Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know
Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know
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Safe Travel During the Pandemic
Dr. Sean McMenomey offers updated information on COVID-19 vaccines and testing. He also reviews the safety measures necessary if you plan to travel during the holiday season.
Nov 20
44 min
North Dakota’s Rise in COVID-19 Cases
North Dakota’s top Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Paul Carson joins Dr. Marc Siegel and discusses the reasons for the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in his State, how the pandemic is impacting Native Americans and medical workers, and what needs to be done to control this dire situation.
Nov 19
26 min
COVID Essential Workers: NYC Transit
Dr. Frank Adams examines the impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on transit workers. And, he offers advice on protecting against coronavirus exposure when using mass transit.
Nov 18
23 min
COVID-19: The New Surge
Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, and member of President-Elect Biden’s coronavirus advisory team, Dr. Michael Osterholm joins Dr. Marc Siegel and discusses the recent COVID-19 surges in America, testing, vaccine development and distribution, and what we need to do to overcome this pandemic.
Nov 17
31 min
Can Aspirin Effectively Treat COVID-19?
Dr. Todd Berland speaks with the lead researcher of a study examining the possible benefits of aspirin in treating severe cases of COVID-19. Learn why this method may work for some patients, but be dangerous for others.
Nov 16
25 min
The Polio Pandemic: What We’ve Learned
Pulitzer Prize Winning author David M. Oshinsky, (PhD) joins Dr. Mark Pochapin and offers a historical perspective on the coronavirus pandemic comparing COVID-19 to what the country experienced during the Polio pandemic.
Nov 13
44 min
COVID Update, Vaccine Analysis, and Diabetes Risks
Dr. Fred Feit offers analysis of this week’s vaccine announcement, and what we can expect on FDA approvals in the coming weeks. And, he examines the risks those with diabetes face if they contract COVID-19.
Nov 12
20 min
COVID-19 Vaccine News and Analysis
Vaccine expert and member of the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee, Dr. Paul Offit, joins Dr. Marc Siegel and explains what you need to know about the Pfizer vaccine, how efficient it is, what data we still need to understand it, and how it will be distributed.
Nov 11
26 min
Vaccine Hesitancy and Promoting Vaccine Confidence
The Founder of the Vaccine Confidence Project joins Dr. Marc Siegel and reviews the history of vaccine hesitancy, the role social media plays in accelerating the fear, and what can be done to promote confidence in vaccines.
Nov 10
25 min
Are Hospitals Ready for Another Surge?
Chief of Medical Service, NYC Health and Hospitals/Bellevue, Dr. Douglas Bails joins Dr. Marc Siegel and reviews the steps hospitals are taking to ensure they are able to care for a surge in cases of COVID-19 this winter, as well as keeping patients and staff safe during the pandemic.
Nov 9
18 min
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