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Episode #108: Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba
Our guest this Episode is Bronx born American punk rock singer and radio personality, best known as the lead singer of New York City-based band the Dictators, Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba!!! Enjoy!
Nov 11
2 hr
Episode #107: Mick Rock
Our guest this Episode is none other than Legendary photographer Mick Rock! Mick returns for yet another Episode, he called us and wanted to hang out again, we couldn't say no! enjoy!
Nov 4
1 hr 6 min
Episode #106: Michael Alago
Our guest this Episode is in a league of his own, former Record label executive, photographer, and now author, the great Michael Alago!!! We were honored to sit down with him for a fascinating conversation about his uncanny passion for music, art, and literature, his impact on the music industry, growing up in NYC, Max's Kansas City days, working at the Ritz and of course his extraordinary work with Metallica, White Zombie, John Lydon, Cyndi Lauper, and Nina Simone. His new book "I Am Michael Alago" and the documentary about his life "Who the Fuck Is That Guy?" are both available on Amazon, we highly recommend both! Enjoy
Oct 21
1 hr 32 min
Episode #105: Mark Normand
Our guest this Episode is New Orleans born and raised comedian; Mark Normand! He's known for his “relentlessly punchy writing and expert delivery” that has made him an internationally known touring comedian. His new comedy special "Out To Lunch" is available for free on Youtube. We chat with him about his Comedy roots, the move to NYC, life on the road, cancel culture, and where we're all heading in these crazy time, special shout out to Wil Sylvince for dropping by and sitting in. Enjoy!!!
Oct 14
1 hr 19 min
Episode #104: Citizen Cope
Our guest this Episode is an American songwriter, producer and performer Clarence Greenwood aka the great Citizen Cope!!! We're high from this conversation, A natural one because weed is still cancelled. We went deep Cope blew our minds about a couple things I think the music community in general needs to start thinking about. We'll be meditating on it for awhile. Enjoy!!!
Oct 7
2 hr 19 min
Episode #103: Lynn Goldsmith
Our guest this Episode is self-taught artist and entrepreneurial, American recording artist, film director, and a photographer extraordinaire, Lynn Goldsmith!!!!! Her wide range of talents, skills and achievements are based in her constant creativity, risk taking, and innovation! We had the true honor of sitting down with her last night as she blew our minds on the podcast. 3 and 1/2 hours later we solved the riddle of life. Everything is everything. Or something like that... don’t miss this one!! Uniquely inspiring trailblazer! Enjoy!
Sep 30
3 hr 20 min
Episode #102: Drew Stone (New York Hardcore Chronicles)
Our guest this Episode is the American film director, producer, editor and musician, Drew Stone! His works include music videos, commercials, documentary films and television. He founded the New York City-based film production company Stone Films NYC, we do a deep dive into his last two projects that include the New York Hardcore Chronicles and his documentary about Michael Alago, as well as his upcoming project Jews and the Blues. He played an active role in the early stages of the American musical movement known as hardcore punk. He was the co-founder and lead singer of the hardcore bands The Mighty C.O.’s of Boston, Massachusetts and The High & The Mighty of New York and since 1984 he's been the front man for New York City’s Antidote. Enjoy!
Sep 23
1 hr 51 min
Episode #101: Darryl "DMC" McDaniels
Our guest this episode is American musician, rapper, founding member of the hip hop group Run-D.M.C. and is considered one of the pioneers of hip hop culture, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels!!!!!! Do we need to even say more? We sit down and do a deep dive into his early years growing up in Hollis Queens, his love of comic books, rapping in his basement, starting off as "Easy D", the RUN-D.M.C days, depression and suicide, redemption and salvation, Sarah McLachlan, discovering he was adopted and starting his own Comic book going full circle as a superhero himself!!! Enjoy!
Sep 16
2 hr 4 min
Episode #100: Mick Rock
We were gifted to be able to become a seedling of alien inspiration this afternoon with the lovely & legendary Photographer a Mick Rock. It was our 100th episode and it felt like a visitation from all the spirits who Mick has captured and presented to our collective conscious’s vision of rock n roll, glamour, excess and spiritual transcendence. We covered all those bases and more, Sliding down the slippery slope of Micks psychedelic visions. From his beginning capturing The Godfather of dancing with the dangerous spirits of transcendent art, Syd Barrett , through Bowie, Lou and a kaleidoscope of others. Deep through the aqueducts of yoga which literally breathed its life into what became his vision of rock n roll. Third eyes open and spinning. Lou saying hello. Mick welcoming us into his home. Life can be hard but some days gratitude comes easy. Thanks Mick. You are easy to love.
Sep 6
2 hr 20 min
Episode #99: Cipha Sounds
Our guest this Episode is American DJ, Radio host, TV personality, former A&R man for Roc Nation and Comedian, Cipha Sounds!!! We let loose and dive into all things Dave Chapelle, inc. his Summercamp shows in Ohio, we talk music, comedy, the days of Hot 97 and late-night DJ spots! We discuss language, quarantine, NYC and even some Malcolm X. an honor to have Cipha who radiates personality and a driving force to every project he gets behind as he carves his own distinct voice all over music and comedy for the past 15 years! Enjoy
Aug 28
1 hr 36 min
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