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Amazing how entertaining two guys talking about work can be
You know what you’re here for
Great voices, good advice, interest ideas, and bad-good jokes
I love the it
I listened to this for like 14hours straight once it’s just grate
swimer boy
Very Dull
I usually listen to Hello Internet when going on long business trips. I tried substituting this with Cortex. While the beginning of the show starts off well, it gets very boring and repetitive. Most of the latest episodes is the moaning, groaning, and bragging of their daily life. I’m sorry, it is just unbearable to try to stay awake while driving when they are literally talking about painting rooms or the design of some app. I just want to have a couple laughs and enjoy a good pod on my way across the country.
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Just good enough
About 60% of every episode is interesting, 25% is a bit dry but bearable, and 15% is unlistenable dull. BUT the chapters feature makes it very easy to skip around and find that ideal 60%
Spartanite 67
God - Grey is so tedious...
...and precious - what a midwit.
came here during the hello internet hiatus. not a suitable replacement. these two do not play off of each other nearly as well.
Was alright
Now just meh. Seems low effort. I get difficulties, but content has dipped below my expectations.
Odd time
Rating #900
Just wanted to be the 900th rating.
Pimp Daddy Eddy
Perfect show
Unexpectedly relaxing and enjoyable. No complaints, great content every time
A narcissistic arsehole and a sycophantic leech self-obsess over the minutiae of their elitist internet careers! Fun for the whole family!
A happy customer worldwide
Redundant podcast
Redundant podcast
CGP Mike
Wonderful Show
The chemistry between Myke and Grey makes me smile a lot. I often think of Myke as the real representation of ‘the people’ when he is reacting to Grey’s glorious eccentricities. Though some would argue that Myke is more agreeing with Grey than Brady is, I think this is actually a quite normal balance that most friendships have. (Brady is just adorably hard-as-nails) P.S. Myke, I got the Pilot fountain pen as you requested. It was magnificent!
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Wonderful podcast!
Just a Tim, reporting for duty.
Great Podcast about Life and Work
Myke and CGP Grey are amazing to listen to and engage in insightful conversation that make me think about my own workflows, productivity, and life organization. It is truly a joy listening to their podcast and would highly recommend.
Has become all ads now
There used to be some content in this podcast but now it has become nearly exclusively: asking for our money. The first 30 minutes are usually: them trying to sell their merch, followed by ads, followed by asking money for their charity followed by more ads. Then finally you get 15 minutes of actual content around the end.
Way to fast! Cpg Grey talks slower with Grady
Fun, Efficiency, Techy
Makes listening to a podcast on efficiency super fun, and just enough tech talk without being all-tech boring
This podcast changed my workflow
Cortex really helped me think about being more efficient, now I sometime get out of bed to do something, normally that something ends up being listening to cortex, but something none the less. But in all seriousness this is great.
Time-tracking is fun
I think I'm starting to like time-tracking. Now I have a hunderd interactions with my phone every hour!
I think
this is my favorite pod.
Always interesting
A fascinating discussion between Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, and CGP Gray, occasional podcaster and YouTuber. Topics generally relate to productivity, but can range more widely. But always an interesting listen.
One of my favorites. The subject matter is surprisingly entertaining, though I think the two hosts are to thank for that.
Obligatory 3 star rating
Love the show though:)
The everafter(original)
Much good
Very much good
Nice job but...
I really like this but I really don’t have time if I do I will definitely listen but most of the time I can’t so I love it just don’t have time
Thank you
Nice and chill
I Feel Productive When I Listen to This Show
I could be doing nothing else which listening and I can still feel productive consuming this content. Myke and Grey do a great job of elucidating how they get their work done and provide listeners with a way to get their work done as well.
Anthony V. Ardizzone
A great tech conversation
If you listen to this, you should also listen to hello internet.
Get productive
This is one of the few podcasts that I feel is a must listen everytime a new episode drops.
Was pretty interesting
It was pretty interesting for the first several dozen episodes. However, the topics have now moved from self-improvement (or related), to pedestrian reviews and commentary. Hopefully this turns around, but it’s been this way for a while now.
I tried...
I tried. I honestly tried. I’ve listen to every episode. I like Grey’s voice and his unique perspective on things, but Myke is just the absolute worst. He provides no new difference in the point of view. He may initially if he talks about something at first, but as soon as Grey gives his idea about the topic, Myke agrees with him and changes his mindset to match. He’s even bought things and changed his behavior to match Grey. It’s actually kind of sad to experience. Be your own person, man! Sheesh!
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Not simply great entertainment
This podcast has made me more productive by at least 283%.
More CGP-O!!
