Come Along for the Ride
Come Along for the Ride
Tracy Malone
Anna Minogue Equine Dentist
48 minutes Posted Apr 23, 2018 at 8:00 am.
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Show notes
When I choose people to come and work with my horses in any way, I look around for someone others highly recommend, then I check their credentials, and then I look for something else. What I look for is a complete passion, almost an obsession, for the work that they do. Someone who lights up when they talk about their work. Someone who can make you almost as excited as they are about the work that they do. And these people certainly see what they do almost as an honour, who feel blessed to be able to do so much to give back to horses in some way.
In this episode I speak with Anna Minogue, who is an Equine Dentist, and Anna is one of those people I speak about above. In the interview you will hear the passion in her voice and if you miss it at all, just wait until we talk about brushing our horses teeth, that made her very excited indeed!
I also chose to speak with Anna as she spent a long career initially as a vet nurse, so she lived in the word of pharmaceuticals and especially sedation in working with animals. Yet as an equine dentist she only uses sedation if she absolutely has to, every 200 horses or so. This really peaked my interest and I just had to speak with Anna to see how and why she made the transition to equine dentistry and how she is able to work so gently with horses doing what can be an invasive treatment for horses.
She decided to get herself educated on horse behaviour and learned some techniques to help a horse feel at ease with her before putting a rasp in their mouth and waiting to see what would happen next!
You will hear stories of some of the horses she has helped and how she loves our horses almost as much as we do. I certainly learned a lot in this conversation about horses teeth and the type of things to look for in my horses, as well as the questions to ask any dentist who I choose to work with my horses.
I hope every horse out there gets an equine dentist with as much passion, knowledge and gentleness as Anna has.
To find out more about Anna or to book her to work with your horse if you are in SE Qld, you will find her on her website and her Facebook Page