Conversations on Faith & Family
Conversations on Faith & Family
Manuel Tafoya Jr.
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So glad there back! I love listening at night before going to sleep. Really love Manuel’s voice it’s easy to listen to and not get bored. I love listening to passages from the Bible and you guys putting it into prospective. I’m not as religious as I want to be especially growing up in a Christian family. But this really helps me stay connected! Hope to have more episodes!
Jenni Dee 03
Keep the podcasts coming, searching for more faith based podcast on the same level that I’m on!!
Great Show but...
Listened to the Lisa Bevere episode and enjoyed it, but felt left out because I’m not a millennial. The hosts seem to be applying the discussion to millennials only.
Love you
May God continue to anoint and love these two in everything they do. I just know Manuel and Rayleen are going places. I’ll get to say that I saw them from the start. Love you guys.
I love the relationship and marriage advice they share. They’re gems!
I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars! Excellent!
Best family podcast!!
Easy to listen to & the guest stories are impressive. Looking forward to catching up on your past episodes.
Rafael Nichols
Interesting People
Finally started listening to this podcast. Really enjoyed.
Torri Johnson
Please more episode!!
I like it, so you deserve 5-stars.
Virginia Blackmer
All the Right Stuff!
I'm living the nomad life & came across your show in iTunes. Better than I thought it was going to be...
Celeste Wilke
Enjoying it.
To review. Well you at least get 5-Stars if I'm going to be your first...
Brigitte Saunders
Great content!
Keep it up...
Jack Carrington
Five star rating podcast
Simply I download this episode and play it on my iPhone device because it is very easy to download and play. I gave it's five star ratting.
Robert Blanchard
Good job
I always get a new perspective on something here.
Ethel Walburn
My Favorite Podcast!
I've really enjoyed the most recent episodes I'm really loving the podcast!!
Edgar Jones
Very helpful!!
Great podcast and always a good sign! I really appreciate the research and time that goes into doing this show.
Charles Bator
Thank you for this show. Good to see Joni love on the itunes charts. I hope she's feeling better and that she'll make new episode soon!
Clyde Peck
Super Podcast!!
I never think this kind of podcast can make me happy with it's feature. Just I fell in love with this podcast.
Dan Hoyer
Highly recommend.
This is the only podcast I enjoy listening to. Thanks team.
Warren Gow
Great stuff!
This podcast rocks!
Jeff Mario
Fantastic podcast, great guests, interviews and content.
Edward Early
Lovely podcast!!
Keep up the great work and let it be running.....
Manuela Schmid
Best Podcast!!
Would highly recommend.
Cbhf zadv
Keep up the good work!!
I enjoy the show find the information helpful
Mary Click
This podcast rock
Very helpful … looking forward to future episodes.
Alyssa Larson
Love it!!
I highly impress for it's features. Espasaliy, I love it and I like this podcast.
Lester Baker
Great family podcast!
I would highly recommend this faith-based podcast to parents and marriages. Fantastic!
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