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So glad I discovered this
Some really original SF and a nice voice to carry it. What else to ask for?
Always a great storyteller Thank you for taking me on this journey
Clarkesworld Magazine in audio form
Each story, read aloud by narrator Kate Baker, is a treat. It’s like being able to read the magazine but on your own terms and places. Narration is good, stories are riveting!
I love this podcast but I wish I could find one I listened to on here
I listened to a podcast on this channel several months ago. It wasn’t narrated by Kate Baker but it was a male instead. It was about a man in a hotel room being tormented by the devil in the form of a child. Something about birthing the Antichrist or something. If someone can please let me know what this is so I can listen again I’d be so happy!!
So Much Cooking
Just listened today, this story from Nov 2015, titled So Much Cooking by Naomi Kritzer. You have to listen to it!!! Talks about a virus, wearing face masks and social distancing, vaccines 😳😳😳 ... I kept thinking what the author felt when the real nightmare began...
eb ramírez
Most underrated podcast
This is a wonderful short story podcast with an amazing narrator. My only wish is that after the story there would be a mini discussion with a second or even third host. Making this show feel like a a book club rather than just an audiobook version of the magazine would really up it’s game. Maybe even one episode a month the hosts could discuss all the stories of the month.
This has potential...
Potential to be a fantastic podcast. I appreciate the effort to bring us amazing new sci fi stories, especially in the current, difficult climate, and all for free. However, (and I think I’m in the minority here), I can’t get on board with Kate Baker’s narration. She mispronounces SO MANY words, stumbles over SO MANY phrases, and every time, it takes me out of the story. She has an undeniably smooth and easy voice, but I would love to hear many of these stories read by someone else.
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The Island of Misfit Toys
Great story Kate, desperately needed now. FiVe thumbs up.
Catalyst 1143
Is Kate Baker the Internet’s Best Storyteller?
Look, I listen to a LOT of audiobooks. Like, a lot lot, for years. Kate Baker, the Clarkesworld Magazine narrator, is one of the best storytellers I’ve found. The inflections in her soothing voice are natural and lulling, the voices of her characters feel unforced yet distinct, her pronunciations from various languages, alien and real, are unassailable, her rhythm and flow are hypnotic, and her words paint entire worlds on the veil in my brain between reality and daydreams.
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This is usually an excellent podcast.
The stories that have been read in the past year have not been as good as previous years.
Material is the best
The quality is high and the stories are good and varied. Mind candy. I wish the presenter would get non-English words pronounced better. Look up the pronunciation online. You will found audio for names. Pronouncing all words like English is jarring. Kills the flow.
Mostly a good show.
Stories are a little hit and miss, to be expected for a show with the premise it does... mostly they are good and well chosen stories. Some of them are really really good. And some are just... like what even is this about? And not in an interesting way. No accounting for taste though I guess. Someone out there probably likes those. I do love that an effort is made to include writers of a wide variety of backgrounds and that’s actually really cool of the show. Not in love with the narrator though. She’s got this really weird, breathy thing she does with almost all proper nouns, inexplicably, and just kinda for no reason sometimes and it’s super jarring to me and a little annoying.
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Laughing Dog
The Best
An amazing podcast. They come up with stories from authors we just never hear of here in the West, and most are just top notch. Great stories, consistently. An the narration is just great! I would listen to Kate Baker read the phonebook. (Are there still phonebooks? Well, you get the idea.) 11/10, would recommend to anyone who likes fiction, esp. good science fiction.
High Quality
The stories selection is good and the narration is even better. I would love to hear her narrate for Audible.
Escaped too fast
By far the best audio fiction podcast!
I’ve always supported Clarkesworld the magazine, and their podcast has consistently lived up to their reputation. Kate Baker is an AMAZING narrator and really sets this podcast head and shoulders above the rest! Don’t change a thing guys and gals. 😁
Excellent podcast! Please keep it coming.
Just discovered this podcast. Love the variety of speculative fiction. Keep up the good work. BTW. The narrator’s voice is immensely soothing!
Alia P
Great reader
Good stories
Please..... This used to be great...but the WOKENESS is Wearisome
Seriously...does EVERY OTHER STORY have to center around a certain spoon-fed ideology?
Bart Clark
Why all the preachy pc identity politics
I’ve been listening for years I used to love it but it just keeps getting more and more pc every year Now every story is some far left propaganda Written by a trans person disabled poc Why?
