Commanderin' MTG Podcast
Commanderin' MTG Podcast
Commanderin' MTG Podcast
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Pretty solid
Shivam only episodes are a hard pass. Good content when both regulars are present to curb each others excesses. Only truly bad thing is how they disappear for a couple weeks with no episodes. Make a consistent schedule and stick to it, you guys are too talented for the mickey mouse half assed content release schedule.
This dead horse couldn’t come back
When I first heard the podcast, I was elated. Three co-hosts with opposing ideas of magic making a wonderful podcast with interesting show ideas and vibrant guests. After a while, Nate disappeared. The quality still remained with the introduction of shivam. Then, Sean left and the podcast fell from grace. Now, they’re rarely posting and the podcast is falling out of my listens. I sincerely hope that the podcast can get back on its high horse, but I’m a realist, not a dreamer
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Ghosts of a Bygone Age
I used to listen to the show weekly without fail when Nate and Sean were still on the show. I didn’t mind the addition of Shivam, I initially found his positive outlook endearing, until I realized that he constantly thrusts his opinions on his listeners as if they are facts. Not to mention that he doesn’t add anything to discussion due to his constant use of hyperbole. This is my main complaint with the show now. It’s just the hosts talking about how “dumb” certain effects or cards that exist in the game are while not actually approaching “issues in the community”. It’s all fluff and no substance. I think the lack of differing opinions is certainly a factor. Hopefully the addition of Olivia can resuscitate this dead horse.
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Fun and funny.
This cast is really good. I love their guests and the general tone of the podcast. People freaking out over them talking about Patreon etc need to calm down. There’s a fast forward button on your phone
Used to be interesting
Went from a commander show to virtue signaling woo fun stuff for my hobby
I enjoy the episodes that they have set designers on the show. The only issue is how they pronounce Patreon and Shivam saying Mana is super annoying. Good series though.
Love the cast of the ‘cast
Phil, Shivan and Sean work so well together. Their different approaches and styles come together in a deep appreciation for each other, the game, and all the different people who play it.
These guys deliver top quality tips on the EDH format. Let be the guests and the end game.
DM Todd
Love these guys
Great Podcast, and each host has unique tastes in how to play commander which I enjoy. I don't play commander much, but I enjoy their views very much!
Great Podcast!
If you like EDH/Commander this is a great podcast. Funny and casual and very informative.
Amazing show!
This is a great show, these guys are the best! The Command Zone gets most of the attention as a commander podcast, and they are great too, but Commanderin’ is way funnier and more diverse. The best episodes are the Enciclopedia Commandererica episodes. Keep up the great quality guys!
Excellent resource
This cast is wonderful. Great tips, spirit banter, and amazing hosts. Can’t ask for better.
They’ve lost their Luster
Ever since Nate departed the show, it has felt more like a chore to listen to. They’ve lost their luster & I'm tired of hearing them beg for donations so that yes, even YOU, can be part of their super special Facebook chat group! Oooh! Ahhh! ...Yeah right. No thanks.
Put this podcast on bread....
and it would be a delightful sandwich. It’s got humor, tips, insights, and tin-foil hat brews that will keep you wanting more. These guys are hilarious and knowledgeable, but don’t take themselves too seriously. 5.5 stars out of 5.
Solid cast. I enjoy the content most of the time.
Despite all the jokes about being the second best commander podcast, you are my favorite. Thanks for 100+ episodes of great content.
Star Wars awesomeness
Good as a Game of EDH
Show dynamic reminds me of a really good game of EDH. An inviting atmosphere with some friendly ribbing of each other. Highly recommend.
The second best commander themed podcast
This is the second best commander podcast.
Trevor Impersonater
I only play Commanderin' (not really)
I just got back into MTG recently after about a year due to work and such, but finally I made the time and needed to jump start myself. I've always loved EDH and after one search on iTunes found this show. Absolutely hysterical and always makes me laugh and full of extremely useful advice that doesn't even pertain exclusively to EDH! A lot of talk about older cards is also very nice as I started in RTR (and remain Azorius devoted to this day). I intend to become a playtest patron very soon. I recommend this cast to anyone even if you don't play Commander or are just getting into the format.
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Great Cast
If you are looking for a fun Podcast on Commander dont need to look any further than this one. Great humor and insite.
By far my favorite podcast to listen to. A great blend of insight, inspiration, and entertainment regarding the Commander format. You can tell the hosts care about the community. I look forward to hearing from them each week.
Angry MTG Player
Subscribe now.
