Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights
Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights
Making the Business Case for Rural 5G
23 minutes Posted Jun 25, 2019 at 10:54 am.
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A Cisco-led effort is proving 5G's potential to create value in even the most remote places. Many rural locations are abundant in resources and creative drive. Yet a lack of connectivity holds them back. An initiative called 5G RuralFirstis trying to change all that. Spearheaded by Cisco and principal partner the University of Strathclyde, it's showcasing 5G's ability to connect the unconnected and spur growth in even the most remote places - and everything from salmon farms and renewable energy in northern Scotland's Orkney Islands to farms in the southern UK are reaping the benefits. In this podcast, Connected Futures executive editor Kevin Delaney speaks with some of the key players in the 5G RuralFirst consortium - about their successes, challenges, and best practices for leveraging 5G's superior speed, bandwidth, and range. Featuring: Nick Chrissos, head of innovation technology, Cisco UK and Ireland Shona Croy, strategic advisor for renewables and connectivity, Orkney Islands Council. Greig Paul, lead mobile networks and security engineer, University of Strathclyde Stephen Speirs, Cisco data center and cloud services advanced services product management Greg Whitton, managing director, CloudNet IT services