Great stories, but Please some variety with narrators! Why Kate always?
So many short stories here to enjoy!
Second gulping comment
Misophonia is real! I loooove the content, and the narrator is great until they do the gulping swallowing thing. It takes me out of the story for several seconds. Rewinding does no good because of the risk of hearing the mouth-sounds again. I keep pushing forward because I love the stories so much...maybe it will be like desensitization therapy, but also...maybe not, not so far... just a note. It’s a big deal for those of us who have this sensitivity. Maybe we’re a small enough number to ignore.
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lee lee masin
Top Notch Talent
Kate is one of the best narrators in the business. I love the feeling she puts behind the words, bringing the stories to life. I have a two hour commute every day and she has revolutionized my drive from something I dreaded to something I look forward to. If you don’t subscribe to their magazine and podcast it’s only 2.99 per month and is absolutely worth it. You get extra content and access to past magazines. Also, for those who complain about there being no synopsis in the episode description, if you subscribed to the magazine, which again is only $3/month, you’ll get every story she’ll read for the month with the synopsis for each. Plus, you’ll get amazing artwork, additional stories, nonfiction writing occasionally, and more. It’s actually a really great digital magazine and it supports the podcast! I never want to hear Kate say, “this is our last Clarkesworld podcast,” so I buy the magazine each month. If you’re a big fan like me, you should buy it too.
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Episodes need synopsis
Great podcast but the episode listings could use a synopsis, not just title and published date. Will give 5th star if you add them.
A lot of great work by dedicated, passionate story tellers.
My Favorite Narrator!
I listen to a lot of audio content - between audiobooks and podcasts, around 20-25 hours a week. So, as you can imagine, I have lots of opinions about narrators. 😂 Kate Baker is one of my very favorites. Her even tone, character voices, and cheerful greeting make her consistently exciting and relaxing to listen to. Thanks so much for your hard work, Kate. You’re putting so much beauty into the world. Love, a Clarkesworld Citizen
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Can’t wait for more!!
Despite what some of these reviews say, this podcast is one of the best ones out there. From One Ship to Chrysalis to Motivation Cure it’s all awesome. Can’t wait for more, please add more episodes.
Love the stories and length and narrator. However.... I am not a fan of ASMR. HATE the gulping/swallowing of narrator. PLEASE. Lean back from mic. Very offputting. Can’t handle it. I have to stop listening...
Amazing, Incredible, Inspirational
I’m a 22 year old who just graduated from College last spring. I discovered this podcast at the perfect time - the fall of my sophomore year. As many of you might know, sophomore year is a *challenge*. My love of English was fading, my interest in writing was stalling, and I had a mice infestation in my dorm room (there’s a reason they call it the sophomore slump). But then I discovered this podcast, and not to sound corny, but it changed everything for me. The beautifully crafted stories, the elegant prose, the captivating characters, and Kate’s spot-on narration - it reinvigorated my love of literature, and introduced me to the absolutely fabulous world of science fiction. Since then, I’ve dedicated my studies to science fiction. I wrote my honors thesis on Tiptree and Russ, I’ve listened devoutly to the podcast every month, I’ve gorged myself on works from a wide range of SF authors, and now, I hope to take my studies of SF into grad school. I owe a lot to this podcast and Clarkesworld, and while this review can barely even scratch the surface of how grateful I am, I just want everyone who works at Clarkesworld to know that you are doing important, brilliant, and inspirational work, and you’ve helped me carve a little spot for myself in this chaotic and unpredictable world. Thank you.
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Not very interesting
Sense Amid Madness
So much imagination and creativity. Talented writer with though provoking ideas about how our world might look in the future. Kate Baker does an AMAZING job reading! I also love and appreciate her comments at the beginning and end. Listen!
IL Sheli
Used to be good.
There have been some truly enjoyable stories here from time to time. Way too WOKE now. Does every theme have to be about phony man-made climate change? Kate, there is a “t” in the word “important”.
Awesome podcast, but I NEED descriptions
Title says my main criticism: this podcast fills a crucial niche in short audiobooks and plays to sci-fi’s strengths. The genre shines in audio format and the production value is top notch. Great narration style and wide variety of authors and ideas. But seriously yo, I’d listen much more if there was a simple description of the story in the podcast listing. Sci-fi is the best genre, but it’s also the most stylistically diverse and not everyone likes all the sub-genres. For instance, time travel fans don’t always get into space opera and exoplanet settlement tales and vice versa. Also there’s an emphasis on emerging writers and even hardcore fans don’t always recognize author names. Sorry to whine for such an awesome (and free!) project but I want to enjoy it more.
