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Broadcasting since 2005 Comical Radio is series of shows hosted by Danny Lobell and Chris Iacono recorded out of New York, Denver, and L.A. The Comical Radio Network features exclusive interviews with the world's top stand-up comedians and celebrity guests, original programming, comedy news, and hilarious comedy sketches. Past guests have included. George Carlin, Kid Rock, Paul Giamatti, Henry Winkler, Chris Rock, Jackie Mason, Colin Quinn, Seth MacFarlane, and many more. Visit the website at
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Aug 12, 2013
1 min
EP-835-Paying For Breakfast
Today on the "needs to have a name asap show" Danny Lobell and Justy Dodge argue over the most important meal of the day. Kevin Allison of the RISK podcast drops by to talk about boot licking, cigarette eating, and rice queens. Author Keith Fenimore tells the crew how to make it in hollywood and comedian Mike Recine argues that he's not a dick. Throw Nick Noto aka "Big Muff" into the mix and we have a jam packed show. When you pack jam things get messy.
Oct 10, 2011
2 hr 21 min
EP-832-Larry King in the Studio!
Welcome back to another debatably Musical Monday, our intrepid hosts Danny and Esther are joined in the studio by comedian Peyton Clarkson, Larry King, and the world renown Benjy Susswein, comedian booker extroadinaire. We discuss the highs and lows of the club booking lifestyle and why Yeshiva University is such a hotbed for rising talent in the field. Danny offers Benjy a new stage name that he thinks will appeal to both the black and Jewish comedy communities, so keep a lookout for Abaramowitz Washington, a soon to be legend in his own time. Inexplicably, we have Larry King in the studio to discuss life, love, and the importance of the pre-nup. Larry attempts to compliment Danny, which he swiftly undercuts, corrects the legend, and then recieves wise words of advice from America's greatest interviewer. Larry talks about his several broadcasting horror stories. Rock Hudson's widow comes to mind as one of those "Oh my God. It's only been four minutes and we have an hour to fill" interviews. Esther Ku tries to woo our special guest with her song "Hey, Larry King". Amongst all of the Larry King marriage proposal songs this has to be the almost best. To end the day Larry says what everyone was thinking when he stated "You guys are weird." All said and done a great show and a special thanks again to Mr. King for doing it.
Oct 6, 2011
1 hr 23 min
EP-831-CR Classic-This May Be Offensive
Today on the show Danny Lobell is joined by former guests Janine Brito and Peyton Clarkson as special co- hosts. Chris Iacono had his testicle sized tonstacles removed, so he couldn't be present for the show. Illustrator Avery Monsen and Comedian Ian Edwards drop by for a thought provoking show. Danny let's the audience know they are welcome in his house unless they are english,indian, ethiopian, german, brazilian, or any other ethnicity Danny has ever encountered. Avery talks about the verbally abusive woman who actually helped his work out. We put Peyton Clarkson's southern liberalism to the test as he is surrounded by people of different races, religions, and sexual orientations. All this and such questions such as: why can't funeral's be fun?, what happened to the good chicken? , and most importantly who really wrote "Nacho Libre"? Tune into find out . Same "Comical Radio" time and hopefully the same location.
Sep 25, 2011
2 hr 14 min
EP-830-Merry Melodies and Musical Mondays
Today on the show Danny Lobell and Esther Ku bring you the debut of "Ku and the Jew". On this debut episode we find out shocking secrets such as :Esther's laughing cost her a job at a pen company and that people don't like Danny when they first meet him. Aviv Cohen of the one man band "The Widest Smiling Faces" swings by to perform and debate the necessity of the word "The". Comedian Kevin Bartini informs the crew about the effort to rename a street for former guest and comedy icon George Carlin. All this and Brian Gari: author, song writer, performer, and maybe most importantly the grandson of the guy who came up with the "Looney Tunes" theme visits the show. Don't miss this mostly musical monday show that is "Ku and the Jew".
