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Click Click Bang Bang - A Photography Podcast
Click Click Bang Bang
Click Click Bang Bang - A Photography Podcast covers photography for everyone, whether you're a pro, an amateur, a hobbyist or you just like the art form. Hosts Mez and Toby discuss all aspects of the medium and the people that define it, and try to make sense of the weird and wonderful culture and business that surrounds it. This is not a wanky, ego-driven lecture. It’s fun, it’s kinda deep sometimes, and it's all-inclusive.
Episode 16: Gear you can't live without
39 minutes Posted May 24, 2020 at 4:52 pm.
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    This could be the most lo-fi photography gear chat ever recorded for a podcast, but do you know the reverse business card trick? Sometimes, it's the simplest of things that can get you through a tough shoot, and in this episode, Mez and Toby reveal the secrets of their weird and wonderful kitbags, discussing the sometimes strange gear they just can't live without.
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