The Ryback Show
The Ryback Show
Ryback Reeves
Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 88: The Greatest Royal Rumble Botch
2 hour 21 minutes Posted Apr 29, 2018 at 7:52 pm.
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Show notes
Ryback in Canada. Throwback Goldust. Asian Joe still has Car Trouble. Ace Brings the goods. Ryback headed down under. The Titus Botch. You gotta know when to get out. Being put through the ringer. Backstage shoots that never saw the time of day. Little Guy get off of that! Interesting Jim Ross comments. ASIAN DRIVING JOE IN STUDIO! Sending Phoenix a text. Ryback’s mic explodes. The things you can do in Vegas. The girls are there to make money. Amazon update. Harder Big Daddy Harder. Bill

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