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4: Posting Day
1 hour 41 minutes Posted Jun 26, 2015 at 6:30 am.
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Show notes

This week Myke and Grey discuss iPad Portrait layout complications, how Grey deals with posting new videos to Youtube, and the necessity of checklists (even if you don't think you need them). Myke also launches the 'Great Perspective Zoom Debate', and Grey talks about starting a fashion label.

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Links and Show Notes:

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Grey's Wallpaper
Myke's 'Perspective Zoom' Evidence
Grey's 'Perspective Zoom' Evidence
iAliens for Reddit on the App Store on iTunes
Humans Need Not Apply - YouTube
H.I. #40: The Oval Office of Science - YouTube
Holland vs the Netherlands - YouTube
Screenshot of Grey's computer on Launch Day
Women's, men's & kids clothing - UNIQLO UK online casual clothes store