Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Shawna Karrasch Terranova Training Center
59 minutes Posted May 7, 2019 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes
In this episode I speak with Shawna Karrasch from the Terranova Training Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I know I say this a lot, but you really are going to love this one!
Shawna has an energy and zest for life that is infectious. She also shares with us the story of how she was one of first people in the world to use positive reinforcement training with horses. And of course she got to start right at the top with international show jumpers! She also got offered to spend time with Tom Dorrance, one of the creators of the natural horsemanship movement. She could literally have changed his world and the natural horsemanship movement, but I'll let her tell you that story herself.
It would be easy to think that Shawna might have a bit of ego at play with all of her years of extraordinary experience, but of course, she is true to this training movement and like all of the other trainers I have interviewed, she is great because of her lack of ego. She is on a mission, just as I am, to change the face of horsemanship the world over so this is yet another conversation of kindred spirits building the energy and education to bring consciousness to the horse world.
To connect with Shawna, listen to her podcast or ask her questions please follow the links. Terranova Training Centre website, On-Target-Training website, or follow Shawna on Facebook Ask Shawna On-Target-Training,