in order. In this episode of Counsel for the State, we examine what the opinion writing process includes. With co-hosts Scott Graf and Brian Kane. 
Oct 7, 2021
24 min
Season 3, Episode 4
Idaho's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit has long faced a backlog of cases. To help address the problem, the unit this year developed a training program so its investigators can share their specialized skills and processes with other law enforcement agencies across the state. The goal? To increase the number of Idaho law enforcement officers who are equipped to investigate internet crimes against children. In this episode, host Scott Graf talks with ICAC Criminal Investigator Tamara Pittz, who helped oversee the program's development. 
Sep 2, 2021
32 min
Season 3, Episode 3: A Visit with Raj Jaladi
Raj Jaladi is researching a book that will highlight the role state AGs play in the American system of government. Raj, 15, is a St. Louis-area high school sophomore who this week visited the Idaho Capitol to interview Attorney General Lawrence Wasden. Co-hosts Brian Kane and Scott Graf talk with Raj about his interest in the work of AGs, its origins, his future goals and what he does for fun when he's not writing books about American government. 
Aug 3, 2021
15 min
Season 3, Episode 2: An ICAC Update
Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children Unit Commander Chris McCormick discusses his unit's recent work, how the COVID pandemic has increased investigators' work loads, and what the unit is doing to grow its ranks across the state. With co-hosts Brian Kane and Scott Graf. 
Jul 30, 2021
31 min
Season 3, Episode 1: Idaho's Certificates of Review
Counsel for the State kicks off its third season with a discussion about Idaho's certificates of review and the role they play in the state's initiative process. These legal analyses are performed by the Office of the Attorney General as a means of identifying potential legal issues with a proposed initiative before it goes to the voters. With co-hosts Scott Graf and Brian Kane, and Deputy Attorney General Robert Berry. 
May 12, 2021
40 min
Season 2, Episode 8: Open Meetings/Public Record FAQs
In this episode, we revisit Idaho's laws dealing with open meetings and public records. Chief Deputy Brian Kane addresses frequently asked questions of these two important laws meant to increase Idahoans' access to local and state government. Who enforces the law? How does new technology affect the law? What changes may be on the horizon? 
Mar 29, 2021
28 min
Season 2, Episode 7: Idaho in Session
In this episode of Counsel for the State, we revisit the topic of government transparency by examining a high-profile example that's especially important this time of year: Idaho in Session. The online streaming service is a joint project that allows Idahoans all over the state the opportunity to watch their state government in action. We explore how it works, its history and the role it plays in open government. With Idaho Public Television Director of Content Jeff Tucker and co-hosts Brian Kane and Scott Graf. 
Feb 12, 2021
36 min
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