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Kristina Zias and Raeann Langas
147. Glow Up with Gill: Your Guide to Affordable, Personalized Skincare
51 minutes Posted Oct 3, 2023 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Are you overwhelmed by all the skincare products out there, or even in your current lineup? Are you tempted to buy every viral product you see on TikTok? Same, so that’s why we invited Skin by Gill on the podcast to help us simplify our routines by identifying what’s really important and will work best for our unique skin types. Gill is a licensed esthetician and content creator, and helped Raeann simplify her routine with products that don’t cost more than $30. So, we knew we had to invite her on the podcast to share her tips and tricks!

This episode is full of really practical and helpful information about how to take care of your skin in the most effective, affordable ways. We talk about foods and lifestyle habits that influence your skin, how to use retinol, the most important steps in your skincare routine, what at-home devices are really worth the investment, how to repair a damaged skin barrier, clean beauty and so much more. Plus, Gill shares her favorite brands and products for every step of your routine. There's truly just so much amazing information in this episode so make sure to save this episode and share it with a friend!


“People tend to not think about sunscreen as an anti-aging product, maybe just a preventative, but if you don't have the sunscreen aspect, it's like your skin going into do not disturb mode.” - Gill Mils


What We Talk About:

  • Raeann’s ptosis surgery
  • What impacts your skin the most outside of skincare
  • Foods that are good for your skin
  • How to avoid hormonal breakouts with food cycling
  • The best products for anti aging 
  • Gill’s thoughts on Botox, filler and laser for people under 40
  • The correct way to use retinol
  • How to identify core clogging ingredients
  • Signs that you may have a damage barrier
  • Protecting your skin with sunscreen
  • The core 5 products for a daily skin routine
  • Natural skin care and clean beauty
  • What to look for in an esthetician
  • How often to get a facial
  • Benefits of gua sha & other at-home beauty devices
  • How to prepare your skin for cooler weather & protect against toxins


“Skincare obviously matters but it's not the number one thing that's going to impact your skin. Stress is so much more important than skincare is.” - Gill Mils


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