Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot
Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot
Luke Muehlhauser
Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot is an interfaith interview show, featuring experts from all religions and worldviews, but focusing on the divide between Christianity and atheism.
090: Toby Ord - Dealing with Moral Uncertainty
What do you do if you don't know which moral theory is correct?
Dec 18, 2011
41 min
089: John Shook – Dewey, Quine, and Some Varieties of Naturalism
John and I discuss a variety of naturalistic perspectives.
Sep 14, 2011
1 hr 19 min
088: Eliezer Yudkowsky - Becoming a Rationalist
Eliezer explains his journey from traditional rationality to BayesCraft.
Feb 6, 2011
1 hr 6 min
087: Nick Beckstead - Morality and Global Catastrophic Risks
Nick Beckstead explains the moral issues involved in catastrophic risks.
Jan 30, 2011
47 min
086: Peter Rollins - The Role of Atheism in Christianity
Peter Rollins explains the role of doubt and disbelief in Christian practice.
Jan 23, 2011
1 hr 6 min
085: Marcel Brass - The Neuroscience of Free Will
Marcel Brass explains some of the latest research on intentional action on free will.
Jan 16, 2011
51 min
084: Eddie Tabash - Engaging Religion in Politics and Debate
Eddie Tabash explains the importance of engaging religion in politics and debate.
Jan 9, 2011
26 min
083: Richard Carrier - Historical Method and Jesus of Nazareth
Richard Carrier explains how to do history correctly, and the implications of these methods for our understanding of Jesus.
Jan 2, 2011
1 hr 7 min
082: Eric Schwitzgebel - The Unreliability of Naive Introspection
We are not so good at perceiving our own internal states.
Dec 12, 2010
1 hr 18 min
081: Neil Sinhababu - The Humean Theory of Motivation
Sinhababu defends a Humean theory of motivation.
Dec 5, 2010
59 min
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