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Click Click Bang Bang - A Photography Podcast covers photography for everyone, whether you're a pro, an amateur, a hobbyist or you just like the art form. Hosts Mez and Toby discuss all aspects of the medium and the people that define it, and try to make sense of the weird and wonderful culture and business that surrounds it. This is not a wanky, ego-driven lecture. It’s fun, it’s kinda deep sometimes, and it's all-inclusive.
Episode 11: Gaining informed consent
32 minutes Posted Mar 1, 2020 at 12:00 pm.
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    Gaining consent isn't easy, especially when the subject you're looking to film or photograph is in a heightened state of distress. In this episode, Mez and Toby welcome Sean Brokenshire to the CCBB studio to discuss the intricacies of "informed consent". Having worked as a communications expert for a large NGO in some of the world's poorest countries over the past 10 years, Sean shares his thoughts on the rights and wrongs of gaining that consent from people living in poverty, often dealing with disease, and how even with consent, you still need to make a decision about whether or not to publish particular stories.
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