I came for CGP Grey but stayed for the Beard Oil. Favorite Topics: Life/Time Managment and Book Reviews Least Favorite Topics: iPhone and Emails
New Year
The Content Economy...You Are on the Groundfloor
As a 42 year old self identified foot wrecking midnight Lego break left on the floor I grew up in the old world. I now find myself in a new world. In the old world life was focused on the consumption of material goods, I burned my free time absorbing marketing of said goods spinning the dial between the 4 channels (what was VHF and UHF?) our black and white, tin foil wrapped rabbit ear television could capture (single mother, low income) or listening to the radio in Mom's 65 Mustang---quick stops made her right arm reach out and become a human seat belt as the car had non. It seems like a century ago. Things are eerily familiar because as a 9 year old I discovered my Aunt's collection of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. I was hooked. The universe inside went through a rapid expansion and I longed for my middle age because I may one day be able to use a video phone. I still recall reading about the Information Superhighway. What few of those writers imagined was that the primary change the Digital Revolution was not that death would be cured or we would have based on, the change happened years ago and I still wait for someone to define it, to tag it and give it a Latin name. We now live in a world where time is dilated. We all are the twin on the rocket ship, the twin who finds that their fast clock is running slow. What this new world has done is constructed a monster few in our history could imagine existing. We could find no words to explain our fear to our ancestors huddled around the fire in the cave....trying to find sleep without the choking fear that tonight it was their turn to feel the jaws of the leopard on the neck. This monster is called Boredom. Our people used to let the mind drift along the currents of our favorite song on the radio at the stoplight. Maybe fight back the sadness if the song was the soundtrack of a breakup or made us think of a friend who passed. We used to stand in line at the along with the odd cultural tradition that one must be quiet in a bank and not bring attention to ourselves. There was this sense that these moments waisted time. Strange. There is always and only the Now. The world slides by on a conveyor belt after we learn that no, I don't "feel" like an adult or that I have arrived anywhere. God I am these kid's parents--wasn't I supposed to get some sort of downloaded parent brain or the ability to become a Parent? We have crossed over and now we melt away any second we fear will rob us of consuming the new goods, the new toy....Content. As more and more people gain access to these little dream machines that dilate time, that can teach us Latin on the toilet when we hide from our family, or help us record the music we've always wanted to produce the demand for More Content may....and I say may....vastly exceed the demand. But for now we live in the Golden Era. We are not yet the essentially immortal beings wallowing in ennui as we seek out novelty after novelty fearfully running not from death but from.....boredom. I'll venture on. I'm thankful I found this podcast and the YouTube channel. But the hellhound is behind me and he is getting close...I hope he never catches me and forces me to realize that the only cure for our modern form of boredom is......Creating something that is so me, that is so engaging that I lose hours in what feels like minutes. This is the only hope and only way the Content Age will thrive. For every Mozart or Vermeer there were thousands upon thousands of creators that either kept their work to themselves or didn't have their thousands of negatives randomly bought at a storage unit auction like Vivian Mair (well, she really was just a time traveller who failed her mission and messed up our time line in 2007....but this is already too long to get into that).
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Maxes potential to 11!
My man Myke crushes it every week like my main man Dexter Guff!
Love it.
A hidden gem, also I want to shave Mike's beard so bad.
Work & Productivity in the Digital Age
While ostensibly about work & productivity in the digital age, the two hosts often derail onto a variety of delightful topics. Their myopic commitment to Apple products might rub some the wrong way, but as an Android and PC user I still find room in my heart for Myke and Grey. Their conversations are smart, imminently listenable, and quite entertaining.
Cortex has been a boon to me personally. Myke and Grey have given great advice about entrepreneurship, which has helped me start my own podcast (What's In a Podcast). Next I hope to work on becoming a better user of technology. Thanks guys, I definitely recommend everyone listen.
What's In a Podcast
Very informative and surprisingly fun approach to work
Don't be deceived by the description as a productivity podcast to think this some lame business dudes talking buzz words. It is very insightful and entertaining covering a broad range of topics loosely about how to work better as an independent. Great fun and quite beneficial!
Has really inspired me to think critically about my habits. I have only used a few tips explicitly, but the general discussions and reflections on productivity/personal dev are really great. Would love more conversations about specific strategies to keep yourself focused and productive!
Grey and Myke will never run out of problems
Which is good, because that keeps the discussion quite varied, for though all can be well change is never too far over the horizon. They discuss various methods used in running their own businesses, and how efficiency efforts (both technological and structural) inform those methods. Overall I highly recommend.
Caleb Childers
Great show! Keep it going! More Caretec!
Nickname is Just Jason
Great podcast
So good.
Keep it up
Terribly Interesting
At this point, I'm pretty sure this podcast has gone vastly off track from its original goal, but that's terribly appropriate. Grey and Myke offer excellent advice, whether you're looking to launch your own business or just be more efficient/effective in your day-to-day. And, as icing on the productivity cake, everything is punctuated with the humor of their very similar yet very different personalities. As Myke becomes more like Grey and Grey becomes even more like Grey, it's been an enlightening and entertaining experiment that I hope continues for far longer than Grey would be comfortable committing to.
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Its one of my favorites
It's a great two guys talking podcast, they cover interesting topics. I like Myke but I kinda miss Brady.
Truly a game changer
I think I listen to this podcast for the same reason I sometimes just wander around office supply stores: it offers a sense of productivity and organization that is easy to obtain, fleeting, and completely false. I have no side projects (I have no main projects) and never intend on owning a small business or being self employed. Regardless, listening to Grey and Myke talk about managing finances and optimizing checklists really instills in me a deeply calming and entirely fabricated sense of control over my life. A+ work guys. P.S. Also excellent for falling asleep. All those finer details about notification management really just knock you right out.
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nerd speak
great nerd talk. nice analysis on how to improve your work life. tools and processes. fun too.
danny o
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