Coffee Convos Podcast with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley
Coffee Convos Podcast with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley
Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley
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Crime Solvers
Hey, Mary-Kate and Ashley - please don't cover true crime if you lack the most basic understanding of 5th and 6th amendments rights. You don't ever waive your Miranda rights. Like ever. And attorneys don't "quit" based on their clients guilt or innocence. You guys consistently fudge facts and speak your mind on topics without fundamental knowledge about the criminal justice system.
I absolutely love Kail and Lindsie! This podcast is one I never miss! These ladies are beautiful inside and out and I appreciate the real rawness they share with us! Thank you beauties!
Episode 178
First off, I would like to say that I love you both. You both demonstrate positivity, communication, and you both look forward to what life has in store for you. I have struggled for a long time with both anxiety and depression, and listening to your podcast makes me feel as though I am not alone. In regards to your episode about coparenting, I would like to say as a daughter of divorced parents, I believe that coparenting is defined by a child is split between a mother and a father, and both parents having to work together in order for the happiness of the child.
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You guys are a snooze fest. If Kail brought half the drama here she does to Instagram it might be worth a listen. You both need to get over yourselves!
Room to improve - but an interesting listen
A suggestion for the crime related deep dives, or any current event discussion - ACTUALLY research prior to discussion and try to recognize your biases. The assumptions made when discussing crime stories are so biased and short sided. Otherwise, appreciate hearing more about their lives and experiences and how they navigate their unique situations.
Birthday and episode 180
Lindsie lies again saying she was snubbed by family on her birthday, 1st off she claims her she has no family , and 2nd of all you can’t whine about having no family to celebrate with when you set them up and ran your husband off. Lastly y’all have no business doing an episode on Gabby yet, y’all should know better. Give it time … always in such a rush ..
Happy Birthday Lindsie!!
Underwood style
Love Kail tired of hearing Lindsie whine. It's getting old.
Just saying
Lindsey I have never seen you post anything that doesn’t look perfect and we are literally begging for the real gritty in you... so who are you mad at?
Best podcast ever!!
Look forward to listening every week!! Love the different topics and how relatable it is to me
leahcar. sli
Laser hair removal!
Girls!! Stop with the waxing and get you laser hair removal!
Not great
Lindsie’s laugh is insufferable and the content has gone down hill.
“And, uuummmmm!”
Do not play a game of taking a shot every time Kail says “ummm” or “and” because you’ll be passing out hard! I liked it when it first started & then it was down hill. Kail says “umm” in every sentence. She begins almost every sentence with “and.” Then Lindsie started doing the same. Kail speaks so fast that she’s not letting out a response of value she just wants to hurry & say a bunch of stuff. Then you hear her swallow spit & breathing heavy because she’s heavy set & getting the wind taken out of her with all the fast speaking. Let your guests speak! For example the True Crime episodes, they barely let the guest host Summer speak, why is she there if you don’t let her speak more then you are? Someone said Lindsie says a lot of words making no true point, that review POV is on point! Do better ladies so you don’t sound sloppy! Stop doing true crime episodes. You’re spreading misinformation because you aren’t prepared well on the case. Summer the lawyer is a mess on the podcast as well because she doesn’t study criminal law. Every time you ask her a question she can’t answer or piggy-backs on Lindsie’s remarks. Get a guest host that’s well educated on the case you’re sharing & let them lead the episode.
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The besttt
I truly look forward to this podcast every Thursday!
Very funny
Y’all make me laugh so much! I relate to Kail even though I’m like twice your age. I just started a few weeks ago so I’m WAY behind but I listen to y’all all day long at work, trying to catch up.
Great idea right here! 😁
I listen to y’all’s podcast every morning on my way to work. I just saw The Chameleon Killer on ID and I would love for y’all to cover this story on your podcast. Love y’all!
Real, Raw, & Relevant
Love listening to these ladies discuss the real facts about their lives. Their episodes are relatable for all, especially those who co-parent, have ex-husbands, or difficult families. They are a blast to listen to, but also very raw and offer great advice. Worth a subscribe for sure!