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Woke SF
Was a listener since 2008. Sad to say, like several other SF Podcasts, this one has gone full on WOKE.
I LOVE that such a diversity of culture drives this amazing podcast and the stories! So well written. So well read. The talent is astounding in every aspect. Thank you and keep up the great work. It is so appreciated!
Decent tales...
Decent stories, for the most part, but do you ever notice that nearly every character relationship is lesbian? I don’t disapprove of the lifestyle at all but a story shouldn’t need to exploit it to tell a good tale!
Out of this World!
Kate Baker brings these stories alive with her excellent narration-and a voice smooth as warm butter. One of my most recent favorites is "The Sun from Both Sides" written by R.S.A. Garcia...masterfully bending the future around relevant topics, a great plot line, interesting characters, excellent world building-easy to suspend disbelief...thank you R.S.A. Garcia and thank you Clarkes World.
My favorite listen
This is such a well run podcast. I love Kate’s voice. She has a great story telling way I mow the lawn, do chores, drive to her voice. I love the international stories. This is a must try for sci-fi, fantasy fans.
Fun to listen to. Very entertaining.
Hey, The story telling is great and easy to listen to.
Nightlight 41
Wonderful podcast
I love these stories, and the production quality.
The best stories. A wide variety of genres, a diverse selection of authors, brought to life by Kate Baker’s intoxicating voice.
Thank you for for this great stories.
Stumbled into this podcast while checking out sci novels from Chinese authors. Great short stories and fresh ideas.
Thank you Clarkesworld
For making my commute to work bearable. I drive an hour to and from work every day - this is by far the best story podcast I’ve found. I’m hooked, heading to look at your patreon page now. Again, thank you for providing these stories. Although - it says sci fi and fantasy and... I have yet to hear a single traditional “fantasy” story or see any ‘magic’ Would love to hear a story with this.
Infinite Ana
Under developed character heroine navigates smoldering post apocalyptic landscape with the aid of; symbiotic alien, symbiotic digital implant, symbiotic babblefish. Rinse and repeat. 4/1/19 ‘The Future is Blue’ “Fuckwits” and “murdercunts” What was that garbage? (Pun intended) Horrible gratuitous use of expletives for no apparent reason other than to highlight the authors misanthropic churlish nature. I doubt the author is even slightly aware of her own contributions to the destruction of our planet. Hypocrite!
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My favorite SF podcast
Great stories and well narrated!
Wonderful stories!
The stories on this podcast make me think, & they also keep me so captivated that I’m able to do lots of housework or slog through boring commutes. I enjoy Kate Baker’s narration, & now whenever I read a short story on my own, the voice in my head sounds like her. I’ve already made at least one of my friend an avid fan as well!
Can’t say enough good things
I was thrilled when I found this podcast. I have gone back and listened to every story with no more than 1 dozen that I didn’t like. I love Kate’s voice. I have found another podcast and a few books she reads. I listen at night and her voice relaxes me(and yes I fall asleep but that is a good thing for me) but I always set the timer so I know where I left off. The stories are great and I love the translations, which I think are Chinese, because they come from a different perspective. Since I found this site it reminded me of my lapsed enjoyment of the genre and I have download dozens of books now on Audible.
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yuli e
Every time I listen, it’s too graphic for my comfort.
Everything about Clark’s world is highly professional, and very well done. The problem I have is the content is too graphic; I find it disturbing. I don’t mind having images put into my brain that are ugly and negative, or graphic and Gross… If there is a reason. My problem with Clark’s world is that there isn’t a reason for me to be upset, or to add ugly images into my brain. It’s a magazine! It should be enjoyable not disturbing and upsetting. This particular story I’m critiquing is filled with graphic details about vomit… I don’t need it, just don’t need in my mind… It doesn’t offer me any benefit! Kate Baker is a fabulous narrator and an excellent writer. I don’t understand why they don’t use more stories like the kind she writes. I just wish they had stories that were palatable for my delicate sensibilities.
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Transmission 4235
I write to you from dimension 7. People of Podcast, I have been instructed by your envoy, Katebaker, to provide review for the data gathering complex of apple podcast. Data matrix is familiar to my species, algorithm must be fed with streams of organic emotion expression to maintain balance of life force. Salutations.
Anonymous Acknowledger
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