Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Best of Series Angela Davison The Horse Herbalist
1 hour 18 minutes Posted Apr 10, 2020 at 7:01 am.
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Angela Davison is The Horse Herbalist, she has spent her life and career with horses in many different ways. Starting out in showjumping in her native country of England, she came to Australia to visit her Dad and decided to make a life here.
Angela was one of the first licensed female jockeys in Australia. Now her story up until this point would make an excellent episode in itself. However, it gets even more interesting when she decided, after seeing so many horses who were not able to be helped by modern medical methods, when she herself was always back on the horse quite fast from her chiropractic treatments and the herbal remedies that her chiropractor gave her, to go on and study herbalism and body work for both humans and horses.
This led her to a career of giving back to horses in quite a fascinating way. Angela took 7 years to develop a technique she calls hair testing. This is not taking hair and putting it into a machine and getting a report back. This is about connection with the horse on a deep level to find the cause of the symptom. In herbalism Angela learned how to treat the whole being instead of just the symptom so she developed this method to give her this edge and be able to get real results faster than she could without them. There was no need to do hundreds of dollars worth of tests to try and find the problem, she created a method to get right to the source.
It might all sound a bit hard to believe, but after 20 years of results and thousands of cases of success under her belt, Angela is definitely the real deal. As a Horse Herbalist Angela has treated top performance horses including the partnership she sponsors Shannan Goodwin and her horse Astro who are competing in dressage at Grand prix level.
This episode is full of great information for how we can all understand our horses a bit better and see them as whole beings. But the best part, for me, was hearing all of the stories of horses that she helped along the way. She tells such great stories of the results she has gained for horses all over the world from all disciplines and breeds.
You can find more information on Angela and her hair testing and products at her website. And you can follow her on her Facebook page.