Dr. Caroline Leaf
Episode 142: Strategies to Manage Your Money and Reduce Financial Anxiety During This Crisis + Tips on How to Save, Budget, and Plan for a Recession and a Layoff with Chris Hogan
30 minutes Posted Mar 22, 2020 at 7:14 am.
Is the economy being quarantined?
The stock market is a living thing
How to control the controllables
Are the banks safe? -5:06 401Ks and the investment rollercoaster
Why you shouldn’t have all your eggs in one basket
What can we do if there is a recession?
Why is everyone talking about interest rates?
Is there any hope for small business owners?
Debt is always a threat
How can I support small business owners?
What can you do if you have been laid off?
How do you deal with market volatility?
Should you refinance your mortgage?
Who can you trust when it comes to financial advice?
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Show notes
Handling your finances can be challenging at the best of times, but what happens when you are in the midst of a pandemic? How do you keep your money safe when the world around you is in a state of flux? In this podcast, I speak with financial expert Chris Hogan on strategies to manage your finances and reduce money anxieties during this crisis, as well as helpful tips on how to save, budget, and plan for a recession or a layoff.
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