Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Gary Wells Emmett 4 Animals
43 minutes Posted Jul 3, 2018 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes
In todays show I speak with Gary Wells an Emmet Therapist for horses and humans. Gary’s name in the horse industry is held very high. Any time I’m on social media and see people ask for a body therapist, his name is always in the mix so when I started this podcast his name was one that I always kept in the back of my mind for approaching for an interview. And now you can find out why.
Gary’s spent a lot of time in the horse racing industry and I am so glad that there are people in the industry who care for their horses enough to employ people like Gary, they care for their horses and their recovery and by using Gary and his Emmett therapy work, they are choosing a kind, gentle and so very effective way to keep their racers on the track.
Gary works with all types of horses and as with most people I have interviewed on this podcast so far, the story of how they came to be doing their line of work is just as interesting as the work that they do.
To connect with Gary you can go to his Gary Wells Practitioner Group website, or Facebook page or his Horse 360 website or Facebook page.