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218: Increase Your Capacity Zone
Posted Nov 15, 2015 at 8:00 pm.
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    Beth Buelow:
    The Introvert Entrepreneur
    Beth Buelow shows us how to expand into our “capacity zone” while still using our “comfort zone” as a home base.
    Author, The Introvert Entrepreneur*
    Host, The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast
    Coaching for Leaders episode 201: How Introverts Make Great Leaders
    When you 'fail,' it’s usually because you were attached to a particular outcome. And when it doesn’t happen that way, it gets labeled a 'failure.'
    —Beth Buelow
    If you approach your goals with less attachment, you’ll find yourself much better able to see those failures as data, rather than indictments of your character and who you are.
    —Beth Buelow
    The comfort zone is what makes stepping out into the unknown possible.
    —Beth Buelow
    Remember to celebrate every time you stretch that capacity zone.
    —Beth Buelow
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