Coffee With My Ex: Caleb Marshall and Haley Jordan
Coffee With My Ex: Caleb Marshall and Haley Jordan
Caleb Marshall
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From lovers to best friends to business partners, The Fitness Marshall's Haley Jordan and Caleb Marshall tackle hot topics while drinking way too much coffee. Support this podcast:
33. Our Trip To Palm Springs Was SABOTAGED! (OUR LAST EPISODE)
In the LAST EPISODE of the season, Haley and Caleb recount their recent trip to Palm Springs where everything went wrong very very fast. What happened to Allison and why did she end up leaving dinner early? What did Cameron do to sabotage the trip? Also in this episode, the still-in-love exes reminisce about the start of Coffee With My Ex and how thankful they are for all their listeners. We have had SO MUCH FUN with ya'll this year and cannot wait to see you again in 2021! --- Support this podcast:
Nov 23
41 min
32. Christmas Traumatized Me (Reliving Painful Memories)
... --- Support this podcast:
Nov 16
44 min
31. Sleepy Joe Biden and the Orange Man
Caleb and Haley explain and answer all things related to the US 2020 election.  --- Support this podcast:
Nov 2
53 min
30. Launching an INCLUSIVE Clothing Brand FROM SCRATCH & why we're emotional
The entire Fitness Marshall squad sits down to discuss designing and launching their very own clothing brand. They discuss the process, ethics, and mission with our new line, ACTIVE BOOTY. The TFM teamanswer all your juicy questions: Who makes the clothes? Who did the most work out of the group? Who disagreed the most? Everyone breaks down in tears about the line and how much it means to them. Shop Active Booty on 10/27 HERE -> --- Support this podcast:
Oct 26
47 min
29. Allison's Least Favorite Thing About Working With Us
We ask Allison all the question's she's been avoiding: From why she doesn't believe in ghosts to how long she thinks TFM will last. She spills the tea about her favorite BTS member, what she hates about working with us, and her current love situation.  Follow Haley Jordan   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) Follow Allison --- Support this podcast:
Oct 19
48 min
28. Does The Hustle Ever End!? (How to avoid BURNOUT)
In a world that tells you to HUSTLE, MAKE MONEY and then HUSTLE HARDER, Caleb and Haley try to find a balance. When should you turn your passion into a business? When can you take breaks? How is the job opportunities and work culture different than the world our parents and grandparents grew up in? Also in this episode, Caleb and Haley get summoned to jury duty, how the pandemic affected The Fitness Marshall and why they feel so guilt about their business.   Everything You Need To Vote! - How To Date Men When You Hate Men - Where to listen to Coffee With My Ex Spotify Apple Podcast Google Podcast  Follow Haley Jordan YouTube Instagram  Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) --- Support this podcast:
Oct 12
47 min
Ep. 27 Bouncing Back From Broke (What We Learned About Money)
The ex lovers dive into the taboo world on finances, share their struggles and what they have learned about spending, saving and making money as entrepreneurs. Bouncing back from being sued, when to start saving for retirement, how to find a financial advisor, Should you get a credit card, what is credit, what is the stock market and how do you start? There are SO MANY THINGS that nobody teaches you and we certainly aren't experts, but we have learned a few things along the way! --- Support this podcast:
Oct 5
1 hr
Caleb and Haley recount their experience getting botox for the very first time this week. Caleb talks about getting lip filler before catching up on life while on break in Indiana. Caleb tells the story about how he missed his flight back to Los Angeles and had to miss brunch. They briefly mention their super secret project that they have been teasing since it's coming SO SOON! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 28
48 min
25. TRUTH or DRINK!?
Head over to for this YouTube exclusive episode. Trust me you DO NOT want to miss this one.  --- Support this podcast:
Sep 7
50 sec
24. FAMILY DRAMA and How We Deal With It
Caleb and Haley are opening up about their family and hold nothing back. It's honest, uncomfortable, warm and hopeful. Caleb shares a lot of wisdom from his psychologist. Haley gets candid about growing up without a dad. Caleb talks about the religious guilt his family passed down to him. What it's like being in the middle of your parents divorce. The pressure of being the peacekeeper for your family and the guilt you feel for having a relationship with estranged members of your family that you feel like you aren't supposed to like. Become a channel member here!   Follow Haley Jordan YouTube Instagram   Follow Caleb Marshall (The Fitness Marshall) --- Support this podcast:
Aug 31
48 min
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