Perspective w/Coach P | Where Coaching, Inspiration, and Faith Collide. Podcast
Perspective w/Coach P | Where Coaching, Inspiration, and Faith Collide.
Chad Parks
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Everyone needs to be inspired by stories, encouraged in their faith, and reminded of their purpose and WHY in life. Coach P brings the 🔥🔥 on this podcast. Subscribe and listen weekly, it’s a must!
Coach P’s coaching is 5 star worthy
Coach has been super awesome. Working through wrestling mindset training to more great info on the podcasts! My lifestyle and mindset has been extremely evaluated due to coaches work and would recommend listening to what he has to say!
Max Dirks
Insightful show
Great show that is loaded with great lessons and advice that are applicable to both athletics and life in general. Very insightful and definitely worth your time! Give it a shot.
Great concept and show
Love Chad’s show. His method of exploring different a variety of people can help anyone reach their goals through the tips and inspiration provided
Ares the 5th
Listen Now!
Coach P’s Perspective is an informative Podcast! The podcast touches on topics in Athletics and in Life. You will always have notes to help you grow moving forward.
Great listen
One of my favorite things to listen to. Always interesting and well said. Chad’s personality really is shown every time.
Matthew Ham
Must listen!
Coach P’s Perspective is inspirational and insightful. I’m addicted! This PodCast is definitely going to be part of my daily commute. The guests Coach P has on the show are top notch and his questions get at core issues. Can’t wait for more episodes! Every teacher, coach, mentor, and parent should be tuning in.
Every Soldier
Subscribe ASAP
This podcast is simply awesome! The content and guests are great, and easily relatable. Everyone can get something from this to help them be a better person!
Coach Dee133
I’m happy I found this podcast recently. Great knowledge and insight can be learned from both Coach P and his guests. I highly recommend you listen and also share with others who you want to see grow too. I look forward to the next episode the moment I finish the most recent one. Thanks Chad!
One of the best podcast out there!
Absolutely delivers if you want to be inspired to reach the highest level whether in business, coaching or athletics. I work for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Wrestling and with no hesitation I recommend this podcast to all the coaches I work with, as well as, any wrestlers or other athletes looking to gain that edge. Keep fighting the good fight Coach P! Praying God continues to bless you, your family and all you work with. For His Glory, Steve
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Definitely worth listening to
I’ve recently started listening to Coach P’s Perspective. A few posts on social media with Coach Parks caught my attention. I like how he asks a wide range of questions covering many topics. The interviews I have watched were from a variety of people (wrestlers, coaches, authors). He makes each interview interesting. I’d highly recommend scrolling through the people he has interviewed; I’m sure some will catch your attention! I’ve experienced listening to multiple people he has interviewed, as well as being interviewed myself. My interview was fun. The questions he asked were good to show viewers the inside perspective of what my wrestling book is all about. In my opinion, questions can only be answered well if the questions asked are good. Definitely going to continue listening to Coach P’s Perspective!
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Great and inspiring podcast!! You don’t have to be a wrestler to love this podcast, it’s great for everyone!
Coach P’s Perspective
I really enjoy listening to these podcasts! He is constantly dropping knowledge that any athlete, coach, father, husband, teammate, etc.. can learn from! He also brings on high achieving guest and knows how to ask the right questions to get them to spill the beans on what got them to the top! I have learned so much from these podcasts and highly recommend them!
Coach LC
Great show! We listen to it regularly in the office with notepad and pen in hand for notes. Keep inspiring!
Great Series!
Coach Parks does a awesome job in this series following many avenues that are important to many of us. Faith, Coaching, Leadership, tying ways these are linked together. Being a Wrestling Coach myself drew me to this but No matter the sport or type of leader: This is great to help keeping you focused and on track moving forward and being better at what you do!
Great content - Inspiring
Just started listening to this podcast. It’s great! Tons of impactful takeaways for people looking to get better and grow every day.
Eric Phillip Bond
Always has the best advice, and is always worth the listen, in person and on his podcast. If you have ever had the chance to meet him you’d know he is the most genuine, hard working coach and human being with the best advice in and outside of the wrestling room!
I’ve never met a more inspiring and genuine person. Great episode content and great job being a light.🙌
Wow! Great stuff from coach Parks
Can’t describe how much this hit home! Time to be the light in this crazy time! Coach parks is one of the best people I know and this podcast shines a light on how much love and compassion he has for everyone else! #ironsharpensiron
Coach P is an amazing coach and gives wonderful insight into the wrestling world and including gratitude effort and toughness into all areas of life
Izzy Erickson
Words of Wisdom
The conversations on this podcast have been inspirational, motivational and interesting to listen to. I love hearing people share their stories on what makes them successful.
Coach Jess M
White belt mentality!!!
Thanks for a great episode. Made me reflect and find a few areas of my life that I have gotten complacent. Time to get to work!!
Coach P is a Game Changer!
Chad Parks is the real deal! If you’re looking for encouragement and inspiration in any aspect of life, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of whether you’re a student-athlete, coach, teacher or ministry leader Coach P offers powerful insights, invaluable life lessons & winning principles that will motivate you to be better in every aspect of life! Thanks for inspiring me to be better as a husband, father & coach! TCOB
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Great podcasts for continual growth in all areas of your life, worth the listen!
Barrett Stickelman
Great perspective!
Chad brings it each and every podcast. Really genuine and shows his heart as a coach, leader, dad, husband, & Christ follower!
Great new podcast
It’s pretty incredible how good Coach Parks has gotten with this podcast. Each week gets better and better and the depth of topics he’s covering keeps it interesting and entertaining. Well done
Good stuff!!
