The Copyblogger Podcast with Tim Stoddart: Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Entrepreneurship
The Copyblogger Podcast with Tim Stoddart: Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Entrepreneurship
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The Copyblogger Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Tim Stoddart. Each week, we host a cast of rotating experts that analyze content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and much more.
Jay Clouse: How Creativity is Your Secret Weapon for Success
In today’s episode, we speak with the founder of Creative Elements, Jay Clouse. Jay is a writer, a podcaster. and a community manager. Jay’s podcast, Creative Elements, explores how remarkable creators found creative independence. Through narrative interviews, Jay dives into the nitty-gritty of how the world's best creators make a living from their art and creativity. In this episode, we talk about how Jay works with entrepreneurs and how he uses creativity as a secret weapon that gives them a distinct advantage. We also go back and forth in a brainstorming session to try and find a title for one of my products, which was a fun exercise. Lastly, we talk about Jay’s framework for managing a successful membership site. Jay is the manager of the Smart Passive Income membership, and his advice to me was so helpful that I immediately took advantage and applied it to our own membership site, Copyblogger Pro. I loved this chat and I know you will too. Please help me welcome Jay Clouse. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 21
45 min
Welcome to the Soaring Twenties with Thomas Bevan
In this week’s episode, I speak with  @Thomas Bevan. Thomas is a writer and a crypto enthusiast. He writes a weekly column on  The Commonplace. So much of the crypto world is built around hype, FOMO, and excitement. Yet, much is unknown about how crypto will impact our world and our digital economies. Thomas writes a weekly article speculating what he thinks may happen, and how these changes are going to affect those of us who live in the creator economy. Thomas makes a great comparison of this decade to the  “roaring  twenties.” There are many similarities. In the roaring twenties  (by that I mean the 1920’s) the United States was on the back end of the Spanish flu pandemic and was on the tail end of World War I. As a partial result, we found ourselves in a rebellious new decade where art, finances, and capital was permeating the entire society. In our conversation, Thomas and I speak about the similarities, and how crypto could lead to a similar decade, which he calls  “The  Soaring Twenties.” History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Thomas Bevan. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 13
41 min
Pat Walls: Using SEO to Build Starter Story into a Worldwide Brand
In today’s episode, we speak with Pat Walls, the founder of Starter Story. Story story has huge huge success over the last few years, and Pat credits most of that success to good SEO that leverages user-generated content. Pat’s brand and his method of creating his business are one of a kind. One of the things I love about Pat is that he is a scrappy entrepreneur. In this episode, we talk a lot about the mistakes he has made along the way, the experiments he has done, and the lessons he has learned. We also talk about how he has built a team of employees and also contractors that fulfill the roles needed at the time. Finally, we finish the conversation talking about Pats revenue models. It was really cool to listen to the evolution of the business and to learn about the trial and error process that Pat leaned into that ultimately generates the most money and delivers the most value. Pat was a great guest and I’m happy we got to talk. Now please help me welcome, Pat Walls. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 3
53 min
How to Use Leverage to Grow Your Business at Massive Scale with Eric Jorgenson
A few months ago, I stumbled across the work of Eric Jorgenson. Eric had recently published his best-selling book, entitled “The Almanac of Naval Ravikant. In his book, Eric breaks down and articulately conceptualizes the business concepts of leverage, which were introduced to him by a very popular Twitter thread, written by Naval Ravikant. Leverage is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but how do you actually define this concept? More importantly, how do you use leverage to generate massive scale in your business? These days, it’s not uncommon for a one-person business to generate a million dollars of revenue. It’s not uncommon for billion-dollar companies to only have 10-15 employees. How is this possible? In this episode, Eric gives us an in-depth master class on leverage. In addition, we went through some of the specific modules in his course, and he gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the material he teaches. It’s a special privilege given to you as a member of the Copyblogger community. Eric is great. He’s generous, kind, and easy to talk to. Check out his course at The link to his course is in the show notes of the podcast, which is found anywhere you listen to podcasts. I’m excited for you to listen to this episode. Please help me welcome, Eric Jorgenson. --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 1
49 min
How Curiosity and a Low Point in Life Helped Create a Global Podcast with Bilal Zaidi
It’s easy to feel “on top of the world” when things are going well in life. Inevitably, we all come across challenges and hardships. My guest today, used his hardships as inspiration to create one of the most popular podcasts of the time. Bilal Zaidi is the host of Creator Lab. Bilal interviews world-class entrepreneurs in hopes to learn the skills, tips, and strategies that he can apply to his own business. Of of the things I like most about Bilal’s podcast is his curiosity. When Bilal interviews guests, you can truly feel the curiosity and eagerness to learn, which is why he has booked guests such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Daymond John, Erika Alexander, Feresteh Forough, Dru Riley, and more. I loved this conversation. Bilal has a great personality and he was so generous with his experience and knowledge. You will level up by listening to this episode. Please help me welcome, Bilal Zaidi. You can learn more about Bilal at --- Send in a voice message:
Jun 24
49 min
How Crypto is Reshaping Content Entrepreneurship
