Cosmic Crit: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast
Cosmic Crit: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast
Cosmic Crit
Cosmic Crit is a weekly Actual Play podcast centered on the new Starfinder RPG from Paizo. Listen to the shenanigans as a seasoned GM, a couple of noobs, and some RPG veterans explore the galaxy and fight monsters on behalf of the Starfinder Society. It's a little roleplay, a lot of natural 20s (we hope), and plenty of fun.
S3 | 161: Midnight Squad and the Temple of Rooms
Midnight Squad gets to explore what's beyond the doorway they found on the ice comet's surface -- and they find a lot more than they expected!
Nov 22
1 hr 56 min
S3 | 160: Ice Ice Gateway
Midnight Squad venture outside into the cold, hostile wilds of the icy comet, in search of a way underground.
Nov 15
1 hr 18 min
S3 | 159: Candlerime Bandits
Midnight Squad investigates the mysterious, icy comet, but it turns out someone else got there first.
Nov 8
1 hr 31 min
S3 | 158: Protozoa!
Midnight Squad resumes their pursuit of the mysterious comet, but they encounter a gargantuan beast in the void of space!
Nov 1
1 hr 42 min
S3 | 157: Scary Starships to Search in the Dark
It's almost Halloween, so we're celebrating with a spooky starship search! Creepy things lurk in the darkness when Midnight Squad investigates an abandoned ship in the far reaches of space.
Oct 25
1 hr 44 min
S3 | 156: Aft Impact
We're starting book 4! Midnight Squad makes a pitstop at Ultraneous before venturing out into the vast in search of the mysterious Forever Reliquary.
Oct 19
1 hr 50 min
S3 | 155: Midnight Squad Gundam
Midnight Squad has a new weapon to use against the Swarm on Illemchuuva. It's the climax of book 3, with some mecha playtest rules added in!
Oct 11
1 hr 39 min
S3 | 154: Battle Beyond the Swarm
The battle for Illemchuuva is far from over as Midnight Squad finds themselves surrounded.
Oct 4
1 hr 20 min
S3 | 153: The Anti-social Network
It's time to get those servers online so we can harvest the data -- but that's easier said than done.
Sep 27
1 hr 23 min
S3 | 152: Dawn of the Cybernetic Dead
The members of Midnight Squad venture into Zessh University's basement in search of servers, but first they find a creepy crawly biology lab.
Sep 20
1 hr 28 min
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