Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights
Connected Futures: A Cisco podcast exploring business innovation insights
The Connected Futures podcast program explores business trends, technology innovations, and best practices fueling an increasingly digitized landscape. As an extension of the digital magazine, Connected Futures, the series features conversations with industry experts, marketplace analysts, and business-minded thought leaders from around the world. Discussions reveal key strategies and insights focused on the potential value of a digital economy and how organizations can evolve to capitalize on these benefits.
Transforming the public sector, from cities to farms
Public sector innovations are powering a more inclusive future, from inner cities to rural farms. And Cisco's Marcus Moffett is helping to make it happen. In a free-ranging discussion with Kevin Delaney, senior writer for Cisco's Strategy and Storytelling team, Moffett shares his vision for continuing innovation in the public sector - along with concrete solutions to its biggest challenges.
Mar 2, 2020
30 min
The promise of AI
For Joseph Bradley, artificial intelligence has the potential to support an Inclusive Future, in which opportunity, education, and equality touch even the most disadvantaged people on the planet. In a free-ranging interview with Kevin Delaney - senior writer for Cisco's strategy and Storytelling team - Bradley shares concrete advice for business leaders and society as a whole. To ensure that we successfully navigate the profound changes that the next wave of technology change will bring.
Jan 31, 2020
40 min
Meeting the security threats of 2020
Cisco's Bret Hartman shares key strategies for thwarting cyberthreats in the coming year In a free-ranging podcast interview with Kevin Delaney - senior writer for Cisco's Strategy and Storytelling team - Bret shares some of his warnings, predictions, and, above all, best practices for cybersecurity in 2020. Along with insights into the innovative products and solutions in Cisco's portfolio.
Dec 18, 2019
38 min
The Wireless World of Industry 4.0
Manufacturing has made astonishing progress in recent decades. But there are even greater changes to come, as the Internet itself undergoes its next level of transformation. 5g and WiFi 6 will be a big part of this, by fully enabling data-intensive manufacturing solutions like AI, virtual reality, advanced robotics, and predictive maintenance. The end result? Factories (and products!) that will be cleaner, safer, and more productive than ever before.
Oct 30, 2019
22 min
A Wireless Revolution for the Smartest Cities
The next wave of urban transformation will incorporate technologies like AI, robotics, and advanced video analytics in exciting new ways. But such data-intensive solutions demand a new dimension in wireless connectivity. In this podcast, Cisco's Kevin Delaney explores what the experts are saying about the promise of 5G and WiFi 6 to meet the those demands. While helping to create cities that are cleaner, safer, and a whole lot smarter.
Sep 24, 2019
23 min
Making the Business Case for Rural 5G
In this podcast, Connected Futures executive editor Kevin Delaney speaks with some of the key players in the 5G RuralFirst consortium. Featuring: Nick Chrissos Shona Croy Greig Paul Stephen Speirs Greg Whitton
Jun 25, 2019
23 min
Cracking the Digital Transformation Code
Author James Macaulay shares winning strategies for executing business transformation We all talk about being agile, adaptable, and comfortable with change. But in an age when disruption is relentless and the need for transformation seemingly perpetual, few organizations are managing change effectively. James Macaulay is coauthor of Orchestrating Transformation: How To Deliver Winning Performance with a Connected Approach to Change. And he has some key answers: As to how change itself is changing in the digital age, and how strategies for managing it are falling short. In this podcast, Connected Futures executive editor Kevin Delaney chats with James - who also leads Cisco's Customer Transformation Team - about how leaders can bring true harmony to digital business transformation.
Jun 4, 2019
43 min
Revolutionizing the Live Concert Experience
If you've have an unforgettable experience at a big concert or music festival this year, there's a pretty good chance that Matt Clair helped to make it happen. In this podcast Connected Futures executive editor Kevin Delaney chats with Matt Clair about his family's history of fast innovation - and their continuing quest to perfect the live music experience.
Apr 9, 2019
36 min
The Perfect Meeting: It's Not Just a Myth
In this podcast, Kevin Delaney, executive editor of Connected Futures, speaks with Steven Rogelberg, author of The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance. Rogelberg has some serious answers: as to why meetings are broken, and what business leaders can do to make them effective, inclusive, and, just maybe, fun.
Feb 27, 2019
29 min
Integrate, Prepare, and Measure: Thwarting Cyberattacks in 2019
Cisco's Chief Security Officer shares his top-of-mind concerns for the coming year. In this podcast, John Stewart speaks with Kevin Delaney, Connected Futures' executive editor. It's a free-ranging, year-end discussion about the complex technical, societal, and regulatory trends that business leaders will face in 2019. And what they can do to make cybersecurity part of a winning strategy for the whole organization.
Dec 19, 2018
25 min
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