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Confused Room | DIY, Home Design & Interior Design Tips
Confused Room
5 Laundry Room Design Layouts | DIY & Home Design Tips
45 minutes Posted Apr 30, 2018 at 2:00 am.
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I thought I was being sooooo smart! Really, I did!! Finally, I had a house with a dedicated laundry room! And, being that the laundry room was next to the garage entrance, I thought “what a great place to sneak in a mudroom too!” Great idea, if your laundry room is 12 feet by 12 feet. Not if your laundry room is 6 feet by 8 feet. And on top of that, I built the “mudroom” wall the week we moved into the house. That was a mistake. I figured out after living in our house for about 6 months that not only do we never park in the garage, because the weather is mild 95% of the time (so we never enter the house from the garage) the 6 foot by 8 foot laundry room becomes a battlefield every morning with two little girls and myself trying to get in there, put on shoes, grab bags, purses, etc. and get out the FRONT door (on the other side of the house) every morning. A space that I initially was very excited to have, quickly became a dreaded hole where everybody’s junk gets thrown at the end of the day. And did I forget to mention that it is a 1999 special, complete with golden oak cabinetry and ugly linoleum. Ugh! And laundry sucks to begin with; who wants to go into the cramped, cluttered space to do laundry, let alone stand in there and blissfully fold clothes (like I imagine women do when they have the laundry rooms ala Pinterest). This MUST change. So, I am working on a plan to make this 6 foot by 8 foot laundry room become just that A LAUNDRY ROOM, and only that. Plus, there is no way to expand this space (believe me, I investigated that). Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a perfect size for a laundry room, if that is its only purpose. So, the “mudroom” will soon be relocated to a more logical place in our house (which will be in an upcoming episode). Now the hard part begins, deciding what I want MY laundry room to look like and feel like. And what features do I want it to have, that it currently lacks. Since this will be a gut job, I can make it anything that I want, and that almost makes it harder for me to decide. Sometimes too many possibilities are more difficult for me than having to work with a certain item, or parameter. So, I got busy, and sketched several different laundry rooms, and I feel that they are all dreamy. I have narrowed down the options to 5 completely different laundry room styles, and I thought it would be fun to highlight the different styles and do an episode on what makes each style feel the way it does. This is essentially a series of recipes to capture the elements of 5 different design styles. I found one that makes my heart happy and cannot wait to have a more efficient space. Maybe one of these styles will speak to you and inspire you to make the dreaded task of washing socks and panties a little more bearable in a space that speaks to you.

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