While I’m only 5 in to the series of podcasts by Coach Parks, I am enjoying them. I’ve listened while working out and then re-listened later so I could actually write stuff down. It is good, practical information that can apply to EVERYONE in all areas of life. This is what makes it so special, because it is real, it is truth and Coach Parks speaks from the heart. Can’t wait for more of them.
great podcast!!
coach parks podcasts are a great way to get motivated and inspired. he has a great way of helping you want to do better for yourself. not only in is podcast but i have also gotten to experience he motivational pep talks in person. he is a great coach and does a fantastic job of helping others and spreading the good word of god. his podcast are a must listen to!!
No matter the scenario, Coach P has a solid perspective for that
Chad Parks is one of the biggest influences on my life. He’s a very intelligent man who speaks mainly from experience. His perspective has always offered me a lot as one of his former athletes and I’m excited for his transition into the podcasting world. People need to hear what he has to offer. TCOB
Life changing
The way coach P speaks and holds himself to and around people is honestly life changing to those people around him. His book is a have to read and his podcast is a must listen to. Listen once and you will be hooked.
Great Coach, Even Better Advice
Coach P give some great life advice, inspiration and faith. A great listen and I listen to every single one
Coach Ps Perspective
Very inspiring! Would highly recommend giving a listen.
A Game Changer!!
Coach P is a must listen. He educated through life experience as well as scripture. One of my favorite shows to listen to. And his book is a must have!!
Ward Wrestling
Fantastic Podcast!
Coach P’s the best!! Excellent podcast!
Must Listen
Coach P understands coaching and knows how to connect with people. If you want to be a better parent, coach or leader don’t miss out!
Coach Ealinger
Coach Chad Parks is a leader by example and in his message. Chad brings in a wide variety of other inspiring people who share their message. If you’re looking to grow yourself as a person spiritually and just in everyday life then give Coach P’s Perspective a listen!
Chas Thompson
Amazing content
If you are wanting some leadership/coaching advice, looking some motivation, or desire content to listen to while living your daily life this is it. I was fortunate enough to be coached by Coach P while I was in high school. And now I get to mentor young men with Coach P as one of his assistant coaches. Please give this podcast a listen. If you like it, slap a five star rating and leave of a review of how it helped you. Thanks Coach P for doing what you do!!
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Amazing Coach- Exceptional Info!
Coach P brings excellence to everything that he does and this podcast is no different. Love the championship mentality that exists in every podcast. These lessons truly help you be your best.
Leslie Tru
Excellent podcast. Watching and listening to Coach Parks throughout the years, it is clear that he is always continuing to seek growth. I have learned a lot from Coach P in the past and this podcast gives me another avenue to gain wisdom in many areas of life.
We walk a real path in a real world that is trying to distract us from our purpose. As I listen to your real life experiences I can see the Hand of God in each and every one and I am confident that God is touching lives with refreshing Hope as you share with us Chad. The word “Refreshing” continues to play in my heart as you walk through and share. So, wondering about that word, I looked it up and it’s definition revealed just why your podcast’s were called to be....Refreshing: a serving to refresh or reinvigorate....Keep doing as God is leading. Brother, Lives Are Being Changed! Isaiah 40:29-31 Refreshing En El Nombre De Jesus....Amen y Amen!!
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Andrew Korbe
Coach Parks is the best coach I ever played for. He knew all of his players and how to motivate each one of us. He is a great role model and I look up to him in many areas of my life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Great information!
Leading by example!
Georgia peach76
Inspirational and a great listen
Coach parks is one of the best guys to listen to he speaks motivation and inspiration to be better in everything you do. Coach Parks has never actually coached me in a match but while wrestling I hear his voice in my head which is arguably more important than actually being in the corner. I 100% recommended giving this podcast a good listen and just soaking up what coach parks has to say!
dominic ditomasso
True Servant leader...
Both on and off the mat. I’ve witnessed Coach P be a loving father that served his children’s needs over his emotions. I’ve witnessed him love his wife and support her in her path. I’ve witnessed him lead with a quite, yet deliberate passion that makes all feel supported and inspired. He ask of you what he’s willing to do, and loves you where you’re at, as he models where you should be. Definitely a podcast drenched with principles that can be implemented no matter what you do! #APPROVED love you coach P and appreciate you sharing who you are!
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What a motivator
If everyone could have a minuscule amount of the drive, attitude, and insight this man has as a coach, Christian, and general human being, this world would be such a better place. Keep up the good work coach.
Great information for personal growth. Highly recommend.
Dr Bob M.
Inspiring Message
Coach P, You always bring high energy and a reminder of leadership and life principles helping all of us become better parents, leaders, and friends. Coach P Thank You for keeping me sharp, so pumped I now have the opportunity to follow you on Podcast.
Exactly what’s needed for this season!
Coach P is a CLASS ACT. Coach hits on relevant points for real life situations on and off the mat! Coach is making a difference in our families life and we are so excited to hear these! Keep em coming.
Amazing mentor
Chad is a jack of all trades and this doesn’t disappoint. In such a weird world we are living in, this is the perfect podcast to bring some hope and positivity into our lives. Listening to Chad makes me think everything is going to be okay. I’ve been applying his words in my job and as a mom. Between dealing with a two year old or dealing with soldiers’ paychecks, I’ve learned so much in just two episodes Chad that have made me better at both. I can’t wait to listen to the upcoming ones! Thanks chad for ALWAYS being a light no matter the situation.
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Sara Beam
Real and helpful!
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