Composer Stories
Composer Stories
CS 026-Owain North
1 hour 5 minutes Posted Nov 6, 2020 at 9:00 am.
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Show notes

This weeks podcast our host, Guy Jones, talks to Owain North. He has years of experience in music production, engineering and studio building. He recently had a track placed on the Netflix TV film, 365 DNI/365 Days which has since hit well over 2 million listens on Spotify.

We talk about:

- the best way to set up your room for monitoring
-how much should you spend on monitoring?
-Importance of great headphones in home studios
-mic choice
-advantage of using preamps rather than plugin emulations
-Owain's favourite gear
-Owain's favourite plugins

Owain has a vast amount of knowledge on how to set up a room and has many years of experience both working with outboard and mixing in the box. He doesn't favour one or the other but simply embraces the advances in modern technology while recognising the advantages of outboard gear and real circuits driving into your recording software!

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