Love you girls
I’m only 10 minutes into the latest episode and I can’t relate any more to you girls. I love that you bring professional guest speakers on the podcast about real life problems that we go through daily. Thank you for being so raw and open with all your listeners! Stay dedicated & continue bringing amazing content! Love this podcast so much! Thank you💗
Bri T. MomOf3
Stop saying literally
Please stop saying LITERALLY!!! You’re not using it correctly and it’s LITERALLY in every sentence Kail! I’ve been listening for awhile. I love the banter between the two. Sometimes it seems like a therapy session for Kail. I wish she would stop giving Chris her Baby dad so much attention. Negative or not. He’s not worth your energy.
Literally Annoyed
Kristen smart episode
I can’t wait for the Kristen smart episode! I am behind! I’m from Arroyo Grande CA where this all happened and it’s so crazy but really interesting to see the whole community come together for Kristen! I was born in 94 so I have heard about this all my life! Hopefully soon there will be justice!
Great job Lindsie and Kail !
You ladies make me laugh so hard every week. I appreciate your honesty and commitment to your listeners I love you both and support all you two do ! I did want to say it’s hard to hear y’all sometimes the podcast can be hard to hear … much love! Xoxoxo Jenn Rose Gainesville Texas
Love it
This podcast is amazing I work at night by myself I don’t get much girl time with being a mom during the day and my husbands work schedule listening to this is like my girl time every week love the topics every week you gals are the best keep up the great stuff you both are truly inspiring women!!! ❤️
Favorite podcast!
I’ve been following Kail since 16 & pregnant, I love her realness and she truly is such a great mother to her boys. It’s not easy pouring yourself into your kids when your own mother didn’t pour anything into you and same with Lindsey I admire your strength and dedication to your son you are a true role model for Jackson and let’s be honest when they say opposites attract that’s kail and Lindsey! It’s never a dull moment with these two girls! Ive tuned in every Thursday since the beginning! Keep pushing girls love ya both!
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kapeece you guys
I have been listening for about 2 years and just love your podcast! At that time I think I was fully caught us in about 2 months lol. I relate so much with both of you but #176 was the most I related! And sadly know all too we’ll about miscarriage. I have had 8 miscarriages/still births and 1 alive but too young to survive. And yes every single one was different and made me feel different depending on the stage of life I was in at the time. I do have 2 beautiful children that I am so thankful for. Love you guys and I look forward to this podcast every week!
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Skip it
Nothing redeeming about this podcast. These girls are super vapid and self-centered.
Ugh they can do better ...
This podcast is Intriguing, but a couple things to note; 1. Lindsie says a lot of words, without saying anything 2. Who is running ya all's instagram? Stop using super small words to respond to stuff. Just stop. Your stories are awful. You'all do it and I just unfollow. Worry about words versus your face. 3. Hire someone good to do your audio.
Episode 176
I just want to thank you guys for sharing your story’s you guys are doing amazing and I look forward to listening to the podcast weekly just to hear what you guys are up too and root you on along the way❤️ thankful for teen mom 2 for being introduced to this podcast💞
Terminal illness isn’t funny
Please stop joking about dementia when discussing your disassociation/anxiety and such. If your grandmother suffered you would know that isn’t something to joke about…
Love this podcast !
I started listening to you guys when I started to have an hour drive to a new work location. I watched both teen mom 2 and Chrisley knows best and loved you both! Listening to your podcast is never boring and is so raw and real on all levels of life. It really shows your true sides and intelligence you both have which I love. You should be so proud of yourselves !
Honestly, I’m loving how vulnerable Lindsie has been and it’s making the podcast more relatable.
Angie Grandon
Well my makeups a mess now. I enjoyed the show and wish you the best Lindsie!
Today’s episode
Uggghhhh Lindsey! I am so sorry for what you are going through! You were sooooo real and raw with your emotions! I got teary eyed SEVERAL times! I felt this so much when I went through my divorce! And yes you will doubt yourself a million times but trust me if you are not happy, you are doing the best thing! Just keep co-parenting with Will and everything will work out ❤️
I’m Kails age with a daughter Lux’s age! I couldn’t get through thursdays without this podcast! You guys keep everything raw & real!
I absolutely felt this episode. I have had a miscarriage as well as divorce and I felt Lindsey and Kail’s pain. The rawness you both are giving us touches us so much. Lindsey I am sending you hugs and prayers. You’re handling this with such Grace and thank you for being so open, honest and raw. I cried when you cried. Kail I have always been a fan and I appreciate your rawness too and when you both talked about feeling like the miscarriage was somehow your fault - man I still feel that. Sending you both best wishes and thank you both for sharing your deep and personal things with us - a fan for life - Robin Hicks
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Proud of both of you
I am 55 and love your podcast. I feel like your momma! First, Kail, your laugh makes my day! Also, you have changed so much and all for the better. I can tell therapy has really helped you and I am so happy you have received it so well. You seem happier and calmer and such a good momma! I am so proud of you! Second, Lindsey, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I was so hoping you and Will would last and you would expand your family. Trust in God knowing he loves you more then anyone!❤️ you are handling all of it with kindness and love and I am proud of you! Continue putting good podcasts out and I am a fan!!!
