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Don’t give 5 stars if you are annoyed that old episodes and track listings are gone. I think this podcast is 5 stars when there are track listings but it’s not listenable without them. Words can’t describe how freaking stupid it is that you took the track listings off the podcast, I mean why would I want to be able to conveniently see what I’m listening to and be able to go from track to track without having to have YouTube open & fast forwarding between songs. Also if you have track listings & the artist listed like it used to be on your podcast I dk maybe I could buy said songs and support you and other artist and more people would know how good this type of music can be
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Old episodes
Please bring back old episodes!
Mr.West brings it on my favorite programs over amd over every week he is so reliable to cover all the bases I. Music genres new beats and a family man
The best!
If this doesn’t deserve 5 stars, what does? Bike ride to this and feel on top of the world!
hwnd fan
Tiesto’s ClubLife
I just wanted start things off with you’re a great DJ, numbers don’t lie. But one thing I would say is on some more recent episodes, I feel like you’ve been changing your style some. Not my liking but stay true to your style while riding the wave. I’d give you 5 stars, but 4.5 for me. When I tuned in your rating was 5 stars. Around episodes 700 and so on afterwards. Episodes 750+ were dodgy for me. Enjoy episode 745 much more than some recent ones. Also, try to get the old episodes back form archive!
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Stored episodes gone!!
Where are all my stored episodes? This really is not cool.
I am missing the one with Britney Spears
I think it was episode 741. Please bring Britney back or please could we hear a new mix. Would love a mix with Britney, pink, Jlo, Christina Aguilera. You are still my favorite by far. I loved you at Hakkasan in Vegas:)
Simply the best
Let’s go post pandemic
I listen to CLUBLIFE nearly everyday. I’ve saved the episodes that I love since day one and was currently on episode 722 when out of nowhere BAM! 🙀 Nearly all of my episodes are gone 😡 and it jumped to 726 with only 8 episodes available! What’s going on guys!? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not cool. I’m extremely sad because I would play the Avicii tribute quite often. Can’t do that anymore. Please bring em back so that I won’t lose my mind delivering mail during these chaotic times b. 🤦🏽‍♂️
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Old episodes
Please stop erasing old episodes
The Best! But……
Please Stop Erasing Old Episodes.
All good but
Stop deleting old episodes.
❤️Tieso’s CLUB LIFE
This podcast is amazing and something I look forward to every week! The best new music from around the world. I wish Tiesto had different artists doing “______ LIFE” podcasts in every mainstream genre just like he does with EDM. Apple Podcasts- please bring back episodes 1-734 please
He’s literally the greatest of all time.
The best jams!
Tiesto is 1 of the Best DJ’s and Producer’s of Trance Music!!! My props to you JamMaster!!!
Vinnie Cal
Great sets, no track list so 4 stars
Ties to lays down some nice sets, well mixed and unusual tracks. Five star all the way, EXCEPT, no track list. Come on, it’s not that hard.
Miss the track list
Miss having the track list...
What happened?
I used to get excited to hear your podcast.. last couple years I feel u just throw songs on without really listening to them
Ellas video
Every Friday wait to listen my favorite dj .... TIESTO
Thank you for all the awesome music!
Truly the moment I’ve been waiting for ALL week 😎
Thank you Tiesto, you’re a good egg.
Thank you so much! What a good you do.
What's happening to the podcasts?
I love working out and driving to Tiesto podcasts so I try to keep several of them downloaded, however I'm now being told they have been deleted by Club Life - very disappointing to this follower!
Love this music !
Tiesto, thanks for all the great music
I have been loyal fan for about 20 years now. It has been awesome to see the evolution of your music, from more trance side to now your melodic house . What I like the most is the ear you have for new music, it seems to be that you are always a head of other dj’s Hard work does pay off . Keep it going
Memories ahhh
Kinda sad the old episodes are gone if you know you know, but happy nevertheless!
Favorite DJ Tiësto
Awesome for my car rides easy to use with my Apple CarPlay, Love every single one of your shows I’ve been to too many to remember and can’t wait to see you again
Only 5 episodes available?
Merry Christmas
Can’t see chapters anymore. Not signing up for another subscription just to see them
Dont see any chapters anymore please fix it.
Giving real positive vibe 😁 thank you so much for this amazing MUSIC TIESTO
Aayesha ohh
Great music from a legend.
Episode 707 🤩
So many samples of classics that made me fall in love years ago
Brit from Atlanta
Old episodes
Missed the old episodes 😢 Can we have them back!
It’s okay most of the time
For the love of all that is holy, stop with the deep house episodes. It’s unlistenable on those episodes.
Darth Meatus
Best way to start your Friday into the weekend!!!
Tiesto is the Man for the People who need that extra boost to finish off the week and head into the weekend ready to let loose. Thank you for creating these hour long mixes to bring my mind to solace!
Fantastic mix checkout Dj 1Ph
DJ Hangout of Club Enforcer Podcast
It was so nice and memorable.
Knocks it out of the park
Listener for 10 years. Best workout music ever. Edgy and new.
Awesome to listen to but why are they all of a sudden removing themselves from the available podcast list? Couple weeks ago I had several hundred to choose from now I only have about 10.
Best DJ. Best Music. Best Podcast.
I’ve been listening to Tiesto’s Club Life for over 10 years now. Every week, Tiesto drops an hour of the best music for us. It’s great to listen while doing some work, riding/running/workout, or a house party. Can’t ever go wrong with DJ Tiesto. If you’re into house music, you’ll love Club Life.
Never misses a week
Amazing show that tiesto puts on and has never missed a week. Been subscribed for nearly a decade.
Don’t Delete Old Podcast 🤦🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️
Tiesto please don’t delete the old one’s please man, I been trying to listen to podcast 642 for the longest. It doesn’t sound the same in other sources. I’m begging you fixxxx this good brother keep up the good work !! 😩😩🤩
One of the best
Wish old podcast won’t be deleted.
Love this
Why are the saved podcasts now deleted?
I have lost many of my favorite old podcast episodes which were downloaded and saved. Why were those deleted from my library?
Put back up all episodes
I have been listening to tiesto for a while now, and I’m saddened to see all of his episodes gone! There were such momentous ones too like the 500th episode back in 2017!
Old episodes
Bring back all the previous podcasts and not just the recent 5
Taylor Jacobs
Great Music
Please bring back the entire episodes. They were deleted from my iPhone
Old episodes please!!!!!!
I have spent hours trying to find certain old episodes of this podcast (e.g. from 2017) - they were such a part of moments of my life!! Please please make available!!
Tiesto Clublife Fan
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