Conversations with Creative Anachronists
Conversations with Creative Anachronists
Anna Troy
Episode 1. Mistress Aleydis van Vilvoorde
40 minutes Posted Mar 31, 2021 at 3:12 am.
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Show notes

So, I did it! My first conversation! Lots of talk about making medieval clothing with an expert. Not only is Mistress Aleydis a clothing Laurel, she also has a doctorate in the subject. "Kläderna och människan i medeltidens Sverige och Norge" av  Eva Andersson 2006 (Clothing and the individual in Mediaeval Sweden and Norway, summery in English p. 324)

Links and sources mentioned:

  • Eva's historical costuming blog
  • Eva Andersson Pinterest page
  • Instagram Frualeydis
  • "Tudor Gabled Hoods: A closer look" on Youtube
  • "How to sew with a metal thimble" on Youtube

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