Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Dr Lena Clifford Animal Biomechanical Solutions
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Nov 6, 2018 at 7:00 am.
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Show notes
In this episode I speak with Dr Lena Clifford from Animal Biomechanical Solutions. Lena studied veterinary science in her homeland of Germany, doing a doctorate there before coming to Australia to be with her now husband Darrell who is an extraordinary horse person in his own right.
You will hear how Lena felt the vet world taught her scientific skills but there were holes to be filled, she found a teacher and mentor in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM and her world changed forever.
Lena will get you thinking, if you haven't already, about why you rug your horse, at what age you might like to think of starting your horse under saddle based on science, how much support foals needs once it is born and so many other interesting topics.
This is a insightful conversation and I'm so glad I can share it with you.
To connect with Lena you can go to her website or Facebook. You can also go to the blog on my website to see photos of Lena with her horses.