Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Dr Tauri Simone Aboriginal Stockwomen; Their Legacy in the Australian Pastoral Industry
1 hour 6 minutes Posted Oct 2, 2018 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes
This interview is with Dr Tauri Simone an Aboriginal woman who has spent years writing a thesis on Aboriginal Stockwomen; Their Legacy in the Australian Pastoral Industry. Tauri is not only an incredibly well-educated woman, she is also a stockwoman, who lives in the outback of western Australia on a property that is 1.3 million acres. She musters cattle, no longer on horseback, but she used to. She lives a privileged life compared to the women she writes about.
In this interview you will hear how it is for a stockwoman now and how it was for those who came before her. It’s a fascinating story for any horse lover to hear how these women trained and rode horses to round up cattle and jump off their horses and spear tackle cattle!
Taurie is a brave woman choosing to tell this story, her legacy is that she is telling the story as something for aboriginal people to be proud of. She leaves out most of the atrocities as the trauma does not need to be opened again, but the story of these unbelievably resilient and capable women, must live on.
I believe, this is the type of story that we need to keep telling to begin the healing of colonialism and to move forward as one people.
To read Dr Tauri Simone's full paper you can go to this link and download the pdf and have a good read. please have a read, let's all keep these stories that matter circulating so they can't be lost.
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