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My faves
Even though I don’t know them personally, whenever I listen to an episode, I feel like I’m with old friends. It’s a relaxing but fun podcast and I’m so happy I started listening way back when. I love Thursdays!!
Lindsie is Fake
Lindsie want everyone to feel sorry for her after knowing what she did to her family. Todd doesn’t bash her he just states facts
Sex and The Ex
Love your Podcasts! Been with you, Kail since 16 and Pregnant. I’ve always rooted for all of the girls on OG and TM2. It’s been quite a ride watching your stories unfold as y’all grow and mature. I realize that TV sensationalizes everything, so it was great to listen to your book and hear you be yourself. Then I found the Podcast and love you even more! Kudos to you, girlfriend! Go on with your bad self! As far as sex, when it was better with the ex... while sex is an important part of the relationship, it’s really a very small part, as I’ve realized over time. My husband was injured and medication has hindered his ‘ability’. He has always been worried that he couldn’t keep me happy in ‘that’ way. I told him no worries, we’re good. There is more to our relationship than sex, as it should be. You never know when something could happen to any of us and if sex drops off, there needs to be more substance to your relationship to keep it afloat. 😉
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Ohio Nancy
A Class Act
I do not have children I am just a millennial that loves conversational podcasts and these ladies are honest, genuine, and a lot of fun to “hang out” with. You are both so much more than a 2 dimensional reality personality. 👏🏻❤️
Love love this podcast
Keep it up ladies !!! Love the honesty
Lindsey get over yourself
Love Kail, but Lindsey it’s not always about you! Kail mentions how her therapist is concerned about her memory loss and there was no acknowledgment! Automatically it’s about you and how you think you suffer with memory loss too. I hear this a lot in this podcast not sure how you put up with her Kail. If I didn’t love Kail so much I would not be listening.
Kail and Lindsie are so relatable with their topics! I love listening it’s like chatting with a group of close friends. I root for them all the time and love catching up on their real life trials and tribulations which are also very relatable. You ladies have taught me positivity and I love that you are both boy moms like me.
The song is….
Bring the pain by Missy Elliott!!!
Nora Lucano
Are we on the air?
Missy Elliot “Bring the Pain” Yes love that song!!
I’m Done
Kail, I listened to this show for you, but I won’t be back until you get rid of Lindsie. She is toxic. The woe me act has got to go! Listening to her fake tears about her family situation as she sits there and knows what she did to her family has pushed me over the point. She talks down to Kail as if she’s entitled, or better than.
Love this podcast
The song is Kiss Kiss by Chris brown and Tpain 😂😂 love it
Trying this outtt
Lindsie your cancelled
I love Kail! Ive been following her since 2009 when she was on teen mom. I am a huge fan of her! I also listen to her other podcast with Vee (baby mamas no drama) by far is a 10/10!... now as for coffee convos the reason why i am rating as a 1 star is not because of Kail but because of Lindsie I personally feel like she is too Preppy & snobby & is soo negative. Shes too judgmental nor does she know what it is to be struggling in life.
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Lindsie doesn’t sound so uptight ever since she announced her divorce.
Fundraiser Fraud!!!
I ordered 2 shirts in support of your Rare Disease Awareness fundraiser. I received the package to with the invoice stating a quantity of 2, however only one shirt was in the package. I have emailed, messaged everyone on IG and FB and no one will respond. This sure seems shady to me and I can't be the only one. You made us pay for the item BEFORE you shipped it and now you won't address concerns or issues??? Can you please have the second shirt shipped out as soon as possible?
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I have listened to every episode, I have followed kail since 16 and pregnant. I totally relate to the chaotic life! I love the transparency you both have! Kail need to leave teen mom ASAP ! They do her so dirty and totally give people a bad perception of her. Would love to see a mom boss show with you Lindsey Leah and other moms out there hustling! Love love love the podcast ! Hope this friendship last a life time 💖💖
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