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Welcome to the Connexus Church audio podcast. Whether church has been part of your life or not, these 40 minute messages can help you grow in your relationship with God. Our vision at Connexus is to create a church that unchurched people love to attend. See for more.
The Real Meaning Of Palm Sunday - Joseph Swan
When you experience something that changes everything, you can’t help but share it. As Jesus journeyed toward the cross and the tomb, different people along the way were invited to come and see. As his journey progressed, it became less clear what God was doing in the moment, but more clear to us today–clear that the invitation to come and see isn’t just a physical one, it’s a spiritual one. It’s an invitation of forgiveness, hope, and freedom. It wasn’t just news for a moment, but good news for all humanity. Good news for you, and it’s definitely worth sharing - and it all began with a donkey. Come on the journey as Joseph Swan unpacks the story behind Palm Sunday and listen as he shares part of his own story. Joseph's full story can be found in his recently published book, 'You Are Never Alone" -
Mar 18
34 min
Discovering Good In The Midst Of Your Trials - Vijay Krishnan
Inevitably, life presents us with pain and suffering. Yet, the hope found in Jesus serves as a steadfast reminder that goodness persists even in the midst of our trials. By directing our focus toward the profound significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can mold our perspective amidst adversity. His resurrection embodies transformative power, showcasing triumph over evil and the transformation of shame into glory. It is crucial to anchor our thoughts on the enduring nature of God’s love and the assurance that death does not have the final say.
Mar 10
33 min
Friendships In Hard Times - Vijay Krishnan
None of us are immune to trials, suffering, and pain, but the real question is whether we will allow these things to shape us and reveal something more valuable that lies below. When we learn how to better face hardships, it can make our relationships stronger. The story of Job highlights the importance of empathetic friends and encourages us to find a supportive community to go through tough times together. Reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice should inspire in us a desire to be a selfless friend providing love, grace, forgiveness, and freedom.
Mar 3
32 min
Navigating Through Pain And Suffering - Vijay Krishnan
Pain is an undeniable aspect of the human experience. Regardless of how carefully we navigate our lives, we are all bound to encounter moments of pain and suffering. As individuals of faith grappling with faith poses unique challenges. When confronted with the harsh realities of pain and suffering our faith can waiver. Looking at the story of Jesus we can find hope that we aren’t going through this alone.
Feb 18
42 min
Facing Giants - Deniel Sewell
You’ve probably heard many people reference the biblical story of David and Goliath. In many ways, it’s the ultimate underdog story—a classic example of the common situation where the small, inexperienced upstart strives to overcome the strong, seasoned champion. What does this story teach us about trusting God in the midst of our own challenges in life?
Feb 11
35 min
Solitude on Purpose - Jeff Brodie
We’ve never been more connected, and yet we’ve never been more lonely. At the same time, when we are alone, we struggle to disconnect in a healthy way. Our phones, our screens, and the demands on our life have changed us—you might argue they’ve made our souls feel barren. We struggle to be present with ourselves, let alone with God. In this message, we look at how Jesus modelled the power of silence and solitude to feed his soul. Much of the content of this message can be found in John Mark Comer's book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. We highly recommend this book.
Feb 4
32 min
Discovering God's Solution For Loneliness - Carey Nieuwhof
In the last decade, online relationships have exploded, and so have loneliness, depression, and suicide. AI is going to take that to a whole new level, making probable what few of us even dreamed possible a year ago.  It’s understandable why people want to escape the pain of real-life relationships and find someone ‘better’ online, but that appears to be (literally) killing us. People may be the deepest problem in life we all would love to escape from, but people are God’s deepest solution to loneliness. 
Jan 21
40 min
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