Dr. Caroline Leaf
Episode #141: How Hidden Toxins in Your Home Could be Contributing to Anxiety + Simple Lifestyle Tweaks and Changes that Will Boost Your Mood & Improve Your Physical Well-Being with Max Lugavere
50 minutes Posted Mar 20, 2020 at 12:35 am.
How Max went from pre-med to telling people’s stories
Why nutrition is just one part of the health story
Why exercise is medicine for the brain
Why we should take more cold showers & the power of thermal exercise
Environmental toxins and the game of chemical whack-a-mole
How to de-stress and manage anxiety at home
If the sun is like medicine, why do many people spend around 93 % of their time indoors?
Why we all need more collagen
What are genius foods?
Why you should avoid diet fads
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Show notes
Many of us are spending a lot more time at home these days (and dealing with a lot more stress!), so there is no better time to look at how we can make our living spaces happier and healthier. In this week’s blog and podcast, I speak with bestselling author, journalist, podcast host and filmmaker Max Lugavere on how we can get rid of toxins in our home that may be contributing to our anxiety, and how we can all make simple and easy changes to our lifestyle that can boost our mood and improve our wellbeing.
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