Hey everyone. Welcome to the Copyblogger Podcast. My name is Tim Stoddart, thank you so much for joining me. This week’s episode is something different. Copyblogger has always been dedicated to helping you build a better business by creating better content. The internet provides us all with an even playing field in which to write articles, serve our audience, and build a great business. But what happens when the fabric of the internet itself is changing. How do you adjust to such drastic changes, and stay ahead of the curve? To get to the bottom of some of these questions, I invited Dror Poleg onto the episode. Dror writes a weekly newsletter at, and he writes about what the future of work will look like as blockchain, crypto currencies and NFT’s will becomes an integral part of how we interact with each other and make transactions. In addition, Dror has some very interesting ideas on how products will be created and sold. For instance, now that anything can be tokenized, what is to stop entrepreneurs from selling services and products that are broken down to each level. What if you could write a sentence of copy, and be paid through an NFT? What is gestures, or even good behavior can be rewarded through digital tokens on the blockchain? It’s a fascinating topic, and I am so thrilled Dror took the time to speak with us. He’s a brilliant mind and I look forward to reading his newsletter every week. As content marketers, it’s important we keep up with the times. With that, please help me welcome Dror Poleg. --- Send in a voice message:
Jun 2
55 min
Rohan Gilkes: How to Build a 7 Figure Business by Going Local
Hello and welcome to the Copyblogger podcast. My name is Tim Stoddart. Thank you so much for joining me. Too often, young entrepreneurs jump headfirst into industries and markets that have cut throat competition. How many of you are dreaming of starting the next TikTok or the next Facebook? More often then not, the million dollar business idea is sitting right outside your front door, waiting to be discovered. Local service businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, they are also the easiest and most opportunistic entry points for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this episode, I sit down with successful entrepreneur, Rohan Gilkes, and we go in depth on the tactics and strategies you need to start building your local business right now. Rohan got his start by building a multi million dollar cleaning business. Now, he helps other entrepreneurs build local service business by teaching them the model he has used over and over again. In addition, Rohan has stepped out of the local market to create a SaaS company, of which he exited with partners. In this conversation, Rohan and I talk about where the opportunities are in the local markets, why this is the best place to start, and how these small industries have such tremendous upside. Rohan was a great guest, and I loved our conversation. You will learn so much from this interview. Please help me welcome my new friend, Rohan Gilkes. --- Send in a voice message:
Jun 1
49 min
Anne-Laure Le Cunff: How Great Writing Helped Build a Thriving Community Business
Hey everyone. Welcome to the Copyblogger Podcast. My name is Tim Stoddart (@timstodz), thank you so much for joining me. Today is an exciting day. After a year of hiatus, I am starting the Copyblogger podcast back up. We've had an exciting year with the launch of Copyblogger Pro. Our online business community is thriving and the results our members are seeing has been a priority. In addition, we launched Digital Commerce Partners, which is an industry leading content and SEO agency, dedicated to help entrepreneurs market their products and make more money. Things are in full swing, and the time has come to bring back our podcast. The Copyblogger podcast is returning with a familiar format. I will be interviewing the worlds most successful online entrepreneurs, and dissecting the tricks, habits and processes that has helped them establish profitable online businesses. Each episode of the Copyblogger Podcast will be published on YouTube. It's an exciting time for online entrepreneurship, and I can't be more excited about this week's guest. My guest this week is Anne-Laure Le Cunff. She's the founder of Ness Labs, which is an online platform and dedicated to helping you build a lab for your mind with neuroscience-based content and conversations. In this episode, Anne-Laure and I speak about her writing process and why she thinks Ness labs has been so successful. We talk about her plans to grow an in person community, and why building her newsletter has been one of the best business choices she has made. Anne-Laure is intelligent and honest. I had a great time speaking with her. She gives so many tips and pointers to help you become a better writer, a better marketer, and help you grow a bigger more profitable business. With that, please help me welcome, Anne-Laure Le Cunff. --- Send in a voice message:
May 19
49 min
Why Building the Right Team Is So Critical, with Aurélien Amacker of
Founder of, Aurélien Amacker, spoke with host Darrell Vesterfelt about his early life as a struggling blogger and digital marketer, his first $500K product launch, and mistakes he’s learned from along the way to online success. Aurelian Amacker spent over a year, tens of thousands of euros, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears before he found the right formula (and team) for his popular software as a service, now used by thousands of customers to launch and run their own online businesses. In this episode, Darrell and Aurelian discussed: The tools Aurélien used to build a list of over 10,000 email subscribers for his first product launch (and why it was so stressful) Why he chose to move away from the “Product Launch Formula” 3 questions to ask yourself before taking a big financial gamble Why building the right team from the start is so important And much more! The Show Notes Aurélien Amacker on Twitter Darrell on Twitter --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 15, 2020
41 min
Twitter's Secret Game-Changer, Google Image SEO, Pandemic Pivots, and Sound Affiliate Advice
Hosts Darrell and Tim dig into the ins-and-outs of the much-anticipated return of My.Copyblogger, geek-out on recent chatter in the world of content marketing, and answer more of your online marketing questions. This week’s content marketing roundup includes news on the leak about Twitter’s secretive subscription service, how Google Images plans to utilize more data to drive search traffic, the reality of "pandemic fatigue" for content marketers, and the guys answered your question about how to start to monetize an audience. In this episode, Darrell and Tim also talked about: The return of Copyblogger’s membership program and all the specs The value of Twitter for content marketers and its bright future How Google Images may become a search referral source via SEO The great COVID-19 conference cancellation spree and staying flexible in tough times And where to start when you’re ready to monetize your platform The Show Notes ConvertKit — Audience Building for Creators Drop Your Questions Here: Join The My.Copyblogger Waitlist, and Be the First to Know! Twitter Stock Jumps on Potential Subscription Platforms Google Creates a New Way to Drive Traffic Via Image Search Darrell on Twitter Tim on Twitter --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 13, 2020
35 min
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