Copulators Die First
Copulators Die First
Copulators Die First
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I look forward to this every week! Ash and Nick break down horror movies in a way that’s smart and funny and very down to earth. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is a fan of horror and humor!
Royal Mango
Ash & nick? On your work commute?
Fantastic Duo!
Ash and Nick are hilarious!! If you’re a horror buff this is for you 🤣 also please check out these movies if you have not ... some will blow your mind!
So much fun
It’s a blast listening to these two pals talk horror movies! They have great chemistry and always have me laughing out loud (LITERALLY!!!!!)
Definitely Not Brittany
Best podcast I’ve listened to in a while.
Super entertaining
Super engaging and entertaining!
Lots of laughs
So much fun. Can listen all day
A+ Quality Gay Content
I tend to listen to serialized true crime podcasts, but I make an exception for CDF. It intersects my two main interests-horror and pop culture, with a healthy garnish of gay. My Monday drive is more enjoyable because of Ash and Nick.
Leanne Louise D
Fiercely entertaining
Nick and Ash have the most fun horror podcast out there! It really is the highlight of my Monday when a new episode comes out.
Da best !
Honestly I love this podcast ! You guys get all the juices details while diving in to points of movies I never even thought about ! Finally a podcast that I legit wait for a new episode all the time !!!! Keep on keeping on 😘
Great Instagram and great podcast.
One of the best managed podcast pages I’ve seen, and have such a great podcast idea with great execution.
Pedro the cactus 12345
If you’re looking for horror, stories, best friends spilling tea, part of the lgbtq+ community? This is the podcast for you! Silly banter and some beautiful qweens to brighten your night/day weekly !!! 💙❤️
The queer horror podcast we need!
I love this idea! A dissection of horror films both iconic and ironic, told through the lens of LGBTQ+ community and how these films addressed queer issues. The hosts are funny and the banter is great !
A great new podcast for your queer horror loving ears
Ride or die horror queer here! This podcast is a truly fun conversation between your two best new podcast friends. The show is lighthearted, breezy, and super fun. Keep up the awesome work!