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Conservative News Briefs
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The news Americans need to hear from a conservative perspective, delivered in bite-sized portions rather than drawn out over extended periods of time. Hosts JD and Tammy Rucker take stories of all shapes and sizes from important national news ripped from front page headlines to small yet important stories that right-leaning Americans need to hear.
If lockdowns work against COVID-19, why is Sweden winning and everyone else is losing?
Sweden has leveled off almost completely while the rest of the world has had second and third COVID-19 spikes. Now, their death rates are lower than ever.
Sep 21
12 min
#BlueLivesMatter hashtag following LA ambush gets desecrated by radical leftists
It's bad enough that two cops got shot in the head in Los Angeles. To make matters worse, Black Lives Matter "activists" decided to try to storm their hospital, then went on social media to proclaim they hoped the victims would die.
Sep 13
9 min
Will law enforcement stop Daniel Prude riots before they swell up?
Police and politicians let the George Floyd and Jacob Blake riots get out of hand. Will they learn their lesson and stop the coming Daniel Prude riots before they turn violent?
Sep 3
15 min
Kamala Harris on BLM riots: 'They're not going to let up, and they should not'
The Democrats' vice presidential nominee fully supports Black Lives Matter riots and warns that they will last beyond the election.
Aug 28
41 min
No, terrorism in Kenosha is NOT justified by police shooting of Jacob Blake
When are riots acceptable? Almost never. They weren't justified following George Floyd's death and they're not justified now.
Aug 24
18 min
Netflix 'Cuties' is fodder for child sexual predators
A movie about 11-year-old girls finding their femininity by "twerking" is just the latest reason to cancel Netflix immediately.
Aug 20
15 min
AOC nominates Bernie at DNC
As I've long said, the radical left does NOT want Joe Biden to win.
Aug 18
5 min
New COVID-19 data from Sweden shows why the left stopped talking about it
The Swedish model worked, though they made one major mistake. It's not too late to do it here with the flaw in their system fixed.
Aug 17
16 min
Insanity: 9/11 'Tribute in Light' canceled to protect crew from coronavirus
New York City has its priorities so skewed, the entire city is operating from a state of lunacy.
Aug 14
14 min
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