Conservative Minds
Conservative Minds
Corey Astill and Kyle Sammin
Welcome to Conservative Minds – a podcast dedicated to examining conservative intellectual history to determine the core values of American conservatism. What does it mean to call yourself a conservative? What did it mean in prior times and how did we get where we are today? We explore these questions and more by turning to conservative political thinkers from the past and present. Each episode we select readings and conduct a discussion to share with you our investigation.
Episode 67: 2020 Election Special
Election 2020 crashes through Conservative Minds! Every other podcast has something to say, we may as well give our two cents. We used a few articles to guide our discussion: Ron Brownstein, "Democrats' 2024 Problem is Already Clear" Noah Rothman, "The Problem with a 'Working-Class GOP'" Los Angeles Times, Editorial, "We Turned Over Our Letters Page to Trump Readers"
Nov 22
40 min
Episode 66: David Goodhart - The Road to Somewhere
Special Guest - Avi Woolf, writer and Twitter influencer, joins our discussion. Goodhart sees Britain divided between two principal political groups: the educated and geographically mobile 'Anywheres', and the working class with strong attachments to local places and people that he calls 'Somewheres'. We find many parallels with the cultural divide in the United States.
Nov 15
42 min
Episode 65: Kevin Vallier - Trust in a Polarized Age
Special Guest - Kevin Vallier joins us to discuss his book Trust in a Polarized Age Vallier argues that there is a close relationship between partisan divergence and trust. He explains the interaction between societal and political trust. He believes falling trust and increasing partisan divergence are mutually reinforcing Visit Kevin's website Read his blog
Nov 8
45 min
Episode 64: Nicholas Lemann - The Republican Identity Crisis After Trump
In a recent New Yorker article, journalist Nicholas Lemann explores the future of the Republican Party after Trump. We discuss the scenarios he puts forth and offer some of our own guesses.
Nov 1
41 min
Episode 63: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels - Communist Manifesto
Reading the Left from a conservative perspective series Marx and Engels see the world as a story of class struggle. Oppressor and oppressed facing off in constant opposition. During the industrial revolution, the authors identify the bourgeoisie as the oppressor who exploits the proletariat. The authors declare communism the solution, including the abolition of private property and the centralization of industry and finance.
Oct 18
44 min
Episode 62: Rachel Bovard & Jim DeMint - Conservative: Knowing What to Keep
Special Guest - Rachel Bovard joins us to discuss her book Conservative: Knowing What to Keep She describes with her coauthor, former Senator Jim DeMint, how to apply long-standing conservative principles to our contemporary era. Rachel has operated in the vanguard of the conservative movement for the past decade. We discuss the state of conservatism, how it might be evolving, and how the Republican Party may need to adapt.
Oct 10
42 min
Episode 61: Kyle Sammin - Kamala Harris Nod Tells Blue-Collar Workers Democrats Are Done With Them
Contrary to conventional expectations, political parties do not remain static. In his recent Federalist article, Kyle explored what the choice of Kamala Harris means for the future Democratic coalition. He wrote another article about Trump's growing Hispanic support. We discuss what the Democratic and Republican parties might look like in the coming years.
Oct 4
45 min
Episode 60: Charles Cooke - Conservatarian Manifesto
Cooke describes his political philosophy that combines elements of conservatism and libertarianism. We also discuss the differences between these two temperaments. What do libertarians believe? Why does it seem like libertarians used to be Republican but have now shifted into the Democratic coalition?
Sep 13
43 min
Episode 59: Ross Douthat - Decadent Society
Douthat argues that Western civilization finds itself on a treadmill. The speed of growth and innovation has slowed. Fresh discoveries and new worlds seem out of reach. And we find ourselves aging, comfortable and stuck, cut off from the past and no longer optimistic about the future.
Aug 23
43 min
Episode 58: Frank Meyer - Conservative Mainstream
Meyer pioneered the the idea of combining the traditionalist and libertarian strains of conservatism into one unified theory that later became known as "fusionism." For Meyer, a conservative is someone who believes in objective morality, an elevated individual, limited government, and the Constitution of the United States as originally conceived.
Aug 9
41 min
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