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Cutting Out the Insurance Cartel and Going Straight to Care Ep 132
45 minutes Posted Jul 28, 2017 at 12:49 am.
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Where is the Uber and Amazon of medical care?

Well, on this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we are joined by Dr. Kevin Smith, co-founder of the Oklahoma Surgery Center, the closest thing to Uber within the medical profession.  In a very engaging and wide ranging discussion, the type of health care discussion we are missing in Washington, Dr. Smith shares his secret to reducing costs and improving quality of care.  By cutting out the administrative costs, the burdens, and regulations of the price-fixing insurance cartel and government programs, he has been able to reduce the cost of surgeries to as little as 10-50% of the entire cost of services elsewhere. 

The free market, cutting out the middle man, and circumventing government intervention have a funny way of bringing down costs and spurring innovation.  Dr. Smith offers top-notch medical care at below the charge of the universally repudiated Medicaid reimbursement rate.  Debunking the lies of the insurance/hospital cartel about the impossibility of presenting readable medical prices to the consumer, Dr. Smith has revolutionized price transparency in the medical profession.  And his prices are the same as they were 9 years ago…yet his business is thriving and patients are loving it.  He’s also leading a movement to help others in the profession replicate his model and foster competition.  Who loses?  The cartel and big government folks. 

Dr. Smith also breaks down the hospital-cartel scam and how they use preferential treatment from government to rip off the consumer, stifle competition and innovation, and run-up the cost of taxpayer-funded programs. 

If every health care provider operated like the Oklahoma Surgery Center and all health insurance operated like health sharing ministries, we would solve the health care problem in America overnight, end the debt crisis, and rediscover a new generation of innovation and life-saving care.    


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