Sep 25, 2011
1 hr 48 min
EP-829-CR Classic-Moustaches Motivation and Mongoloids
Still reeling from their recent eviction, Danny, Chris, and comedian Jamie Lee start the show with a lively discussion of Haunted Houses, wherein we learn the French versions are just hotbeds for molestation, and a veritable round table on Chris' new facial hair and whether he more closely resembles Mario, Luigi, or a Jewish Doctor.  Thanks to Danny's tireless preparation, we learn Chris has recently switched to whole wheat pizza, is pining for a red panda, and has taken up listening to Tim [Tony] Robbins, all of which he considers a ridiculous betrayal of the man he used to be.  This does, however, lead to a gripping preview of Danny's yet-to-be released inspirational tapes, touted as the "Tae Bo of motivational speaking".  The arrival of writer/actor John Lutz turns conversation to the worst show's the group has performed in, including a nerdogram at a retirement party, an Indian "homecoming", a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser in a Chinese restaurant, and a benefit at a trapeze school in Brooklyn.  Comedian Mike Lawrence joins the group for a dissection of Hollywood's aging A-list, and the impossibility of Carlos Mencia redeeming himself.  Finally, comic Josh Accardo arrives to discuss Genevieve's tits, which can be seen in the much anticipated release of her short film, Retardian Angel, possibly the greatest premise for a film since Mall Cop.  Josh attempts to promote his own movie but finds it somewhat overshadowed by the implausible brilliance of a deceased Mongoloid turned guardian angel.
Sep 19, 2011
1 hr 46 min
EP-827-Monday Show-Junkies Love Puppies
Live from his apartment Today Danny goes solo while we welcome back comedian Harry Terjanian in the first episode back from being kicked out of Time Square. They turned the old studio into a haunted house so at-least it was for a reason..Danny Lobell asks the hard hitting questions like why can dogs pee every where and how can I pee through them? It's a hard hitting episode where Harry and Danny get to know each other better by talking about how strict each others parents are . Who won in this battle of the comedians? Well let's just say the winner is the first ever 12 year old jewish Santa Claus. This and the startling revelation that dogs are fun to own. Also the N word might have came up like 10 times.
Sep 15, 2011
1 hr 32 min
EP 825-CR Classic-The Pie Made Me Gay
Chris is in a good mood because he’s looking forward to the apocalypse that is Hurricane Irene, scheduled to hit us this weekend. Dave Willis, creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies, calls in. He discusses his inspiration for Aqua Teen and the fact that it is nightmarishly hot in Atlanta. He does the Meatwad voice for us and Chris asks how much time he spends doing drugs. Nore Davis talks about his YouTube videos in which he reviews movies and tells you whether to see the movie in theatres or buy the bootleg. He says the movie Conan is not even worth the five-dollar bootleg. He and the guys exchange “yo momma” jokes. Today’s musical guest is Mick Lewis & The Fine Print. Mick Lewis has brought in homemade pie for us. His band serenades us with some songs and has everyone in the studio join in for the last one. Tune in to this episode of Comical Radio Classic for the banter and music!
Aug 26, 2011
2 hr 12 min
EP 823- Comical Radio- Wrestlers & Vrgins: Angel Castillo
Today, Chris and Warren are joined by Angel Castillo. They discuss flesh lights and the fact that Angel used to be a professional wrestler. Chris calls Alex the “brilliantly awkward 24 year old virgin”. Alex blames his lack of sex life on 18 years of Catholic guilt. Warren tells the tale of his first hand job. Amy Winehouse’s toxicology revealed that there were no illegal drugs in her system at the time of her death. Angel thinks there were so many illegal drugs in her system that they somehow cancelled each other out. Exciting news! Turns out that some forms of ecstasy may help cure some types of cancer. Tune in to hear what other topics the gang discusses on this episode of Live from Grandma’s Basement!
Aug 24, 2011
1 hr 13 min
EP 821- Comical Radio Modays- Live From Oklahoma
Chris, Danny and James Goff are doing a show at a college in Oklahoma. Join them as they describe their experience on the road in this special edition of Comical Radio!
Aug 22, 2011
39 min
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