This podcast is both incredibly entertaining and full of great info. The hosts have great chemistry and are just a delight. If you play or are interested in playing commander do yourself a favor and subscribe. This makes my commute to work an enjoyable experience.
Pure enjoyment
Well spoken , funny, informative, intelligent, and over all spectacular! You'll enjoy listening.
HellZone Grenade
Very Enjoyable. Very Informative.
Commanderin' has been one of my favorite MtG Commander podcast to listen to ever since I found them back in October of 2016. They cover a variety of topics and try to cover those topics from a variety of view points. With segments on Budget cards, Competative builds, and Specific deck themes (tokens, big mana, etc.) they have something for everyone. I really recommend this podcast to anyone interested in Commander. Whetheryou are just starting or have been playing for years, Commanderin' will have something for you.
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Informative and hilarious!
This is a great podcast for information on the Commander format for Magic the Gathering.
Excellent cast for EDH Mages
This podcast includes fun and intelligent discussion on Commander strategy and deck construction. This is a podcast I listen to every week. All the hosts love the game and have built a great community through this podcast. TOP NOTCH!
Bartimus Baconberger
Some of the best commander discussion
These guys are the best. Each host has their own personality and they play so s l off each other. They have also created an online community that is super supportive and fun. Keep this podcast going!
Ethereal Girl
Thoughtful discussion, enthusiastic hosts, and hilarious MtG song parodies (Ethereal Girl is a personal favorite). Very happy to listen to this each week.
Entertaining hosts and interesting takes on edh
Give it a listen.
Great show! Love getting deck ideas and great card suggestions.
Big Metal Mike
Sorry Jimmy and Josh
I do love The Command Zone, but Commanderin' is the best EDH podcast there is. It doesn't matter when this cast comes out, it will jump to my now playing. Sean, Phil, and Nate are funny and provide a good cross section of viewpoints on the best MTG format there is. I hope to get to play with these guys some day because it seems fun is always had (assuming you kill Nate first). This cast deserves to be on your list if you like EDH/Commander at all. Also, no idea how I hadn't left a review previously. Sorry guys!
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Awesome show. MIDI intro.
This show is like my Mishra EDH deck. Hilarious and full of jank.
Best Commander podcast, hands down
I've been through quite a few MtG podcasts, but typically (IMO) they are either Standard/Modern focused or have boring discussion. Commanderin' is the first podcast that I enjoy from start to finish, every episode. Great discussion, genuinely funny hosts (which is rare) and it's about the best format in Magic!
Awesome edh content
Hello guys, Just able to write this review as i am always looking forward to your episodes, awesome content always on each of your episodes. Keep up the great content, cheers
Informative and hilarious!
These chaps are amazing! Best Commander podcast their is.
Growin on me
I have just recently found this cast from Commander's Brew and it is growing on me fast. Love the content and the just fun that the cast have on the show.
Great commander content
These guys are great!! They put out excellent conversation and cover topics rally well. I learn from their suggested strategies and cards while being entertained with some great banter.
King horatio
Among the best
The guys at Commanderin are among the best of the Commander podcasts providing great content and banter on par with the Command Zone and Commander's Brew!
Scott Ellison
Best Commander Podcast
Consistently positive and funny, and never condescending. They have fun with the format, and still get excited about new commanders (even when they aren't "the best") and thats refreshing. Keep up the great work!
Good fun.
A fun show to listen to and hear new ideas about Commander.
Awesome, funny, relevant
Love this podcast! Cast is hilarious and brings great content about EDH! Also have a friend I want to give a Commander too!!!
Great Podcast!
Love you guys. Its great stuff. As a magic loving Texan, I love the southernisms.
Your podcast and the release of Commander 2016 got me back into the format!
Awesome commander content!!
There aren't many commander podcasts that I listen to, but this one is at the top of that list!! I listen in every week for some of the funniest banter this side of iTunes! 10/10 would listen again!
Love the show.
I'm a big fan. I highly recommend this show to all of my friends and family.
These guys are hilarious, absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. Their two part episode on diversity is especially awesome!
Rehan not of the abzan
Clean (mostly) and funny!
These guys love to make everyone laugh. They remind me a lot of click and clack the Tappert brothers. Worth every second of listening.
All star
This podcast has good content and continues to show that they care about viewers. They also make it entertaining by great guest and show that all styles of play are welcome.
Mtg gold!
These guys have a great podcast focused on the Commander format for Mtg. The mix of humor, info and guests has me looking forward to every new episode. Here's hoping they continue for years to come!
Great podcast
Not always accurate, but always entertaining
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